Quilt Book Review: Spice of Life Quilts

I had a blog reader admire the quilt blocks that I have been putting together for my True Blue quilt.  She was wondering if I thought there were other good patterns in the book because she was thinking of purchasing a copy.

The book, Spice of Life Quilts, is by Carrie L Nelson of Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company.  If you are a new quilter, you might know about Miss Rosie.  If you’re a long-time quilter, you likely do.

Miss Rosie was SUPER popular from about 2008 to 2012… the time before and after too but I think this time period was likely her hay-days.  I loved her stuff then and I still do.

I have always wanted to make the cover quilt, True Blue but never got around to it.  There are so many quilts to make…it’s hard to determine why one gets made and the others don’t.  This quilt moved to the front burner after a blog reader gifted me a started quilt.

Here are some of the quilts from the book…

This is Double Duty…

Open Door.  I have long been tempted by this one.  This block is one I haven’t made but have a desire to.

This one…in red of course, has been on my list forever.  I’m a HUGE fan of red…and I have scraps so it’s the perfect quilt for me.

I like this one…it’s a great combo of a few harder blocks plus some easier ones!!

Next is Ginger Belle.  Our daughter, Kelli, made this one.  I think she gifted it to her husband’s Grandma.

Here is Kelli’s version.

You can read more about it HERE.

This one didn’t scream “MAKE ME” for me.  If I wanted to make a curved block, I think I’d go all out and make another Double Wedding Ring quilt.  It’s still pretty though.

This one is another I’ve loved.  I’d love to make this one.  So pretty.  I have a layer cake in these soft colors.  I wonder if I could get it made with a layer cake.  Hmm.

Ding-Ding-Ding!!  Barn Raising alert.  My favorite all-time layout for quilts is in a barn-raising pattern.  For anyone new to quilting, that means a quilt starts in the middle and there are “rings” around the center.  I love this one!!

I’ve enjoyed dreaming about his quilt…

This one has been on my list to make too.

Typically I’m not a house block girl so this one wasn’t my favorite.  After all, there has to be one in the book I’m not wishing I could make, doesn’t there?

Here is the cover quilt that I’m finally making.  YAHOO!!  I’ve owned this book since it first came out and FINALLY, I am making one of the quilts.  I’m really excited that the wonderful blog reader sent me the pieces that kick-started me to make it.  THANKS SO MUCH!!

Something I like about the author is she always has a fun write-up on how the quilts go their names.  So cute…and interesting.

Before I sign off I thought I’d take one more picture.  This is the picture of my copy of the book.  See the scuff marks.  I’ve carried this book around with me so many times…I looked at it while I’ve eaten supper…but mostly, I take it to bed and page through.

Even though I haven’t made many quilts from the book, it still has gotten lots of love.

The book is still available on Amazon HERE.

9 thoughts on “Quilt Book Review: Spice of Life Quilts”

  1. I bought a used copy through Amazon as it was reasonably priced. I’m glad I did as there are many beautiful ideas in the book. But I mostly got a chuckle since it was Miss Rosie’s book. Hope you are doing well today my quilt mentor friends.

  2. Oh how I hate quilt book reviews!! haha – I just drool and want to make many of the quilts in the books. There were several in this book that I would like to make, but i’m using my restraints and not getting it. I will just admire your quilts when you make them.

  3. I also bought a used copy through Amazon. You hold your breath and hope it’s in fairly good shape. I was amazed. It was like brand new. I’m not sure it had ever been opened. I love, love the quilts — everyone of them and that’s pretty unusual. Can’t decide which to do first.

  4. Just added the book to my wish list – I love that ‘True Blue’ quilt and I’m sure it’s going to be going through my machine in the near future!

  5. Marsha from Kansas

    I took a class from Carrie where we made the quilt pictured above the barn raising quilt. It’s been so long ago I’m afraid I can’t tell you if a layer cake would be enough. My Mom and aunt hand quilted it along with their church group so it is really special to me. It still needs bound. Hope this will give me inspiration to get the binding on. Carrie was a great teacher. She went around the room and sat down and visited with each of us while giving great hints to make our piecing more accurate. She was the first person I heard talk about blogs and her blog was the first one I followed.

  6. I have that very book on the floor beside me! I am planning on the Ginger Belle one next! I have 3 books from Carrie. Always a joy to flick through for inspiration.

  7. Miss Rosie is the fabulous Carrie Nelson. She works with Moda fabrics. Her newer books are under her name, with her most recent and wonderful book with coauthor Joanna Figueroa. I love her patterns. I also believe she created the cake mix papers and cupcake mix papers for use with precuts for Moda.

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