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I’ve tried to spend a little more time in the sewing room this week.  It has paid off in that I got more done!!  YAHOO!

I’m feeling better in that I graduated from resting on the couch to resting at the sewing machine instead.  HA!  I’m actually finally feeling a little bit more like myself.  My sense of taste is still really off but I do feel some better.

One of the results of my sitting at the machine, I finally got the outer half blocks of this quilt constructed!!

Originally my plan was to put a triangle of only one fabric on the outer edges but the more I looked at it, I could see to make the quilt look the best it could, those triangles needed to be pieced.  I’m so glad I did!!
The top is really not a typical quilt I would make.  I usually have a background fabric…this one didn’t.  I love the colors.  This was inspired by some of the frolic leftovers that were sent my way…mainly half-square triangles that had green with red and some that had green with teal and a whole lot of flying geese.

It’s all scrappy goodness.  I can’t wait to have it all the way finished!!

Rather than letting the quilt languish, I immediately made a backing and… loaded it onto the frame.

That’s as far as it got.  I would love to say I got it all machine quilted, but I didn’t.

You might remember this mess.

These are leftover pieces from my our cover quilt that was in the February issue of American Patchwork and Quilting.

You all asked for a tutorial for the block.  Last week I finally was able to get one done.  You can find the tutorial HERE.

The basket of pieces had gotten all mixed up so one day when I was taking care of Gannon, I sat down and sorted out the pieces.  Then I discovered that three of the blocks didn’t have the needed pieces so I pulled my scrap bin and cut some more.

The next day after I did the block tutorial I made two more blocks.

Later in the week, I made two more blocks.

My hope is to keep putzing along and finish making these blocks.  I plan to make a small quilt that will be in my living room.

I worked on my string sashing.  I stitched these up on one day and then the day I watched Gannon I ironed them.

On Sunday I worked on them some more.

Over the weekend and finished the pile on the left.  I’ll iron them all sometime this week…and hopefully start on another batch of them.

My main focus was on this…it’s a secret stitch for now.  The quilt will come out Quilts and More.  It’s from the fabric line, The Sea and Me.  If you think you’ll at all want to make the quilt, I suggest buying a layer cake of the fabric now.  You know how fabric lines work…once you decided you want to make a quilt with the line, the fabric is gone.

The quilt isn’t a hard quilt and I consider it to be beginner-friendly.

I’m hoping to get the quilt done soon-ish.  Maybe in the next week if all goes well.  Then my current plan is to pass it off to Carla of Longarm Quilting Inspirations.  It’s due at Meredith in mid-March so we need to keep moving along with it.

That’s the latest from the quilting room.

Before I go…Did you catch my post about the latest quilt we have published with American Patchwork and Quilting?  You can find it HERE.

18 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. I’m not a quilter but love them!! I am enthralled by your site . Everything is just so lovely! I have a few quilts that I have collected but not as nice as vibrant as what I see here! Just saying hello! I will visit again.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    So glad to hear that you’re feeling better. Enjoyed seeing hat leftovers quilt.. even feeling bad doesn’t stop you from getting things done. Good work. The colors are so attractive

  3. So glad that you are feeling more like yourself, hope it continues. I keep watching my mail for my magazine, that tulip quilt is lovely. I think I need to go investigate the Sea and Me layer cake at my local shop. I have a niece who lives close to the beach in Florida, and it may be a perfect fabric for her.

  4. Glad you are feeling better Jo. You’re making great progress in your sewing area. Love the quilt. Have been cutting a lot of scraps to make the Carolina Chain. As I’m cutting I try to cut the strips up and small half square triangles with the AccuQuilt.
    Stay safe.

  5. The quilt on the long arm is beautiful! I like the star squares you are making also. It will be a very pretty quilt. You are inspiring!

  6. Just curious if anyone else is having trouble with photos loading? I can’t see them on the last 2 posts on either my Samsung tablet or my Android phone. Could it be a WiFi problem? I can read the text, no problem.

  7. So glad you are feeling better. Amazing how adding the border blocks to finish the hour glasses that now the focus is not only on the original blocks but now the hourglass part. This quilt is great. Hope to do some scrap sewing this week. My issue is getting tops layered and quilted. I like to do my own but space and now health is an issue. Oh my!

  8. Jo, on your string sashing, do you piece it on fabric or paper?
    I hate to pull the paper out so usually use a thin fabric base.

  9. You are making progress, both health-wise and quilt-wise – so glad! Your “Sea and Me” pieces look so pretty!

  10. I am glad you are feeling better.
    You inspired to make pieced edge blocks for an on-point quilt that is languishing in my ufo box. I have enough leftovers to do so, but will add a dark color to the “frame” Thank you!

  11. SEW glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better and have been able to spend some time in the sewing room, Jo! It looks like you’ve got a LOT going on in there, too. LOVE your latest quilt top and those string-y bits you’re working on!! Best of luck with finishing up the next project for publication.

  12. The addition to the quilt –really sets it off!!! Changed the looks of the quilt a lot –the way I see it!!
    You got a lot done —and am so glad to hear you were feeling better. Every little bit of progress is terrific!!

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