Friday with Kramer

Today was a MUCH improved day!  We’re still not going home yet…but things have improved.

It was a chaotic day for me.  I was up and over to his room by 7ish.  We hung out and chatted.  The doctors rounded and gave us a little update.  Saturday morning they are going to kink the chest tube, watch Kramer and if all goes well the chest tube will come out.  We have been told that he will feel so much better after that happens.  We’re sure hoping so.

We were told that family was planning to stop by.  The timing was such that I missed them.  Back when I was to the doctor for my annual check up, she suggested that I get a screening with dermatology for all the moles on my back.  I made the appointment and then in the hub-bub of everything kind of forgot about it.  UGH.  Well it turns out it was Friday.  It was at the Onalaska Clinic.  If you don’t know about Lacrosse, Onalaska is the suburb of Lacrosse.  I had thought to cancel the appointment all week but being I was here, I decided to keep it.  So I went.

Anymore, even simple appointments like this make me a little nervous.  My thyroid cancer appointment started as a “simple appointment”.  Kramer’s cancer was just a “little appointment” too.  They have turned into so much more.

Here’s the report from the dermatologist….
No worries.  Phew.  What a relief.

After that I was on a mission to do a little shopping.  I came to Lacrosse expecting to be here for two days.  I packed an extra out and undies for more but, I was out of clothes and had worn a couple things twice.  I needed an update.  A Wal-Mart run and $75 later, I mixed and matched enough for four more days.  That makes me feel better.

I’ll explain more to you tomorrow, but I’m staying in a hosptality room at the hospital that is free of charge. It’s not fancy at all.  Nice, simple and very appreciated though.  I share two bathrooms with 7 rooms.  It’s no biggie.  EXCEPT….I went to take a shower.  I so busy remembering to take my clothes I was going change into and soap and the key that I forgot my towel.  AHHH.

I took a shower only to find out that my towel was back in my room.  Oh dear.  Now what??  Here I was dripping wet and ZERO towels were in the bathroom.  Everyone is given towels but they are to stay in the guests rooms.  AHHH.

So I dried my hair with paper towels.  I put on my dirty clothes and scooter really quick back to my room which was around the corner and a few doors down.  Oh my.  It’s a good thing I was in a good mood as I could laugh about it.

I ended up missing the company.  I called Hubby to see if they had gone once I was done.  They were…. so I’ll confess.  I ended up running into Hobby Lobby.  I finished stitching a cross stitch piece and wanted to a couple things to finish it up for display.  I roamed and roamed the store.

WOW what a treat to
1-get out of the hospital
2-be outside
3-shop with no hurry
4-think about anything else besides the drama we’ve been living
5-dream about making
6-think beyond all of THIS
7-be engrossed in something simple, small and of no life consequence

I’m doing okay but I really needed a couple hours away even if part of the time was spent at a doctor’s office.

Hubby knew that too and told me to get out and go and stay out awhile.  I listened.

The last we heard from the doctors at the end of the day was that now Sunday could even be the day to go home.  Can you believe that today and tomorrow we’re in the middle of yet another big storm?  EVERY time we come to or leave Lacrosse, some type of storm is involved.  One of the docs even joked about it as we’ve mentioned the storms seem to surround us.

Hubby had a nice visit with family and that was so good for him too.  He says he’s still in a lot of pain but I can see that he’s moving around a little more and doing more and more for himself every single day.  I’m so glad for that.  I feel better about bringing him home.

I’ll update you on us again soon.

23 thoughts on “Friday with Kramer”

  1. So glad hubby is doing better today! I just read yesterday’s post where he had a bad day. Jo you do really need that time to yourself! All caregivers need breaks and you will be the full time caregiver soon enough! I remember feeling the exact same way about getting away for a bit. Hope the snow holds off until you get safely home. Praying for all of you too!

  2. I hope you get home safe and sound soon. Please take care of yourself especially with your stress level and your own diagnosis. I just cannot imagine all that’s happening to ya’ll at one time. HERE’S TO BETTER DAYS!

  3. Chest tubes are very painful, hoping they can remove his today. So glad you were able to get out a little while, you need that too. Continuing to offer prayers and healing thoughts for Kramer.

  4. I;m glad that you got some time out and about, its going to be a slow recovery and you will be needed when you get him home. I did have a good chuckle over leaving your towel in your room, glad it worked out in the end. Hope you are on your way home soon,

  5. Thanks for the update… love the shower story. I’m convinced that our sense of humor is what carries us through difficult times ans indeed is a gift from God. Thoughts and prayers continue… for peace, grace and safe travels.

  6. So glad you got in some “you” time. I had to laugh at the missing towel incident : )
    Sure hope Mr Kramer continues with a good recuperation, all the best for you and your family!

  7. So glad that Roger is doing better. It’s good that you got out and about for a break. I laughed at the story about the shower and the towel. I can relate to that. Take care and hopefully you all will get to head home. Recovery goes so much better in your own environment.

  8. Hi Jo!
    Continuing to pray for you and Kramer and your whole family. Hospital stays are long and wearying, no doubt about that. Glad you got some time away for yourself – that is so important. Hoping you both get to go home soon – there is truly no place like home, especially after being in the hospital. Hugs to all of you!

  9. Good to hear from you!! Fresh clothes is a big help and the shower story sounds like something I would do. I am happy you are able to laugh about it. I bet Roger is looking forward to that tube being taken out, no doubt he will feel better after that is gone. Thoughts and prayers continue to head your way!

  10. This is my first visit to your site. Thank you for taking time and energy to share your life and your sewing. In my reading past posts I found your alphabet blocks. I’m desperate for good alphabet blocks such as yours. Can you recommend a source?

    Prayers for your strength and humor and for a return to health for your family. Lacrosse has great resources. Aside from the weather, it’s a blessing.

  11. Glad things are looking a little brighter for you both. And the caregiver needs to take care of herself. I imagine going out and doing/seeing also left you with something different to chat about when you got back to the room, too. Continued well wishes!

  12. It happens quite often that you mention a situation that I can totally relate to. This time it was that feeling of wanting to get out of the hospital and do something normal. When my dad went in for open heart surgery two years ago, I stayed with my mom. And we spent each day at the hospital , back and forth from hospital to home. The little short stay anticipated turned into two weeks. It got so that I just looked forward to any little break I could get. I think seeing loved ones incapacitated in any way is one of the hardest things we women go through. Of course I will continue to pray.

  13. I am so very glad to hear Kramer is doing well! The hospital is a horrible place to try to sleep!

    Your showering adventure gave me a giggle. Keeping your sense of humor is vital, it can keep you buoyed up mood/emotionally.

    Boy, I can identify with welcoming some alone time. Years ago, before our last hatchling flew the coop, it was me, HH, SonMySon, and my Dear Ol’Dad. They had me outnumbered! I used to joke that I needed to head out to the quilt shops to recharge my estrogen level!

  14. Glad to hear that you kept your appointment. Not that you were even thinking or worried about it, but it is one thing you know that you don’t have to worry about. I’m glad to hear that Roger is getting stronger. Positive thoughts and prayers coming your way. Thanks for sharing.

  15. If you have a recliner that hubby can sleep in for a few days it will help with some of the pain. My most painful times were when I tried to lie down flat on my bed and then when I tried to get back up. For a couple of days I had to have help with both.

  16. So glad that your check up was great and that hubby is progressing. Prayers that the chest tube comes out. Hope your weather holds for the trip home. I had an emergency trip with my dad (and mom) to the ER yesterday and it is just so stressful to go thru that……I am sure you will sleep well when you both get home. Fortunately, dad is doing great and he came home. Prayers that you are both home soon and healing for Kramer is fast!!! God Bless!

  17. So many comments above are so spot on to what I want to say as well. So just count me in with everyone’s feelings and advice…..the most important being, one of the best ways for you to take care of Kramer is to remember to take care of yourself as well! As always my prayers are with you all.

  18. Thank you for getting us up to date on everything. So happy there are so many who have blessed you. Good news that you might be coming home today.

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