My First Fat Quarter Bundle

I am so excited….I am cutting into my first fat quarter bundle.


It’s Origins from Moda and I LOVE it.  Typically, I am a Civil War reproduction fabric gal but something about this pack of fabric really drew me in!  There’s two fabrics in the bundle that remind me of some gaudy wallpaper my mom had in the kitchen when I was growing up.  There’s another fabric in the bunch that reminds me of floral sheets I had as a kid.

Some SERIOUS fabric petting is going on….I open a fat quarter, check out the print, refold the fat quarter and iron…slowly and smoothly taking in all the colors….laughing at the prints that look like my mom’s wallpaper….oh what a process….    As much as I LOVE finished quilts, I have really become engulfed in the process of creating, and petting.  Are you a fabric petter too?

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6 thoughts on “My First Fat Quarter Bundle”

  1. I am a big time fabric petter….sometimes I wonder if I pet my fabric more than my dog! Have to say I just love the Origins line. Picked up a layer cake several weeks ago and I love flipping through it, looking at the fabrics. Looks like the 1970s to me….I wonder if we had the same sheets!!

  2. I’d love to see the pattern you are going to make with that bundle. I am currently sitting on 2 bundles of fabrics with no ideas of what to do with them. But they were so pretty I just had to get them.

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