Auction Day Saturday

I had no intention of going to an auction on Saturday…But I did.

Here’s how things were going…I knew there were several auctions in the area on Saturday but I needed to get things done around our house.  I feel like I am so far behind.  In a effort to try to get a jump start on the weekend I went to the garden center on Friday night after work and got groceries.  I was so tickled that they were open until 7pm and I could make it there without burning up the weekend.

I buy most of my garden stuff at Morris Landscaping in New Hampton.  I always have and always will.  I love their service and guarantee on plants…and Nancy the owner is great.

I was so excited that I zipped out of town forgetting to stop at Kwik Trip to get milk, butter and eggs.  UGH.  I have to have these each week for childcare….so my time that I was saving was shot as I would need to go back to town and get these items before Monday…so I went on Friday and being I was so close to where the auction was I thought I’d stop.  I didn’t expect much and didn’t expect to stay because it listed glassware as the main attraction.  I am not a glassware buyer at all…so with low expectations I stopped…and I stayed for the whole auction.

Apparently #46 was a lucky number.

There was NO ONE at the auction…NO ONE (at least in terms of auctions).

Check out the picture below.  There were four people working with the auctioneer in the way back…the rest were bidding or watching the auction.

At the VERY end, there were six potential bidder left.  I have NEVER seen an auction like this.  NEVER.

I stopped at the last auction here…EVERY seat was full and there was a huge crowd to boot.  That was the auction that had the fabric and loom on it.

I ended up coming home with a truck load….

The inside of the cab of the truck was packed too.  The back seat was STUFFED!!  There was so much in the back end that I couldn’t see out my rear view window so I stuffed the back seat as high as it would go.

The front seat…I had just enough room to see out.

So any guesses on how much money I spent on this load??  I spent…..$220.  I still can’t believe I got all of that for only that much money.

As the auction went on the auctioneer would hold up something that looked old or vintage, wouldn’t get a bid on it…then look at me with a pleading eye and say $2.  I’d get it.

Here are some of things…

This office chair…  $5.

The two tiered table….$3…the plant stand behind it…$2.

This dresser…$10.

I got a great high backed walnut bed for $5…and an oak head board for $2.

Lots of the stuff needs a tweak or a polish but nothing super time consuming and nothing hard.  Much of this will be at the Market at White Barns  that we will be the first weekend in June..the 2nd and 3rd.

When Hubby got home and saw all I bought he was so surprised.  There was so much.  He was asking about other stuff on the sale.  I told him I let this cabinet go…I quit at $85.  I was out of room in the truck.

I do regret not bidding more and getting more.  This would have been a great piece to fix up.  I was out of room in the pick up.  Honestly, had I known someone in the family was available to come with another vehicle, I would have bought another truck load of goodies.  Things were so cheap.

I feel bad for the families that were selling their goods but am very happy with my finds.

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  1. I feel bad that you missed out on the white cabinet – looks like it would be a great addition to any house. Whoever got it will be very happy with it.

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