Strings and More

Well…I got sidetracked from any string quilt work.  That baby quilt top stole my time!!

When I last talked about the quilt I was here….

I was going to make a “J” block for the bottom right hand corner and I did.

I’m happy to say that I didn’t hate this.  I thought I would passionately hate doing this putzy sewing.  I didn’t.  I cut the block out one night while I waiting for supper to cook and then after supper I went up and sewed it.  Easy-Peasy.  In the past I’ve not enjoyed that much but maybe I’m turning over a new leaf!!  One can hope.

Now the top is done….and I have a backing ready too!!

I’ll leave the big reveal of the top until it’s done.

Now I need free quilting machine.  Currently this is on the machine (still).

It’s been sitting here waiting for me to decide how on earth to quilt it.  You all have been great with advice telling me to just do something simple as the quilt will shine.  It’s what I needed to hear but even with that perspective there are still many options.

The other morning I was making my bed and saw this quilt.  It doesn’t show it the best but the quilting motif is Baptist fans.  Well I saw that and then and there I decided I have never regretted Baptist fans so…that’s what I’m doing.

Oh I love this quilt.  By far, it’s one of my favorites.  Full write up on quilt here.  It’s the main quilt on my bed.  I interchange between three but it’s usually this one.  Here’s a bigger picture of it.


Now that I know what quilting motif I am using, I need to prioritize some time to get the quilting done.  Then I can do the baby quilt.  I’m anxious to finish it and get it gifted.  I’m more anxious for the baby quilt than for Daylilies….crazy, I know.

Check back later this week. I’m hoping to get that baby quilt done by the weekend!!! It’s the goal anyway…well at least by next Monday when I write about what I’m sewing again.

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  1. All of the quilts you make are beautiful … but I really love Labor Day Madness! I ran to the bookshelf and pulled my Nickel Quilts book to make a plan (queen size – I think). Thank you for the inspiration!

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