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In the evening post last night I told you about the auction I went to on Saturday.  Today I’m going to tell you about Sunday’s auction.  What got me wanting to go to this auction was the sale bill that said, “over 70 totes of fabric” and “Feather light sewing machine” (yes it said Feather light sewing machine not Featherweight”)

I’ve been to auctions before that said “fabric”, gotten there and not been impressed as the fabric was musty or very dated.  This…was not.

The lady’s collection was nice, clean, organized and very respectable.

She had rulers galore…….see?  Five flats worth.  They ended up going for about $50 a flat.

Before the sale started there was a frenzy of activity all about the racks.  From where I was standing, all the way to the back of the shed was fabric and sewing things.

While I was looking I ran into people….here’s a blog reader… (sorry the picture is a little fuzzy)

I had several people say to me “I wondered if you’d be here” or “are you Jo?” or “are you the blogger” or “you’re the lady that spoke at guild”.  I ran into my podiatrist’s nurse.  She helped me all through my foot problems.  I walked up to her and said, “I’m so glad NOT to have seen you for awhile”.  We both laughed and then found out we both are quilters.  How cool is that?  I had a very nice running into people and chatting.

So many people think it’s a terrible tragedy when a quilters’ stash goes up on an auction.  I didn’t feel that way at all.  There were so many happy women.  So many.  People were excited to see each…excited at the prospect of growing their own stash…just happy people.  It was almost like we were celebrating our hobby together.  Dorky maybe, but true.

I didn’t see a Featherweight anywhere (I didn’t see a Feather light either) so I asked the auctioneer.  He pointed to this…

UGH. No.  It was a lovely machine in great condition but NOT a Featherweight.  I ended up taking a picture of the serial number…I looked her up.  She’s a 66.  I would have been tempted as I don’t have one BUT…no more machines right now.

There was another machine…

Not a Featherweight either.

There was a Janome (went for $325), and old Necchi (went for $35) and a serger but no Featherweight.  Bummer.

After looking at all the goodies I decided I better write down what I was interested in as I’d never be able to keep track….I didn’t have paper so wrote this…

On rack 3- batiks
On rack 2- Civil War and Wool
On rack 1- 30’s and Black and White

I didn’t NEED anything….I kind of wanted a couple things.

There was nothing wrong with the other fabrics.  Nothing at all.  I knew I wanted to limit myself somehow, and I knew I didn’t want stuff I might not sew.  I wanted what I wanted and not other stuff.  I didn’t need novelty or flannel.  I rarely sew with either.  I rarely use yardage.  I didn’t need more books or patterns.

Oh, I forgot to mention patterns.  I did decide if they were cheap I’d buy the box that had about 10 Country Threads patterns in it…did I need any though…no.  But cheap, it would be fun.

There were boxes and boxes of books too…. I’d guess 15 boxes.  WOW!

There were several started or marked patterns.  That was a little sad to see.  But I think the lady who owned it all would have been happy to see all the ladies interested in the same thing she was interested in.

But, before we could buy fabric they sold other things outside.

I stayed out for awhile but then then they split into two rings and came inside where the fabric was.  I ended up standing next to Colleen Hicks.  Some of you who went to the retreat in 2017 might remember her.  She drove up from just over an hour away to attend.

The auctioneer started with some old quilts.  They went responsibly price at around $40 each.  I was hopeful that the fabric might be reasonable too.

The auctioneer did a nice job.  She would put out five or more boxes and people bid for choice.  If you aren’t familiar with auctions that means you bid for the opportunity to choose which box or boxes you want from the designated boxes.  Colleen got the first choice bidding $100 and she took the box of 30’s prints I had thought about purchasing.  I had thought they would make great baby girl quilts and I have VERY few in my stash.

It just so happened that while I was looking I counted through that box.  There were a few bigger cuts and a few scraps but for the most part I calculated that I thought there would be equivalent to 81 fat quarters in the box.  At $3 per fat quarter that would be $243…so $100 for the tote wasn’t bad at all-I would consider it less that half price.

People were STACKED around the racks.  In some places seven people deep.

It was hard for people to get up to the rack holding the totes if they won the bid so they could pick out the boxes they wanted.  It was a little slow but not terrible.  After the first rack sold, I got caught up in it all myself and forgot to take pictures.  (sometimes real life comes before blogging)

After Colleen’s initial $100 a tote bid, it went down considerable.  I missed the black and white tote.  It went for around $70 and I’m not over crazy about black and white.  I did end up getting a different tote that wasn’t on my list for $30.

The reason I bought it was this piece of fabric on the top.  It says, “10 yards @ $8.90 = $89.00”  Well if there’s 10 yards there, I have more than enough for a quilt back at only $30.  The rest of the box if bonus fabric!!  (To be honest, I didn’t even know what else was in there)

Then the first rack was finished so were were on the second rack and the patterns came up for sale.  I couldn’t see at all so climbed on top of the first hay rack that was now empty and stood.  The first few “choice bids” for patterns were $50 a box.  I wasn’t going to pay that.  As the bidding and selecting went along, the “choice bid” went much lower.  When it was $7.50, my box of Country Threads patterns was still there.  I ended up getting it.  I wasn’t happy though.  It turns out someone had remixed all the patterns in the box.  There were now only two Country Threads patterns in my box.  UGH.  That peeved me.  I hope the lady who switched them all is happy as there was another lady that the same thing happened too.  She came up to me and asked about my patterns and I said, “No, I didn’t get what I expected either.”  I ended up going through my box, selected the ones I might sew, and gave her the rest.   The patterns she wanted weren’t in the bunch but she did feel better after I gave her my unwanted patterns.

This is a hazard of auctions…but still, UGH.

If you remember the note from my hand, on the second rack I wrote Civil War and Wool.  The first “choice bid” was $90.  Ah…the lady didn’t pick the Civil Wars.  The second “choice bid” went for $80.  Ah…she didn’t pick my Civil War box either.  AHHHHH!!!!  I couldn’t stand it anymore.  If I was going to get it, I better just bid.  So, I did.  I decided I’d just put out the money.  This tote was bigger than the 30’s tote so it was worth the money.  I ended up with the “choice bid” at $70.  I took the Civil War box.  I GOT IT!!

I had to get off the rack to get my tote and lost my good spot to stand.  So I was on the floor and in the crowd again.  Then I remembered that wool box.  Remember that was written on my hand and on rack #2?  Well no one was picking that.  It was a nice tote but there likely weren’t a lot of “woolies” in the bunch.  The “choice bid” was now at $35ish.  Should I bid?  Ah…NO.  I shouldn’t.  Kelli will have a talk with me if I bring more wool home.  Besides, when have I last completed a wool project??

I ended up talking to the lady next to me about the wool.  She said she was making a road trip and heading out to Primitive Gatherings in a week or so with friends.  She explained that she had been on a cruise with Lisa from Primitive Gatherings and the gal from Buttermilk Basin.  That sounds FUN!!  See, more ladies talking and getting together over the sale of another’s stash.

Before I knew it, rack two was finished and it was time for rack three.  Again, the first “choice bids” were high.  First UNI college fabric went, then a friend of mine bought a tote that she planned to share with her grand daughter…and then another tote.  AND THEN I COULDN’T STAND THE SUSPENSE anymore and got the “choice bid” at $65 and bought the tote of batik fabrics.

This tote was the smallest of the ones I bought so we’ll see how this one pencils out as far as cost goes.  I’m sure it’s still at least half price.

I waited through a few more bids than decided to load up my stuff.  Nothing else was on my list.  There were a couple boxes that were bought that had some nice larger cuts of Civil War neutrals but they went when “choice bid” was at $90 and even though it was still a deal….I’m scrappy girl and what I already bought suited me best.

I did my errands on the way home and ended up coming home to a house filled with Saturday’s and now Sunday’s auction goods.  (I’m writing this Sunday night) I’ll sort and count out my auction buys and let you know how I ended up coming out but that’s going to have to happen after I find my kitchen and clean the house…tomorrow morning is back to reality and my real job.  A girl can only play so many days before she runs out of money and has to go back to work!!!

7 thoughts on “Sunday Auction”

  1. Just reading your description takes me back to our auction days. I remember the suspense and the same issues of box contents. Best deal I ever got was at a very big auction with two rings. There was a huge!! box of uncut craft patterns. I saw some standing up that I knew were good (Barbie historic costume out of print patterns). Told hubby he could pay $40. He got it for $11 plus another smaller box. I sorted out all the patterns and ended up selling them on Ebay for $500. But I got none of the fabric because it was just too fast and I could not make up my mind how much to pay for the totes. I do not do well at auctions.

  2. SusanfromKentucky

    I would love to go to some auctions and find neat stuff like you do. They were having an auction for my husband’s aunts things (she died earlier this year) and her sister (my husband’s other aunt) called me with the date and time because she knew a couple of things I wanted. Drove all the way there (1-1/2 hour drive) and she says, “The auction was yesterday.” She had told me the wrong date. I was furious and heartbroken.

  3. I love your story of this auction and visiting with all the quilters. The box of reproduction fabrics you got looks really wonderful! I think you did very well!

  4. I was there with a girlfried. We got some treasures also. I did get to say HI to you. I was hoping i would see u there. I knew u would love it. Wanted more but wasnt quick enough with “Yes”.

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