Quilts for West Texas

Today I spent the day with the quilting machine.  Shirley sent me a box of five quilts that needed to be quilted.

First I did this one….

Then..I worked on this one.

I was really nervous to give this one a try but ended up loving the experience.


This quilt NEEDED some custom quilting.  I am not experienced with that at all but I gave it a try.  All in all, I am happy with it.  It was a great opportunity for me.

I have done six quilts, one of mine, two of Kelli’s and three charity quilts all in three days…oh, I am pooped.  I don’t know how long armers work all day every day.

I did have some company while I was quilting…


Ruby is off all meds now.  Her staples are out and she’s back to her normal self….So many things to be thankful for..a healthy dog and awesome blog readers who are so generous with their time and talents.

6 thoughts on “Quilts for West Texas”

  1. I got the last of three donation quilts for West, Texas quilted today. These were some that my quilting group had pieced some blocks for and one of the members and her daughters did the rest & put them together. Got the bindings made before supper and attached them this evening. Tomorrow I start sewing them down…..on the machine, of course.

  2. Good job Jo! It’s amazing that something we love to do is so tiring! So happy Ruby is back up on her paws! Micki

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