Mystery Quilt and String Challenge

I’m hooking up with Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery Quilt link up today.  Welcome if you’re new here and the link up brought you.  We are a busy blog with update twice a day, unless life gets in the way.  There’s always something going on here!!

So what do you think of the mystery quilt?  I’m liking it so far.  Last week I left you here with a stack of finished blocks.  When Monday’s reveal came I was wowed but a little nervous.  I am TERRIBLE and known for turning pieces the wrong direction!!  I was sure that sashing would do me in.View Postmystery-on-ringo-lake-10

I’m also a girl that needs to study a pattern for a bit before I feel comfortable jumping in a sewing….so not much happened in terms of me sewing on Monday. I also started in a on debate.  Do I do that scrappy setting triangle border?  I decided not to but that left me working to figure out the sizes I’d need to cut in order to make the setting triangles…and measuring to see if I had enough of one fabric.  I did. I wanted to calm the quilt down a bit and cutting all of my cornerstones from one fabric and opting to use one fabric for the setting triangles is doing that for me.  Happily, to this point, I hadn’t twisted even one sashing pieces!!  It shows only one piece but I actually have two pieces with this much done as of Tuesday night at bedtime.

You can see my birthday quilt hiding out behind the mystery quilt…. That’s where I was on Tuesday night at bed time and by Wednesday night at bedtime, I was here! mystery-on-ringo-lake-21
It was together but not ironed. Thursday at nap time I gave it a good ironing.


While the kiddos were still sleeping and Karl was home to keep watch, I slipped outside long enough to grab this photo.  What do you think of it? mystery-on-ringo-lake-23 I like it.  The design was nice…unique.  I was surprised by the sashing.  On point isn’t my favorite quilt to sew but I do like the looks of them and this went together surprisingly well for me.  No ripping out which I thought was AMAZING! I am not ending mine here.  I will be gifting this and I’d prefer it a little bigger.  I will need to take it to the quilt shop to see what I can come up with. I did change the directions a little bit.  I didn’t have a lot of tealish color left.  I had picked up a teal batik off the clearance (clean the bolt) type sale thinking it could be the binding.  Well there was enough on it to make all of the setting triangles out of that fabric and that’s what I did.  That means I didn’t need to piece the teal part of the setting triangles. Here’s a close up of what looks like. mystery-on-ringo-lake-24
I love scrappy but in most every scrappy quilt I need some type of constant.  For me, it was these setting triangles.  The fabric was a perfect for it! A trip to the quilt shop is what I need next.  If anyone has seen any ideas on making it bigger besides regular borders, please pass the ideas along to me.

Onto my String Challenge: For those of you who have been following along with me, you know that I’ve challenged myself to finish all of the quilts in Bonnie Hunter’s new book String Fling before her new string book comes out….I only have four that aren’t finished and all of them are started….so….here’s this week’s progress. …not much.  I finished the outer white part of these Pineapple Crazy blocks and have them trimmed up.

I only worked on my Pineapple Crazy blocks as a leader and ender project again.  Working only in leader and ender style doesn’t get me very far very fast but I do have a good excuse for not a lot of progress (that mystery quilt).  So here are my blocks.


I counted them up and made my usual note.  Need 60 it says at the top as I need 60 of these little blocks.  Have 12…so that means 12 finished.  I was kind of sad there were only 12 but then I realized that 12 is a pretty good number.  That means I’m 20% done with the border blocks…I’ll take that progress.


I save my little dishwasher powder packs buckets.  They are perfect for holding these little blocks.  All of the finished ones get popped into the bucket.


I didn’t de-paper these yet.  I’ll keep them in the bucket and grab them along with a plastic bag the nest time we are on a road trip.  That way I can de-paper them in the car.  I really like de-papering in the car.  I do keep a lint roller in the cubby though.  Depending on what I wear, I sometimes need a lint roller.

I have more blocks in progress.  I’m keeping them buy the sewing machine and will continue to work on them leader and ender style.  Little by little they will get done!

I’ll be back here next week with some string challenge progress.  I’m not sure what I’ll be working on yet.  Hopefully I’ll have progress now that the brunt of the mystery quilt is finished.

24 thoughts on “Mystery Quilt and String Challenge”

  1. Love your mystery quilt Jo! The colors are so bright and cheerful; just what is needed in the dead of winter! Your Pineapple Crazy blocks are cheerful too!

  2. I really like the dark teal setting triangles, Jo. They frame the quilt nicely. It’s especially nice that the fabric was clearance!

  3. Your mystery quilt looks awesome!!! I am still putting the main blocks together………slow but sure. Also started Bonnie’s free pattern string spider web as I have so many “strings”……kind of got caught up in that, too.

  4. Im in awe of your pace of setting blocks on point with sashing. I re ently started a top onnpon point with sashing and after two long days still have two rows left. I havent set one on point before im finished. I did iron as i go in order to get the seams to but together correctly. Im so impressed with Bonnie Hunter quilts but dont have the guts to try one.

  5. Love your mystery quilt! Some year I’m going to tackle her mystery.
    I’m working on a string quilt with bright strings and the other half of each block is a black with tiny bright polka dots print. Picture\pattern is on
    She used to live in MN. I enjoy her blog …. And yours too!

  6. Your mystery quilt is wonderful and I love the setting triangle, I hope to make one this summer when I spend more time inside. My challenge quilts is to finish my Bricks n Barnyard quilt and I did manage to get one side of the braided border done. I made my quilt larger than the pattern so I feel like progress was made. Hope to have another border side done by next week.

  7. Beautiful On Ringo Lake! I love the constant turquoise border! I am using a constant sashing instead of clue 3 and will use that as final border. I had 3 yds of a peach that is a nice neutral for sashings. Well done1 You are fast! Carol

  8. Love your colors! I too am working on the mystery quilt but it’s a work in progress however it’s getting there. I am also having one color for the setting triangles as I want a constant color to calm the scrappiness of it all! I can’t wait to finally finish all the flying geese!! Oofda!!!

  9. Your quilt looks so beautiful. Good for you for having it pieced already!

    I saw someone who made a one inch inner border (background fabric) and a three inch outer border (she used brown or black but her colors were very different), and it looked fabulous. Since you have already done the math, would you let me know what size you cut the setting triangles? I am planning on piecing mine horizontally instead of vertically.

  10. Oh you said besides regular borders. I like looking to see how people have done it on Facebook. I’ve seen people make chevrons (take the sashing pieces and double them up). Someone else used the sashing pieces in a singular row (she was asking whether to arrange them to look like x’s or o’s and most people suggested doing both – one for the top and bottom, and a different one for the sides.

    I haven’t seen it but I think that the flying geese or nine patches would also look good as they would repeat what is already in the quilt.

  11. I am L&Eing mystery parts as I work on other in progress stuff. I did get a grad quilt quilted Friday and got Split Squares into a top last night. Snow day hope is in the future for the week.

  12. I really love your mystery quilt! I like your idea of using the same fabric for all the setting triangles to pull it all together. I think I will do the same. Also, I need to make mine bigger too. I don’t like the idea of plain borders, nor having to make more blocks and pieced sashing, not to mention that I probably don’t have enough of a selection of fabric left. I will be watching to see what you do for some ideas.

  13. Look for a striped fabric in brown and melon. I love making striped borders. They look complex, but are rea)y just “regular”.

  14. Love how the batiks worked out in Ringo Jo! You and Maggie from Making A Lather are brave women to each take on completing major portions of the Bonnie quilt canon. If anyone can do it, it’s the two of you!

  15. That looks great! I really like the solid setting triangles. I’m thinking about string piecing mine since my aqua was a little on the sparse side and I don’t think I have big enough pieces for even the half triangles. We’ll see when I get there. I’m still making geese!! Not even pairing up geese, just singleton geese. I made just a few of each clue as they came out and Slow quilter is slow…….

  16. PS. I use ice cream buckets for my organization. The square “Country Rich” ones from Wal-Mart. Snap on lids, stackable, handles, semi-see through, dishwasher safe. If they didn’t have the printing on them, they would be perfect. I’ve serious considered contact paper. But then, I so do not live a pintrest life.

  17. Jo, you are such an inspiration!!! Love how you “get things done”!!! I “sew” enjoy your blog, even though I don’t comment very often. Thanks for motivating me! HUGS… and stitches

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