Modern Quilt Time

You might remember that I told you about this quilt book on Saturday.  Catch that post here if you missed it.


In the book they had a great quilt that I loved.


If you read the fine print near the bottom of the page it says inspired by Modern Log Cabin quilt by Art Gallery Fabrics.  Well I looked that up in Google and found this….

Modern Log Cabin Quilt Kit by the Art Gallery Fabrics StaffFeatured in Generation Q Magazine Jan/Feb 2014 issue - Pure Elements Solids - Art...

It said this….Generation Q Magazine Jan/Feb 2014 issue.  I’ve yet to see Generation Q on my news stand..but this looks like improv sewing and I can make that up!

Well I wanted to make this quilt but not by using a pattern…just inspiration so I set out to do that.  I grabbed some solids that I thought would work together and started some improv sewing.


I would do a step, look at the picture of the quilt from the book and do another step.  Before long, I had this….


Every time I sewed a piece on and had a little left over, I saved it and sewed it to another left over.  Before long, this became the added pieces that give the color pops.

I loved doing this.  This is actually some of my favorite sewing to do….maybe I’m more of a modern quilter than I think?!?

Here is the next picture I took.  It grew so quickly.  By this point, I wasn’t referring back to the original inspiration photo.  I was just adding as I felt inspired or as the fabric allowed.  I was using scraps and some scraps came to an end so I dug for new scraps.


Before long, I had this….and decided it definitely wasn’t gender neutral.  It looked boyish to me.


I’m okay with that.  Very okay with it actually….I love the quilt.

So here’s what I can tell you…..I made a fun improv quilt.  I had fun.  Buck and Lora didn’t have a boy so I need to get making a baby girl quilt.  In the mean time, this is waiting in the wings for a boy baby.  It’s still only a top.  It was quick sewing.  I made this in about 4 hours.  I did find a backing for it so if the need arises, I have this.

It was honestly so much fun making it and pretty quick too, so much so, that I’m REALLY tempted to make a girl version.  I still haven’t completely decided on what I’m making for baby Lucy.  I have a goal to have whatever it is done for baptism.  She won’t use it much until then anyway.

Notice I can’t completely do “modern quilting”.  I needed a completely solid border around the outer edge.  I’m not completely rule-less.  I’m thinking a scrappy binding of these colors if I every get that far.

So does this type of quilting tempt you?

8 thoughts on “Modern Quilt Time”

  1. Sometimes it’s fun to just sew and not worry about the pieces! God job. Over New Year’s week-end I made a Regatta quilt. It’s very pretty but there was a lot of waste. I got the leftover pieces into manageable strips. I’m going to piece a ‘modern’ quilt with those leftovers so they are laying here for years. Happy stitching!

  2. The quilt reminds me of the Arts and Crafts movement (a personal favorite). It’s lovely, and I agree, it’s boyish. As for baby Lucy, I know there’s some I Love Lucy fabric floating around in the quilrosphere; I’d use that for a backing for her quilt.

  3. I love this, and think this is what I’ll do with some solids that have been lurking here. Who doesn’t need a great boy quilt at the ready? Thanks for the inspiration.

    BTW, I think I saw that Generation Q is an e~zine.

  4. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Look at you going modern!! It is fun to do this kind of piecing…especially if it gets rid of some of the precious little pieces of scraps and produces an adorable quilt in the process. I think you really need to make a girl quilt like this now!! Lucy will love it!!

  5. Thinking maybe I will pull some fabrics and do some improv for a grad gift. . .I do like the freedom and brain challenge of figuring out how it will go together. Not sure I have enough solids, but I think my batik collection may take a hit.

  6. Love the modern quilt top you created. I’m not usually a fan, but as another reader said, it has an Arts and Crafts feel, which really catches my attention. Thank you for sharing your inspiration! If you offered this as a pattern, I’d be interested. (Hint, hint)

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