Quilt Finish: True Blue

Phew.  I finally got this one to a finish.  When I say that, I don’t want anyone to think making this was a chore because working on this was a complete joy!!  For some reason these first two pictures make the quilt look black but it is not at all.  It’s blue!!

If you’ve been reading the blog for a bit, you might remember this project all started when a blog reader sent me her leftovers and UFOs.  I jumped right in and started working on them.  One of the leftover projects was two rows of this quilt sewn together.

The project was the cover quilt from the book Spice of Life Quilts by Carrie Nelson.

I did a review of the entire book that this quilt came from.  You can find that review HERE.

I opted not to put the piano key border around the outside.

I’ve been working my way through UFO projects.  This was my Dirty Dozen UFO Challenge project #12.  I’m so thrilled to have the project finished and off the list.

You can see I used… a Hook and Feather quilting motif and an eggshell-colored thread.  I have a Youtube video that shows how I do that.  You can find it HERE.

Just as I was cutting this out another blog reader, Holly sent a whole bunch of blue scraps.  I immediately put them and my own scraps into this quilt.

One blog reader asked me to include lots of pictures of the quilts as she loves looking at the fabrics and seeing if she has any of them.  Admittedly, I do the same when I see quilts…especially scrappy ones.

I used a wide variety of colors in the blue and cream families.

I added a couple of odd balls like the blue and red floral below.  I like to add interest.

I was so in love with this quilt…I would have finished sooner but a deadline project pushed this quilt back.

At one point I had stopped making blocks and asked all of you if I should add the piano keyboard or a border on the quilt.  The response was 50/50 so I went with my gut.

Either way, I think the quilt would have turned out just fine.

The blue binding came from a blog reader too.  THANKS to everyone who sent fabrics that went into this quilt.

I am so pleased with the quilt.

The original leftovers that were gifted to me had some darker blocks and some lighter blocks.  I needed to make the backing just a little bit larger and I used them here.

I found the sheet at the thrift store.  I paid $2 for it.  What a perfect backing.  I don’t think I could have bought anything better at the fabric store.

You know no quilt is truly complete without a Rosie, my beagle, picture on the quilt…

Kalissa, our daughter, and her boys were at my house and I was showing her the finished quilt.  The boys immediately jumped on the quilt.  Then Kalissa said, “Let’s get a picture of the dogs on the quilt too.”  No one was cooperating.  Finally, Carver grabbed Izzy.

Poor Rosie couldn’t figure out what to do.

Finally, she came around to the front of the quilt.

Then Gannon wouldn’t sit still.

Then Kalissa got them all looking and what am I doing…looking at the kids and dogs instead of the camera.  UGH.

Then everything went chaotic.  It was the best we could do.  Oh my.  This is my crazy life with grandkids and dogs!!

Carver did ask if he could take the quilt home.  He doesn’t have a quilt on his big boy bed.  Hmm.  I told him I would talk to mom and maybe at Christmas he could get a quilt.  I had thought to donate it to charity as so many people gifted me fabrics for it…even though I REALLY love it…I don’t know… is it okay to gift it to Carver instead?

We’ll see.

One last look at this one…

I had several people contact me saying they wanted the book and pattern but it was only available for outrageous money on Amazon.  That has changed.  They now have a Kindle version of the book for $10ish.  You can find that HERE.

Many thanks to those of you who cheered me on along the way.  It was such a fun quilt to make!!  Now I need to tackle another UFO.  I have two that I’m working on.

61 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: True Blue”

  1. Hi Jo, what a gorgeous quilt. I’d love to get the book and make it myself, but I’m in Australia so not sure if I could get it. And I absolutely think it should go to Carver, it’s a great boy quilt. Even though you had plans for it to go to a charity, I reckon a grandson trumps that. Hope you don’t mind me saying….

    1. If a grandchild of mine showed interest in a particular quilt, and it had not been designated or promised elsewhere already, it would be his or hers, no question. It just is more precious when a grandchild shows interest in your interests. You know it will be on his bed, not tucked in a closet. And I love to do good things for each of them. There will be many more charity quilts in your life, but only a few grandchildren.

    2. HI Kathy. The book is available in Kindle format by following this link. https://www.amazon.com/Miss-Rosies-Spice-Life-Quilts-ebook/dp/B00HRJ2JLA?crid=SCMTQMZKBUBS&keywords=spice+of+life+quilt+book&qid=1666463303&qu=eyJxc2MiOiIwLjAwIiwicXNhIjoiMC4wMCIsInFzcCI6IjAuMDAifQ%3D%3D&sprefix=spice+of+life+quil%2Caps%2C105&sr=8-1&linkCode=sl1&tag=makleafun-20&linkId=2fe1182e6b89af7c57095b6457e4da7e&language=en_US&ref_=as_li_ss_tl

      Happily Kindle format can get to Australia…can’t it?

  2. Marsha from Kansas

    You can always make another charity quilt. I vote Carver gets the beautiful blue quilt. I love that quilt.

  3. I vote to give it to Carver, but I didn’t donate anything to you for its completion. I understand your hesitancy though. What a tough decision. It turned out amazing! I can definitely see why he is drawn to it!

  4. great quilt, I want to do a two color quilt one day. If I’m keeping it it will be blues like your or if I’m giving it to my sister it will be red and white.

  5. Lovely quilt! I think Carver should get the quilt! My grandkids often love a quilt I am working on and they usually end up getting it LOL

  6. If I show family members a quilt and they want it,it is theirs.
    Everyone who reads your blog is cheering you on. As another person said “you can always make another quilt for charity”.
    So glad you decided to keep Issy, she is so dear. We went looking for another terrier since ours had passed on..we ended up with the best border collie.

  7. I feel like there should be no expectations when people give you fabric. It’s yours to do with it whatever you want. It’s the perfect quilt for Carver, not kiddish and not girlish. I vote for you to give it to him for Christmas!

  8. It’s so wonderful that Carver wants the quilt. I think you know that we readers are happy to see your projects and know that they will be used well. Family that wants a quilt is a great destination for a quilt.
    I just pulled some quilts so that my newly married grandson and his wife can choose which one they want.

  9. Carver was drawn to that quilt. The quilt must have been whispering to him Quilts tell a story and Carver’s memories of you making this quilt and him knowing your love for this quilt will forever be in his heart. My vote is for Carver. There is always time for another beautiful charity quilt.

  10. Awesome finish! May I steal that hook and feather motif?? Ha, don’t be too surprised if you see my version of it pop up somewhere! Loved all the fun photos, looks like a good times was had by all. Yep, Carter wins this one!

  11. Carver needs the quilt. Give it to him, nobody will care that donated the fabric and the original person that started the quilt will be thrilled that you completed. We send you things to do with what you wish, not everything needs to go to charity. You do so much for everyone else once Carver has the quilt you will still be able to enjoy seeing it.

  12. Think of all the quilts that Carver has seen being made by you and he has picked this one to ask if he can have it. He feels a connection to this quilt also. I vote for Carver to receive it.

  13. Absolutely gifting Carver the quilt he has asked for is OKAY!

    I love your “crazy life” in photos. You’re all so engaged in every moment and there is nothing more precious than time together in JOY :-)

    Have a terrific weekend Jo!

  14. I love the fact that Carver wanted to take the quilt home. SEW sweet, Jo! I doubt any of the fabric donors would mind one bit that it wasn’t going to charity. I think the quilt NEEDS to go to Carver, as he’s seen quilts come and go, but specifically asked for this one.

    1. Joyful, those are my thoughts exactly! Also, I believe the readers who donated blocks and fabric would be glad their donations were loved enough to keep in the family. And that they would be giving Carver hugs!

  15. I think you said in a previous blog that people sending you things should have no expectations about what you do with the items. So please give this quilt to Carver for his bed. It’s a gorgeous quilt and you did a great job making it.

  16. Love the way the quilt turned out. Blue is usually associated with boys. I say, let the Grandson have it. it will get plenty of love and you can always rub your hands along the fabric and cuddle with him while reading some of his favorite books under the covers.

    1. Mary Jane Pitman

      I vote Carver! For all the reasons noted above. Beautiful quilt, and it didn’t need the piano keys. Great as it is.

  17. Marilyn Kingsley

    The kids and dogs are adorable, such a hoot! Yes, give the boy his quilt. You have done so much for everyone, you are allowed to decide where the quilt goes. It’s only fair!

  18. Yes, Carver really likes this quilt, I’d give it to him for Christmas. He will be so surprised when he gets it. If grandchildren like a quilt I made I give it to them too. It is really beautiful. Those pictures are precious. Life going on all around you.

  19. I love the quilt and love that Carver wants it. My vote says give it to him! As others have said, when fabric is sent to you people know it is your choice on what happens with it. When the book first came out Carrie Nelson did a giveaway and I won! She was very generous in giving away the book, a fat quarter bundle of her line of fabric, a charm and layer cake of blue and white fabric. Funny but it’s only just now that I realize that the layer cake was for this quilt! Guess I need to get to it!

  20. Beautiful quilt Jo! Amazing quilting you do.
    Oh, I ordered the lori holt pattern book after reading your blog about it. I ordered it from Amazon and got it this morning. I’ve already gone through it and it’s amazing. This will be a good book to pass to my grandaughter.

  21. Shannon M in Texas

    Congratulations on finishing this UFO! It is an inspiration to me to finish my UFO’s too. I love the back with the extra blocks and using a sheet for backing. Genius.
    My favorite picture is you looking down at the dogs and kids with such love on your face.
    I vote to give the quilt to Carver since he loved it so much.

  22. I vote for Carver getting the quilt! It’s big enough that he will have it until he grows up–perfect! I noticed the baby cooperated for most of the picture taking…as soon as you say let’s take a pic, they can’t sit still. It’s the universal problem of kids and picture taking…they are all so adorable! Blessings to all of you!

  23. Carver has my vote. You and your family do so much for others, I am sure no one will be upset if the quilt go to Carver for Christmas.

  24. Yes, give the beautiful quilt to Carver. I’m sure all those who contributed fabric would agree. How often does a child ask for a particular quilt? Carver will love it!

  25. Margaret in North Texas

    This quilt has become my favorite quilt–because of pattern and color!! MY vote is keep it in the family–Carver will receive a beautiful gift from you,

  26. Cynthia from SW Minnesota

    I think you did a great job on the quilt, I think it is a great idea to give that quilt to Carver! The quilt is yours to do as you wish, and he was so excited to see it by all means, give it to him, it will be very special to him,

  27. I also love the True Blue quilt. Thanks for the up close pix of the fabrics, yeah I’ve got some of those or recognize ones I’ve used up. I am tempted to start one of my own. But I’ve got a UFO list and there’s a blue and white Lady of the Lake, all the squares finished, I just need to put them together. Maybe I will add True Blue to the someday make this quilt list.
    Beautiful quilt and quilting.

  28. Elizabeth Sawyer

    I brought the book on your recommendation. It was very pricy, but I figured it was probably out of print. You had raved about how many wonderful quilts are in the book; and you are right, so I went ahead and went for it.

    I was VERY excited when the book arrived only to find pages 91-98 MISSING. They had been cut out. I love the look of the True Blue quilt but I don’t think I can buy the book again. I just have to hope that someday the pattern will make its way to me. ….. It is a great male quilt and they are hard to find.

    Thanks for exposing the pattern to all of us.

  29. It’s gorgeous! I have that book and have made several quilts from it. Carrie Nelson is one of my favorite designers. I’ve been collecting blue fabrics and may just have to make this one as you’ve inspired me!

    If Carver wants it, he absolutely should get it. I’m sure your readers want to bless you with their gifts, not just charity and wouldn’t mind you gifting it to him. :)

  30. It’s a beauty! Blue is my favorite. When I first began quilting it was my intention to only make blue and white quilts. I sure would have saved a lot of money if I’d stuck to that!

  31. I think I also heard Rosie say “Give it to Carver so I can get my pictures taken again”! Lol…You did an awe job as always.

  32. Oh my those blues!! I found so many from my collection…and I know how old they are!! I hope Carver enjoys his quilt!!

  33. Any quilt I make that hasn’t been promised out to someone else if kids or grand kids want it, guess who gets it? Absolutely should be Carver’s new big boy bed quilt! I love the pictures, they were perfect….true life!

  34. This post sent me down a rabbit hole trying to find the quilt I made.
    I had bought a kit at a local shop that included the pattern. I think I would have bought it in 2012 and made the quilt in 2013. The pattern was a stand alone at the time.
    The kit included blue and brown fabrics which alternated. I did put the piano key border on, but then mine is only 10 by 10 blocks.

  35. Absolutely give it to Carver! When a boy and the GS asks , you must obey. The kids are so cute and I know you love he craziness of it all. Beautiful work

  36. Judith Fairchild

    Oh my, what a beautiful quilt! Carver’s Christmas present for sure. I’m fairly sure who ever sent the quilt to you will be happy to know their quilt was a hit with Carver. Me I’d be busting my buttons with pride and joy that my quilt was his choice. Carver has great taste.

  37. Of COURSE Carver gets this quilt! He comes before charity quilts. Then again I didn’t donate fabric in it. I am firmly in the camp of the one who loves it.
    You will always make charity quilts, no sweat.

  38. Does any one know if the Block used in “True Blue” is an older block pattern that goes by another name.
    If anyone knows the block name please let us know.
    I refuse to pay over $50-$70 for a pattern book on Amazon.

  39. Elizabeth Sawyer

    The only other alternative is to get a digital copy – which is not my favorite but you would at least get the pattern.

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