Quilt Book Review: Scrappiness is Happiness

I’ve been a Lori Holt fan.  I love watching her floss tube videos and enjoy watching her tutorials on Youtube.  I have many of her books including her newest book Scrappiness is Happiness.

Lori has a Sew your Stash series on Youtube.  You can find her channel HERE.  She has shown many of these quilt blocks in the videos.  She doesn’t show the complete quilt but does show the blocks.  She doesn’t give you yardage for a whole quilt either.  So…if your budget is tight, you can likely make many of these quilts by simply watching the videos….and if you’re new to quilting, these videos would be a great guide to help you make successful blocks.

What a pretty cover…

Here is a listing of all of the quilts and things in the book.  Of course, her book has the great spiral binding that all of Lori’s books have.

The photography in the book is awesome.  Lori has such great things to put with her quilts for the cutest pictures.  I love paging through the book.

I love the saying too!!  That is frame-worthy.

This book is FULL of quilts.  There are 32 quilts in the book.  The is priced around $39 depending on where you get it from which is a little more than typical quilt books…but you’re getting a lot more in the book with 32 different quilts.

I thought I’d show you a few of the quilts…

The premise of the book is to use your scraps and that can easily happen with the quilts in the book.

One thing I liked is that the quilts aren’t all small.  Even the bee quilt that I showed you is 84 1/2″ x 84 1/2.

I loved this one and …can see myself making it.

Here is another I can see myself making.

I really love that these are all truly scrappy.  So often I see people who say a quilt is scrappy yet they use a complete fabric line or only use 6 fabrics in the quilt.  To me, that’s not real scrappy.

There are many seasonal quilts mixed in…here’s a great Fall quilt.

I really like the apple quilt.  So fun!

The tulip quilt would be great for Spring.

…the flag for Summer.

…The trees for Christmas or Winter.  I love this one.  I don’t have many green scraps..hmm.  I could cut into fat quarters for this.  I know for sure that Lori has a Youtube video in her Sew Your Series for this one.

This is another that would be great for Spring…

..and butterflies for Summer.

The variety in the quilt is great!

I could love making the quilt below.

I made this block in my Red Sampler quilt.  I very much enjoyed making it and would love to make lots of these blocks.

As I said earlier…the photography is awesome!!

I thought and thought about something bad I could say about that book, after all, I want to paint a true picture of the book.  The only thing I could think of to say is…It’s going to be really hard to pick out which quilt to make.

I can totally see myself jumping into the one below!!

As always the instructions are really easy to follow and are really straightforward.  I think they are great for beginners.

Us long-time quilters appreciate great instructions too!!

There are lots of quilts in the book that are very beginner friendly.  I can totally see making a quilt like this with a granddaughter once they get a little older.

Orange wouldn’t have been my first choice of color…but, I really like it.  How many of you charity quilters would love this quilt for inspiration!!  That would use up lots of bits and pieces.

I wish all quilt books came spiral bound.   I would happily pay the extra dollar or two.  I just love spiral binding.

What’s an all-encompassing quilt book without a sewing machine quilt??

Here is a video review of the book.

As a bonus for ordering, this quilt pattern was included.  I really like it!!

Here’s a full view of the quilt.  I’ve never made a spool quilt like this but I am so tempted by this.

I really like the book.  It’s fun to look at and read.  It’s great for beginners and great for experienced quilters who need a quick quilt for gifting.

I may not make a quilt from the book right away but I love having this in my resource library and it’s great to know I can pull it anytime and make a quick quilt.

If you are interested, HERE is the link to the book.

15 thoughts on “Quilt Book Review: Scrappiness is Happiness”

  1. Jo thanks for the review, great book. I was able to pick mine up at Joann’s. Not were I usually pick up my books but when they had it I had to grab it.

  2. Such a good book. I didn’t see one quilt that I really didn’t like. I would like to make them all! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Jo, I, too, like spiral bound books. I have taken many of mine to Staples and had them spiral bound. I don’t remember the cost but it wasn’t much. It is such a big help especially when trying to trace appliqué patterns.

  4. Your link for Loris you tube channel where we click “HERE” goes to amazon and thread snips. Cool deal for gifts BTW
    I love the book!! Will you be doing the FQS sew along sampler?

  5. I have recently bought that book and love it. Not really a bad thing, but if I were looking for a negative comment to make for a review, it would be that although there are more quilts than usual in a book, some of them are so easy that a pattern isn’t really needed at all. But there are still enough more complicated ones to make it worth the price. I think Lori Holt’s instructions are so well written, even for the complicated blocks, like the Farm Girl Vintage ones, I’m def a fan.

    1. I picked this book up at a one location “shop hop”. You save on gas and can therefore spend more on quilt items! :) I skimmed the book before purchasing and slowly looked through it that night. I agree with Jo, it is definitely a great buy!

  6. I picked this book up at a one location “shop hop”. You save on gas and can therefore spend more on quilt items! :) I skimmed the book before purchasing and slowly looked through it that night. I agree with Jo, it is definitely a great buy!

  7. Judith Fairchild

    This will be a book worth having. If anyone thinks it’s to high a price divide the cost by the number of quilts. It comes out to $1.20 per pattern. You can’t ask for more savings than that. I’ve been looking for a special pattern for a baby quilt. I’m sold.

  8. Oh my goodness!! Normally I dont read the whole review,, but your caught my eye and I must say I loved your review. I too am a scrappy quilter, and now I will purchase this book! I too love spiral books. Thank you for a review, well done!

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