Saturday Continued….

So remember I was on a whirlwind Saturday… the thrift stores, errands, to the cute vintage shop, up to the antiques booth, then to the garage sale with the American Girl dolls….now I was back to the auction.

So I went back to the auction for the third time that day.  I was sure it would be over but…it wasn’t.  I had killed LOTS of time between the last stop I had made but they were still selling.  Now they had split into two rings and one auctioneer was selling the stuff I wanted.  There was a table I had wanted but it was already sold.  CRAP!  There was also a metal box with a circular saw in it that had sold…I had wanted the metal box.  Crap.

There were a couple things that I decided I would wait for and before I knew it, this lot had come up…the Pepsi box and the skates.  The auctioneer couldn’t get a bid so I bid $1.  Got it.

It seams if I bid once, I’m in trouble.  I bit again and again.  (It’s kind of like eating one potato chip for me.)  Oh well..  I bought a big box for Hubby.  $3.

Then another wood box and a book about Harmony Minnesota.

I bid on a couple other things and didn’t get them.  I noticed that there were a few things that didn’t get a bid.  The auctioneer yells no sale.  Then I noticed that as that happened, they were setting things on that table that I had wanted but had already sold.  Hmmm..  that’s odd.  About then the auctioneer whose ring I was at had gotten to his stopping place.  The other auctioneer still had a ways to go.

The more I got thinking about the table…and my metal saw box, I got to wondering if they were no sale items.  I went and talked with my auctioneer.  Yes, I was right.  Neither item had sold.  So…I asked if I could buy them.  The auctioneer said you’re willing to pay for them.  I said yes, $5.  He said he couldn’t do it but would add them back onto the end of the auction.  UGH.  It looked like now I was staying for sure.

That left me to going over to where the other auctioneer was selling.

Next I bought this cute little red cabinet…$5.

Then this white tin cabinet….$2

I had one similar to this at the White Barns sale and sold it for $37.  I figured I could sell this one too.

Then up for bid came this….It’s a pencil collection.  No one was bidding on it.  They started the bidding at some crazy number like $40.  Um…No.  Then they got down to $5.  I bid.  I ended up quitting at $15 and it was mine.  I don’t collect pencils.  I don’t want to collect pencils but I know many do.

This collection had lots of these “bullet pencils” in it.  These I know are collectible.  I remember my dad had these and I always liked playing with his.

We’ll resell this collection.  I’m not sure on a price though….It needs some cleaning and then we’ll see.

By now there weren’t very people at the auction at all.  They had a huge record collection.  I thought about buying it as I know records are coming back in style.   I didn’t want to drag all that home so put it out of my mind.  With few people to bid, the auctioneer asked if there was anything anyone was interested in buying on the table full of records.  I pointed to this little box with 45 records in it.  I said I’d give $2 for it.

Now this auctioneer I don’t like the best…and this is the reason why….all day he had been taking $2 and even $1 bids.  He picked the box out of my hand and said $5.  I stopped him and said, “no, my bid was $2”.  He looked at me and said, “If you can’t pay $5 then it’s not a bid”.  What an ***.  I was being bucky (I honestly think he has a problem with women, you know what I mean) and I said, “I don’t want it for $5”.  I knew no one else was going to bid on it so why should I pay the $5.   So I didn’t get it.  The sale went on and another thing sold.  Then he announces to me, “Will you split the difference and pay $3?”  I said, “Sure” and the little box of 45’s came home with me.  Not a single other box of albums sold.  Not a single box.  No one there was interested in the records.  No one.  Why should I have to pay $5?  This auctioneer does this to me regularly.  Regularly.  I would boycott his auctions but as you can see, I get great deals.

After that he tried to be rude about these roller skates too.  There are two pair there and they came in a home made wooden case.  Again, no one was bidding…again he acted like my $2 was below him.  I swear he only does it to me.  I can’t understand why he would act like taking a $2 bid is sin.  If I don’t bid the $2, it’s a no sale and then he has to deal with hauling it away.  He was taking $2 and even $1 bids the whole time I was there.  For some reason, he has a problem with me.  I think it’s because he knows the things I buy can be resold for much more money.

The auction was about to come to an end when the auctioneer said, “Anything else $2?”  That’s when I spoke up about the table I wanted that had been a no sale and the metal saw case.  I noticed that the auctioneer I like had put the two things together near the last item that had been for sale.  I said, “I’ll pay $2 for the table and the saw together.”  The main auctioneer looked at me and said, “Sold”.  I think he knew better than to fight with me.

Seriously, why are some men like that?

So I got my little table for $1.  It’s primitive.  It doesn’t have a top but I have a Hubby who can make one.  I broke the handle off the drawer when I loaded it but I have the handle and it’s an easy job to fix it.  Originally I thought I would have Hubby make a top, give it a once over and sell it but now I think I might want it on my front porch.   I think I’m going to have him make a top and then cut the legs off at a good height to go under my front window on the porch….Hmmm.  We’ll see.  He was tickled with it.  NEW PROJECT!!

…and he was happy with the saw box.  It’s rusty in the picture but it will clean up.

I tried to go back and purchase a couple other no sale items but they are holding them over for next week…yep, there’s another auction.

So I left with a truck full for $45.

My Saturday didn’t quite end there.  The weather in Iowa turned nasty.  It’s no wonder.  It was terribly humid all day long.  Hubby and Craig were on weather spotting duty.  That left me on Carver duty.  Thankfully no tornadoes here…Rain though.  Lots of it really quick.

We got 2 inches in just a couple hours.  More rain to the north and south of us.  Poor Mason City is terribly flooded.  We’ll see how this pans out.  We have more rainy days in the forecast and this is exactly how it sets up for flooding.  I’ll keep you posted.

All in all a fun day.  Now I HAVE to clean the garage.  Way too many things are camping out in the garage now…..Oh well….that’s yet another story.

5 thoughts on “Saturday Continued….”

  1. Your purchases remind me of the estate sale we had at my parents home last weekend in Washington State. Except everything is priced and people go through and grab what they want. It was an interesting experience but at least the house is very nearly empty and we can put it on the market next.

  2. My father had a friend who grew up in the South he talked with a nice southern accent and spoke slowly and he was an auctioneer it was amazing to me to hear him and watch him work it was like a different person talking so fast and leaving no empty space between words.

  3. Aren’t you thankful you didn’t have to fix that man dinner every night and see him across from you at the dining room table? Pity his wife. Give your hubby a hug and kiss just on the strength of him being him!

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