Quilt Book Review: Modern Quilting-Designs of the New Century

I am on a listing from C&T Publishing and from Martingale that I get ebook copies of new books that come out.  I have the opportunity to review them.  It’s really fun and I enjoy seeing the new books that come out.  Every once in awhile I find a book that I think I would really love and I request a hard copy of the book.  I recently got an awesome book from C&T Publishing, Modern Quilting:  Designs of the New Century by The Modern Quilt Guild.

I’m not what I would consider a modern quilter but I did find the book really interesting.  It’s been a little hard for me as I’m just never quite quite sure what the definition of a “modern” quilt is.  I thought seeing the book might help me decide.

The book is what I would consider a coffee table book.

There isn’t a lot of words…there’s a beginning introduction and after that….



…inspirational pictures.  I love the mustard colors with the grays and creams.


The picture below…I can see me making something like that.

…or like this.Modern-Quilting-5

I loved this one.  Modern-Quilting-6

I can imagine having fun and playing with this design too.Modern-Quilting-7

I can really see me making a quilt like the bottom star quilt.  That would be fun baby quilt.


Some…I can appreciate but aren’t as appealing to me…like this.Modern-Quilting-9

I guess the simpleness of them doesn’t grab me.

..or the abstract.


Now this one I did like and could appreciate.  Our son Buck works with constructing houses.  I can see that this might be appealing.  BUT, I can’t imagine him putting it on a bed…a wall hanging-yes, a throw-sure…a bed, not so much.


I still enjoy seeing the creations of others and can appreciate the work that went into the creation.


Sometimes I think my quilts are bigger as I imagine big.  I like big…I like much.

The favorite of mine in the book…THIS….Modern-Quilting-15

I think I could best describe me as liking abstract within perimeters.  I like graphic but it still has to adhere to a regularity.  I’m not a fan of lots of white space.  I think I found that I do a little “modern” quilting…what I do I enjoy but some isn’t me.

I saw the above picture in the ebook that I had for review and squealed.  At the time it was early November and I didn’t know if Buck and Lora were having a boy or a girl.  I thought maybe I could make this is a way that could be gender neutral…hmm..I knew I wanted a copy of the book so I sent a message to C&T Publishing asking for a hard copy.

In the meantime, this quilt called to me.  So much so that I started making one…but that story is for another blog post!

Where do you find yourself in the spectrum of modern quilts?  Love them, hate them, can you dabble in them?

6 thoughts on “Quilt Book Review: Modern Quilting-Designs of the New Century”

  1. I think I must have a little OCD (although it doesn’t come through in other parts of my life-ha!) because I really like symmetry in my quilts. Modern are just “too much” for my liking.

  2. not a huge fan of modern, but I do like some of the color combos – especially that grey and yellow with cream. But all of my ‘bucket list’ quilts are very traditional – Civil War sampler, Baltimore Album, Hawaiian whole cloth. If I ever get bored of traditional, I may dabble, but I don’t see that happening any time soon.

  3. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I LOVE modern quilts…especially those with lots of negative space for super custom quilting! Of course, the quilting part is my favorite, so I look at the negative space as a place for a quilter to show off what they can do. I also love asymmetry too, so that part of “modern” appeals to me as well. Piecing quilts is simply a means to an end for me – they are the quilts I can do whatever I want to with the quilting!!

  4. A beautiful book, but somehow those quilts remind me of those I’ve seen a time or two, maybe 40 or more years ago. Fashion is like that, too. :-)

  5. I love modern quilts! I’m not a fan of over quilting on quilts so I like the quilts with straight simple lines. I’m not a fan of traditional quilts. If I’m honest I don’t care for Bonnie Hunter quilts but like you with modern quilts, I can appreciate all the work that goes into them. I think we can find inspiration big or small from any quilt!

  6. I am 80 years old and some of those patterns remind me of the 1950-1960 patterns. Not so much in quilts as in fabrics, both for clothing and interior decorating ideas. Even then I was not a big fan of them. I do agree with your picks and I added the shades of blue diamonds for a wall hanging if you have a (quiet) area to hang it.

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