Weekend of Auctions

I had back to back auctions this weekend…one on Saturday and one Sunday.

The Saturday one was close…and when I saw the pictures of thing that were on the sale, I knew I wanted to go.

Right now I’m campaigning to fix up the basement and more childcare to the basement.  We’d be upstairs sometimes but not all the time.  I would like the main floor of the house to be a little more like my home and a little less like a childcare.  Conversely, I would like to set up the basement more like a childcare.  I’d like to set up a nice circle time spot with a big felt board.  I have dreams of what I’d like and am trying to patient.

The Saturday auctioneer had some enticing pictures on his website.  I know…probably not enticing for all of you but if you’re a buyer who wants things to sell at shows, it was good.  I thought about this shelf for the basement.

I thought I’d look at this bed for resale.  We’ve bought some in the past for $5.

Of course there were quilts…I was thinking of some of you when I saw these.  I thought to buy them and resell them on a blog sale….

Another bookshelf….

Boxes and boxes of goodies and treadles in the back.  There’s a stack of treadle drawers in the back corner of the house.  Those always sell well.

Aw…some cut little collectibles.  I’ve been wanting a butter churn jar to make butter with the childcare kids.

So…off to the auction I went…I saw more fun things….see?There were some sewing things.

They were expensive so I didn’t get any.  There was a box of vintage fabric that went to $80.  I had planned to bid but never even got a chance.  WOW!

I LOVED-LOVED-LOVED this table and chairs.  Oh-so retro.  You can’t tell from the picture the best.  The top had a colored pattern on it.  I think it sold for $50.  Oh my I loved it but alas, no place to put it and I didn’t want to go through the work of cleaning it to sell it…and parking was TERRIBLE and I didn’t know how I was going to load it….and family bid on it.  All things that made me decide to not even bid.

It turns out, I bought NONE of what I thought I would buy.

I did by quite a few things but nothing that enticed me come.  Instead I bought this box of medical related advertisement goodies.  There’s all things in the box that someone in the 50’s would have in their medicine cabinet.

I bought this box with more of the same.

Inside this box I found these….They are all from 1920’s or so.

I immediately thought of Kayla when I saw these.  She teaches Sex Ed in her health classes…she loved history.  This is the Second Edition from 1919.  She also teaches parenting classes so I think she’ll love the ones I found in the above photo too.  It’s interesting to see what the trends and thoughts were then compared to now.

I got all of this….

..and a table stacked up in the garage too.  It’s slow sorting, cleaning and pricing.  I was absolutely dirty after working on this for a bit.

Hubby helped me work on the stuff too.  There were several things that needed a nail pulled or one put in.  He’s a great help about that and I love working with him.

As we were going to bed on Saturday night he said to me…”So you think you’re going to go to the auction that’s tomorrow too?”  WELL…on the sale bill for that auction it lists “over 70 totes of fabric” and “Feather light sewing machine” (yes it said Feather light sewing machine not Featherweight”)….so readers, do you think I was going to go??  OF COURSE I WAS.  Silly question.  But, I’ll tell you about that auction tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Weekend of Auctions”

  1. Some great finds at the auction and I must admit that table and chair set was super cute. I think it was all that red in the chairs that caught my eye.

  2. Bill had a table like that when we first got married, shoved in the back of a closet. Somewhere along the line, probably when we moved to our second apartment, he got rid of it and ever time I see one I want to ask him what he was thinking — but of course he doesn’t even remember the table.

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