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The last time I updated you on what I was working on I was talking lots about the Halloween quilt that has a deadline.  I had showed you that I had one finished block as a test block and was working on more.

I’m happy to say the quilt is top.

I more or less started the Saturday before and finished it up this Saturday.  Admittedly due to covid scares, I had most of Tuesday off from childcare.  I had kids Tuesday afternoon and the other days.  I was up early each of the days and sewed for a half-hour before starting childcare.

This Saturday I told myself I was staying in the sewing room until it was finished.  I was in a power sewing mood so it worked out well.

Rosie was so bored with the whole process.  She wanted to be on the couch snuggling and cross-stitching instead.  She’s gotten so she really loves cross-stitch time.

Here the quilt is only a center.   Doesn’t it look great?!  I added the outer borders after this.  I don’t think I’m going to show you it finished.  Let’s wait and have a little anticipation.

I didn’t cut the quilt out all at once as I wanted to sneak as much different fabric from all of you into the quilt as I could.

All week long packages still came.  I had anywhere from 5-12 all week long.  I can’t thank you all enough.  You are all so sweet to me.

I think I have enough to make about 10 more quilts.  No joke!!  Trust me, this won’t be the last Halloween quilt I make!!  Thank you, thank you.

You would think with all of that sewing that I wouldn’t have gotten anything else done…wrong.  I got some cross-stitch done but I’ll save that show another day…and I got made some progress on this…My Holy Toledo quilt.  Last week I had the border pieces cut out.

This week they are all sewn and ironed.

This week I also had this UFO in my laundry room.  One day over naptime I pinned the pieces together.  That night I sewed it together.  Then next naptime I pinned the row to the main part.  It’s not fun sewing that way and it’s slow, but it does make for a little progress.  I’m hoping to add another row this week.  We’ll see.  I’m tired of this UFO and just want it done.

It’s a lovely quilt…  I’m just not in love with it as I was before and I don’t want to pack it away just to pull it out again.

I have today off for Martin Luther King Jr Day.  My childcare moms work at the bank and it’s closed plus, Kalissa’s family is still in quarantine.

I’m hoping to get the backing made for the Halloween quilt and maybe get that through the quilting machine.  I’m not sure about a quilting motif to use.  Hopefully, something will come to me.

I have a piece of great fabric for the back.  I just love it!!  I’ll have to do some piecing but that’s okay.

After that, I think I’m going to work on the Holy Toledo quilt.  I’d like to get that all together as a top.  I’m tired of that being in pieces so time to get it into a top.

If I have any more time this week, I’ll start sewing the Christmas quilt.  The fabric I need was delivered from Moda.  Yahoo!!  Grunge it will be.

There are so many projects to do and I’m thankful to have them all…but I really want to take a day and tackle some of the little things around the house.  Maybe I’ll do that Thursday morning.  I have the day off as I have doctor appointments in the afternoon.  Hmm.  That might be a good idea.

Watch my Instagram account.  I’m sure I’ll show a sneak peek of the quilt on the machine sometime this week.  I’m jo_joscountryjunction if you want to follow me there.

28 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Marsha from Kansas

    I had a Halloween project quilted with a spider web design. Gifted it to my son who likes Halloween and he loved it.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    For your Halloween quilt how about a pumpkin motif ? You’re hook and bump motif would make a good pumpkin.

  3. Helenanne Judisch

    It’s fun to see the progress of your Halloween quilt project. I only sent two strips as that’s what I came across when sorting fabrics, as I’ve never really bought Halloween fabrics they must have migrated into my stash as fabric is known to do. I felt a bit excited to see of one of the prints I sent in one of your photos. I know you received so many donations and I’m certain that there were some duplicates, but still fun to recognize a piece. Happy Quilting to you and from this end I will enjoy anticipating the reveal.

  4. Jo, amazing that you have already completed the Halloween quilt top! Wow!!
    You mentioned you have enough fabric to make about 10 more Halloween quilts . . . As a person who sent you a few pieces of Halloween fabric, I would suggest yo consider putting some of the Halloween scraps together as a postage auction item, maybe with a copy of the published magazine (autographed, of course). I am sure that it would be a big fundraiser because who wouldn’t want the opportunity to get such a large variety of Halloween fabrics that would otherwise be impossible to collect?
    Regarding a quilting pattern, I don’t know how hard a line of ghosts or bats would be.

  5. I know this would be far in the future, but I’m excited to see what other quilt designs you come up with for that huge stash of Halloween fabrics. I really love the top you are completing. It’s kind of light and airy. Thanks Jo for all the enjoyment you pass our way!

  6. The Halloween quilt looks really good. Of course, anxious to see it completed whenever we are allowed. I also like the UFO that you are working on, but understand what you are saying about not being in love with it like before. I had one of those and finally finished it and oh what a relief it was!! You have finished so many quilts in 2020 – you are amazing! Keep up the good work!

  7. I had a thought that made me chuckle. You know how Bonnie Hunter talks about millennium fabric showing up in her various quilts? I can foresee Halloween fabric scraps showing up in your future scrappy quilts.

  8. I really like this quilt, it has enough light fabrics in it for me. I like the idea of your auctioning off some of your strips to make a Halloween quilt like yours. I’m always amazed at how much you accomplish in a week, you are like the Energizer Bunny!

  9. Your Halloween quilt is beautiful! Someone mentioned making each of your kids a Halloween quilt from your abundant scraps. I think that was a good idea. I’m sure you will think of something wonderful to make. I do enjoy seeing Rosie in your posts. She is so pretty.

  10. My favorite posts are “what I’m working on”. Thank you so much for sharing…although you are adding to my to do list…lol. The idea to auction off some Halloween fabric for postage is a great idea…along with an autographed magazine! Looking forward to more posts.

  11. Margaret in North Texas

    I love how the lime green adds just the right “spark” to the Halloween quilt. Can’t wait to see it finished!

  12. Wow, I look forward to it being published and we get to see it all done. You are making progress on lots of ufo once again.

  13. Patricia Clements

    How much background and backing fabric does the Halloween quilt require? Just in case I find something I like! Thanks !!!

  14. How much backgrounfd and bcaking is needed for the Halloween Quilt? Just in case I find something I like!
    Thanks so much

  15. Your Halloween quilt is beautiful! Such wonderfully bright fabrics! Will the pattern be for sale? I’m looking forward to seeing it finished!

  16. Well, the idea of purchasing a halloween fabric kit or a finished quilt in order to support the postage fund sounds like a great idea to me. What a wonderful way to share what’s been shared with you. I would definitely be interested! Just loving your choice of background fabric, too!

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