Quilt Tops…

The Cresco Ladies have been busy.  They brought me a reusable shopping bag full of quilt tops when they dropped off some Halloween fabric.  Sadly the bag of quilt tops sat until I could get some control over the Halloween fabric.

I finally got a chance to check them out…

All of these are great examples of quick but cute quilts.  The was even better in person.  The lighting doesn’t show it off the best.

This is a simple but very pleasing design.

I loved how they used this big print fabric.

I took a close up so you can see what they did.  I love that it is all more rectangular based vs square based.

Check out this one…

This would be a fast quilt to put together…You can see the “white blocks” are quick pieced.

I think this one is probably one of the 3-yard quilts.  The colors of this are really nice together.  I don’t think the photo shows it off the best.

Here is a close up of it.

I thought this was creative.  How often do we have the “wrong” amount of panel blocks?  Alternating them with other blocks was a great idea.

I am always amazed at the tops the ladies make.  I know what gets sent their way and I would be pressed to sort through to make things coordinate.

This was fun!!

I saw this piece of pirate material and wondered what could be done with it.   I send it off to the ladies…and look what comes back.  A cute quilt!

Here were some orphan blocks that came together nicely to make this top.

I didn’t open up this top.  It was all packaged together with a note and I decided not to disturb it.  We will all see it when it is finished!

Thanks so much ladies…these look great.  I have sent them off already to a finisher!!  I’m so happy to have them on the next leg of their journey before the quilts find their permanent home.

One more note before I go…
Sandra said they are in need of batting and quilting thread would also be appreciated.  Here is Sandra’s contact info:  jennoh2@aol.com

11 thoughts on “Quilt Tops…”

  1. Mayburs McKinney

    Those are beautiful quilts and patterns. I do want to go back to making quilts. We enjoy your and people pattern.

  2. Virginia Grenier

    I made a large quilt (115″ x 115″) with the cat and butterfly block as a medallion center. What a delight to see what the panel’s other blocks look like. I only received the one in a bag of scraps given to me years ago. Quilt is quilted but not bound yet. Usually do my bindings at our once-a-month sew-ins but due to Covid we haven’t been meeting so I’m not sure when that will happen.

  3. Thank you for this lovely collection of quilts. I will surely try to use some of these designs in my future quilts. I like simple but still very attractive quilts. Happy quilting !

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