In a Finishing Mood

I was in a finishing mood.  It was Saturday and I was fairly sure I wouldn’t have any interruptions so I decided to gather the Valentine pieces I stitched last week and get them done.

These are the pieces I had stitched that I wanted to finish.

In the process, I had to trim some pieces down and I thought I would take a couple of pictures and show you how to cut linen squarely.

So make a clip in the fabric…isolate one thread.

Gently pull the thread.

Pull it until it gives and you can pull the entire thread out.

Then you will have a line with no thread like you see in the photo below.

Then take a scissor and cut on that line that was created.

First up I worked on… Love is Kind.  You can find the free chart HERE.  This was made so that it could be made into a heart but of course, it didn’t have to be.  I decided to go with the heart idea.

First I added some black rick rack and red fabric to the stitched piece.  Then, I held it up to the light to try to center the design.

I traced the heart onto the fabric.

Then I put interfacing on the back of the piece.  I could still see the line through the interfacing so I went over the line so I could see it to stitch on.

I put interfacing on the backing piece, put the two pieces right side together, and sewed on the line leaving an opening.  I used polyfil and crushed walnut shells for the stuffing.  I whip stitched the opening closed.

I played with some ribbon and other do-dads and ended up with this.

The next one I worked on was Love You More.  You can find the free chart HERE.

I added some red and some lace to this one…

I used interfacing.  I sewed the right sides together leaving and opening.  I turned it and stuffed it with Polyfil and crushed walnuts.

I ended up adding this to the front.

Here is my Always pillow.  It’s from Hello from Liz Mathews.  You can find the chart HERE.  I used the same method to finish this one.  I just love it.

I saved the hardest one for last.  Remember I was stitching this with the intention of it being stocking but I stitched it wrong?  This one is also a freebie from Plum Street Samplers.  You can find this freebie HERE.

I didn’t leave enough room in my fabric.  I decided I would need to turn it into an ornament.

I used sticky board.  Then hot glue.

I made two larger pieces of sticky board with fabric covering.  I glued down a hanger and a key charm.

Then I assembled it to look like this…

I have it hanging on my rack in the living room.  I think in the end, I’m happy it didn’t work as a stocking.  I like this better.

I used a key from THIS bundle on Amazon.

I am so thankful for my box of sewing do-dads that I bought at the thrift store.  Do you remember me buying this?  Read THIS POST if you missed it.  That is one of my most popular blog posts.

These things all came in handy when I was finishing these projects today.

Here they are all displayed.  I bought this wooden box when Kalissa and I were shopping/junking one day.

Here’s the Always pillow…

…the love you more pillow…

…and the “Love is Kind” heart.

I’m so pleased with how four of them turned out.  I stitched all of the pieces over a weekend and finished them all in about 2 hours on Saturday.

It was LOTS of fun and I’m so happy I can enjoy them for the rest of the month.  Hmm.  Now I wish I could find some simple fast springtime freebies.

26 thoughts on “In a Finishing Mood”

  1. Carmen Montmarquet

    Thank You for showing us how you finished these cute pieces! Love them all!
    So glad you are feeling better!
    Got all the items needed to start your Cross Stitch SAL, can’t wait!

    1. Judith Fairchild

      So lovely! The finishes are fun and perfect. Happy Valentines month. As good as you are at tracing and seeing things why don’t you delight your heart with your own spring time ideas
      You’re a farm girl if any one can get the new things of Spring you can.

  2. Beautiful finishes. Thanks for the freebies. Just started stitching after 20 plus years. BTW I found and purchased Sheep Virtues. One done and 11 to go. The sheep were what reeled me in. Lol

  3. Hey Jo – you were looking for some free springtime stitches – did you see that there were a couple on the link to ‘Always’?

  4. Great finishes! I really like the little red truck “loads of love.” That is so cute. Again, you make such nice displays.

  5. Absolutely delightful. I love the combination of spools, greenery, snowman, heart-shaped cookie cutter, and other treasures you tucked into your centerpiece along with the new stitchery. Very homey and loving!

  6. All are lovely, Jo, my most favorites are the Love You More and the 1986 Sampler. Thank you for sharing the links for all the stitchery projects!

  7. Hi, you simply amaze me! I’ve been reading your blogs for a while now and wonder where you get all your energy! You remind me of the energiser bunny, always ready to go!

  8. Was not going to read this but as I Love embroidery I did and i’m thrilled that I did. Love Everything !!! Plan on making all of them but I love your mistake the most , will be making that first and using it as a decoration , just like you did. Thanks for sharing ! I will accept anything embroidery that anyone doesn’t want and put it to good use and will give it a loving home . I also crochet , plastic canvas , quilt and sew. Love All crafts and learning new things. I’m disabled , on a fixed income , so have plenty of time for crafting. Have a blessed week.

  9. Thanks for the finishing ideas and the link to the keys. Also the freebie patterns. As a beginner cross stitcher I appreciate all the help I can get. I bought the pumpkin pattern so I will be ready to stitch along with you.

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  11. Thanks for sharing! I downloaded a few of those patterns and even found one that says “Bloom” for spring on the Liz Mathews site… fun!!! Your display looks so cute – I’m inspired to do some similar things now. (I have some time while my husband recuperates from surgery last week and I feel the need to stay close by for a while…)

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