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You may remember a few weeks ago I offered to machine quilt 10 quilt tops for free for the people of West, Texas.  Well I had 21 quilt tops sent to me.  I quilted 18 of them and they are all quilted, bound and sent away.   At the time, Cindy had sent  two quilt tops along with a note that said if I got lots of quilt tops in that I could save hers for the next charity event that came along.  Never did I expect that another town would be in need so quickly.

Immediately after I heard about the tornado in Oklahoma, I knew I needed to get working on the quilt tops right away.

The tops Cindy sent are wonderfully pieced and they turned out really good.  This one Cindy said was a Trip Around the World pattern.  It is a free pattern that is found on Bonnie Hunter’s website.  You can find the pattern here.


I used the Pajama Quilter’s Wonky Space design with variegated thread…Maxi Lock Swirl Punch.  It varies between blues and purples.  I love the thread.


The other quilt I think is Rectangle Wrangle.  That pattern is also a Bonnie Hunter pattern and can be found in Scraps & Shirttails II: Continuing the Art of Quilting Green.  In Bonnie’s pattern she uses black as the accent color…Cindy used burgundy.  It’s a great quilt too.

I used the Pajama Quilter’s floral stipple design with variegated thread…Maxi Lock Swirl Punch on this too.

I have about four or five other quilt tops here from other generous readers that I am hoping to finish up for Oklahoma.

I was over and read Bonnie Hunter’s blog.  She has a name and address of someone collecting quilts for people who were in the storm’s path.  You can read that post here.

As much as I would love to, I don’t have time to quilt any more quilts than are already here for Oklahoma.  I will however, any time you want to send one, accept quilt tops for upcoming disasters or charity drives.  It’s easy to just grab a few tops and quilt them when I hear of a disaster rather than wait for them to come in and be bombarded.

I know so many of you have quilt tops lying around waiting to be quilted and don’t want to pay to have them quilted just to donate them.  I really love working with you because I don’t have time to piece the tops.  Here is my email if you want to chat with me about your quilt top…I’ll gladly donate my time to quilt a few Quilts of Valor too.

Here is my contact information if you’d like to contact me with questions about quilting your donated quilt tops.  rogjok@iowatelecom.net

2 thoughts on “Quilts for Oklahoma”

  1. i definitely have some quilt tops that have been sitting around for a while! would be happy to send you some for your ‘charity quilt stash’.
    Like you, i also believe that we’ll have more people who are suffering from being displaced by emergencies this year, and who will be in dire need of quilts to comfort and keep them warm and sheltered. in the past i’ve had to evacuate my family to local storm shelters when hurricanes came our way, so i know first hand how that feels. I know how much comfort i get from my quilts and how wonderful it is to have them at such a time, so i’ll be very happy indeed to pass that comfort along to others.

  2. Jo – This is SUCH a generous offer of your time, thread and talent! Might I add that if we’re going to send in quilt tops we should also try to send in backs to go with them. This gift that Jo is offering should not also come at an additional cost to her!

    Like a whole lot of people (and inspired by Bonnie Hunter’s comments), I wanted to provide a quilt for the people who lost everything in Moore. Made me stop and think that I wished I had a completed quilt on hand to send — and to start one NOW so that I would be able to respond to the next crisis, and to keep one on hand going forward. Don’t know about others, but I’m constantly pulled by tempting blocks I see but don’t have time to make the whole quilt. Am considering making a sampler from those blocks that have called to me. Sorting through my fabric now… Thanks again, Jo!

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