Lime…it’s DEFINITELY not a mistake!

I finished my Country Threads reproduction quilt!  What do you think?

I know what I think….I LOVE it!   If you are a regular reader of my blog, you might remember that I was really confused when this lime green fabric was included in fabric packet….and you might remember that I fell in love with the blocks.  Well now, I am in love with the quilt.

It’s rainy and cloudy here today so the photos aren’t as nice as I wish.
I am hoping that once the new addition is completed on the house, that there is a place in the entry way where it can hang.  I want everyone to see it when they come to the house…I just love it that much.
Unbelievably this little 30 x 30″ wall hanging has over 600 pieces in it.  I think it’s the most complex small quilt I have done to date.  My new project for the club arrived in the mail.  This one isn’t as intricate but I think it’s going to be a “looker” too.

6 thoughts on “Lime…it’s DEFINITELY not a mistake!”

  1. Love your quilt. The lime green is great! I see that color all around lately and really like it. Great Job! Hard to believe the amount of pieces in it.

  2. Your quilt is absolutely wonderful! I have a soft spot for triangles and stars, so this is very much to my taste. And that lime fabric really gives it sparkle without overpowering it – lovely!

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