My Summer Plan…

Everyone is always asking what are your summer plans, quilting, vacations, what?  Well me, I have two plans.
Plan 2-  Keep sewing for therapy….I’m going to need it!

This was my garage yesterday morning….
This was my garage yesterday afternoon…
I know….you’re thinking there is no garage there.  You are right, it’s gone.  It’s all part of the remodeling project that will be going on this summer.  Next on the hit list to be taken out…this addition.
I had been told it would probably come out at the end of the month so I have gradually been moving things and finding a new temporary home for things.  Then yesterday the guys said, “Being the ground is wet and we can’t farm, we’ll probably be taking that addition off tomorrow.  WHAT?!  We have been scrambling like crazy around here….that means no sewing….UGH!

A new addition and double car garage will be going up to replace what was there.  In the meantime, we have to go outside to get to the basement to access our shower and the laundry.  It’s going to be an interesting summer.  So like I said, my plans are to…
Sew for therapy….
I just hate change so I am definitely going to need to sew!

3 thoughts on “My Summer Plan…”

  1. Wow, you are in for an interesting summer. There’s nothing worse than the process of major remodeling, and yet there’s nothing better than enjoying the finished product! Hope all goes well and that the work gets done sooner rather than later (and within budget….does that ever happen?) Enjoy your day….and be flexible!

  2. LOL! Don’t you love that when you get sprung a surprise?! Not!! Good luck getting everything moved by tomorrow!!!
    You’ve got a great attitiude and that should help a lot!!

  3. Oh how exciting!!! And so very scary at the same time. I hope you get to squeeze in some sewing time, you are going to need it. ;)
    By the time the project is finished you will be so flexible you could join Cirque du Soleil !!

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