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I haven’t gotten a lot of finished community quilts in lately.  I think everyone was busy with the holiday but happily, I still have posts to share.  Today’s quilts come from Jazz.  She writes:

Betcha’ thought I forgot about you! Actually, I have been busy as a bee making quilts from the “orphan squares” your blog follower, Holly Melton, sent me. I knew I would be able to find homes for them! Here is one I made for the newborn nursery of our county hospital.

I just love how soft and crinkly they look after being washed and dried.

Thank you, Holly!”

The next quilt:
A neighbor who knows I make baby quilts for the county hospital newborn nursery gave me this cute fabric. She said all she wanted in return was a picture.

I’ll send her a copy of these so she can see how I used them. I backed it in cheerful yellow and white gingham for a gender-neutral wrap.”

“Holly Melton also sent scraps (be still my jubilant heart!) in the package I received a few days after Christmas.

I used some of them to make this quilt, which I backed with flannel, and some in another scrappy quilt that’s not washed yet. I’ll send pictures when it’s ready. All the quilts will go to Harris Health’s Ben Taub Hospital newborn nursery. All were sandwiched with the batting you sent me, Jo. Thank you so much!

WOW…Jazz you have been one busy person!!  I think the last one is my favorite.  It’s super scrappy so of course, I love it.  Thanks so much to Holly and others who have donated.

I do want to note that Jazz was in need of batting so I took some money from the charity quilt fund money that is typically used for postage and bought a roll of batting for Jazz and had it sent to her.  Overstock sells a good batting that you can find HERE that is a reasonable price.

Overstock ProductIt ended up being about $4.50 a yard for 90″ batting.  Jazz does mostly smaller quilts so it’s about $2.25 per quilt.

Being that many of you donate to the fund I thought is appropriate to tell you some money was used for that.

My theory is that if we have volunteers giving their time and talent to get these quilts made we shouldn’t make them give their money too!!  I told Jazz and I’ll tell it to any of you:  If you want to help with the charity quilt project, don’t let the cost of supplies deter you from joining in.  I’ll do my damnedest to hunt down the supplies you need and get them to you.  I just need to know what you need so I can start hunting.

…and with that, I’ll sign off.  If you are interested in helping with the charity quilt project, drop me a note at

10 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Jazz”

  1. Absolutely beautiful quilts. Love the scrappy one too!! I think it is my favorite, although they are all beautiful !!!

  2. I agree with you about getting the supplies to people who need them. Using the postage money is fine with me. I will have to send some postage/batting money to you. You know the sources better than me.

  3. Judith Fairchild

    I like the orphan blocks quilt it is so pretty Holly did a great job and so did Jazz. Proper use of the money donated is to get the quilts done and you can’t do that with out batting. You know what’s needed better than we do.

  4. Nicely done, Jazz!
    (Jo, is Jazz’s name/info on your list of yiour “helpers”? I don’t see it, or maybe it’s under a name I don’t recognize. Just wondering.)

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