A Quilt Finish for Kelli

Kelli, our oldest daughter, was home on Sunday to quilt her newest quilt top.  She doesn’t really like the quilting aspect of making a quilt…she loves cutting and sewing the blocks together….but machine quilting is not her favorite.

Complicating things…the quilt is a wedding present for friends of hers who are getting married this weekend.  We got the quilt in the Grand Quilter and Kelli started goofing around…it’s typical Kelli…


Here she is “singing”.  I told her…you better get serious or you’ll never get it done!  So serious she was.

 Then a few minutes past and she said…”Mom, I know you love to quilt.  If you finish this, I’ll make supper.”

I said, “Well, I don’t know, Sunday night is rootbeer float night so I wasn’t going to really make supper.  We were just going to have rootbeer floats.”

“That’s okay,” she said.  “I’ll make the rootbeer floats.”  Before I could comment and explain to her how unfair it was, she was off to make rootbeer floats and I was left to finish her quilt.  So technically…I don’t know if this blog entry is correctly titled…is this a quilt finish for Kelli or a quilt finish for me!?

To make matters more unfair, she left fabric to bind the quilt and said, “If you feel like putting the binding on, that would be great!” 


Yes, I put the binding on.  Here’s the finished quilt….It is Charisma fabric by Moda.  The pattern was published in a magazine some time ago.  It’s an American Jane design.  It is actually not a difficult pattern to sew.

As I was putting the binding on I was telling myself, next time, I really have to make her bind her own quilt…I really need to.  Then I got to thinking about my mom.  She helped me sew clothes all the time.  If I didn’t sew something right, she would patiently rip out my mistakes out and repin the pieces for me.  She did all of my hand sewing….I would much rather be sewing bindings and quilting than sewing clothes.  So I guess I’ll quit complaining and be thankful that the girls want to sew.  It’s a great hobby that we share.

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