Cooking with Buck!

It’s Buck’s birthday today…if you want to leave a comment here on the blog and wish him a happy birthday, that would be great.  He loves teasing me and telling me that the blog posts with him cooking get more people to comment than my typical blog posts do.  It’s a friendly little family competition.  HA!

It’s totally okay with me if you all comment more on his posts…after all, if he does his cooking videos, I get a blog post off and don’t have to come up with anything to write about.  HA!!  I’ll let him have a crown of having more comments if it means getting a day off.

So today, Buck is making…Toads in Hole.  His farm family upraising is coming out in his thoughts on how meals are supposed to named.

Now here’s his version of pork sausage gravy…

A huge shout out to Buck for giving me the morning off from blogging and having to come up with a post.  I’m so blessed to have him.

32 years ago I was at the hospital.  My doctor offered to induce him.  It was a earlier that his due date but we were going to be moving on the 21st of February.  The doctor thought it might be better is I had him early vs later on the 13th when he was due.

They tried all day to get labor started…no luck.  I’d have a few contractions and they would go away.

At 6:30 pm the doctor came in and said she was sorry but she guessed it wasn’t going to work.  No baby was coming today.  We could go home.

I went into the bathroom to change my clothes and my water broke.  Buck was born at 8:30pm.  Yep, only two hours later.  It was my fastest labor but by far my worst.  It was all back labor.  The nurse wouldn’t believe me that it was time to push and it ended up that she was the one that caught him as the doctor was walking in the door.

Life, has never been that same.  I was thrilled to have a boy.  Our oldest two are girls and there was a lot of pressure on us to have a boy as Kramer is the only boy and they wanted the family name carried on.

We went on and two more kids after Buck, Karl and then Kalissa.  Making Buck the middle child.

Some moms lose touch with their boys as they become adults.  I’m so thankful that hasn’t happened with Buck.  I don’t write a lot about Buck.  In general he’s more private.  He’s often the behind the scenes guy doing the guy jobs for me that Kramer isn’t around to do anymore.  He my reality check…he tells me it like it is.  Every family needs one of those.

Kramer and I were really blessed 32 years ago when Buck came into our lives.  He was a spitfire as a kid and in his own way, he still is.  Thankfully now he knows how to channel all of that.

So here’s to Buck, may 32 be all you want and more!!

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  1. Happy birthday, Buck! Thanks for the pork gravy video. My husband likes gravy and biscuits, however, in our 40 years of marriage I’ve never made it for him. You make it seem so easy that I’ll have to give it a try this week.

  2. Ihad that dish growing up, often with ground beef vs pork. apparently it was a GI staple and my father was the one who made it. It was called SOS, and Ill let you figure that out.

    1. Oh yes! I grew up with SOS also. My father made it for us. He was in the CCC’s, Civil Conservation Corps, as a teenager then WWII. I always thought it came from the CCC’s, but maybe it came from the Navy.
      Happy Birthday Buck! You did a great job with the videos.

  3. Happy birthday Buck! Your Toad in the Hole is very different to our Toad in the Hole, here in England. Here it is sausages cooked in Yorkshire pudding! I’m going to try your version :-)

  4. Happy Birthday Buck, from rainy Tennessee, the state that loves biscuits and gravy! you have made another trip around the sun! here’s to many more.

  5. Love the video, thanks! In our house we had breakfast, lunch and supper unless it was Sunday after church or a holiday, then it was dinner( 1pm or so) OR Mom and Dad would go out to dinner on a Friday or Saturday night.
    Anyways, Hope you have an excellent birthday and wishes for many more!

  6. Happy Birthday, Buck from Michigan. Loved both videos, but the gravy looks really good. Seems like it would go well ON the Toad in a hole. Your comment on the pigs made me realize that my son never collected his free pig last December! I’m a little salty about that. I’ll make sure he doesn’t forget next year. He transports pigs between here and Indiana.

  7. Happy birthday Buck and thanks for the great video! Toad in a Hole was a favorite of our daughter who called it Toad in a Hoad! Lol! Thanks for the memory.

  8. Fun videos! Yes, the last meal of the day is supper around here, too. A toad in the hole was the one of the first things I taught my sons to make. I thought he would have lumpy gravy mixing everything together at one time but it worked and that is all that matters.
    Happy birthday and thanks for sharing.

  9. Happy birthday Buck! I agree, supper is the last meal of the day. It seems like you have four meals a day, I suppose with little ones they need to eat more often.

    Have a great day.

  10. Happy birthday, Buck! My in-laws had breakfast around 7:00, lunch mid-morning, dinner around noonish, lunch again mid-afternoon, then supper in the evening. They were hard-working farmers and needed a short break and nourishment. Lunch wasn’t much – half a sandwich or a couple of cookies and tea or coffee.

  11. Happy birthday, Buck!! DH’s family made Toad in the Hole, but I’m not sure that’s what they called it. We haven’t made it in a while. Thanks for those cooking videos! It was fun to recall an old family favorite and to learn just how easy it its to make sausage gravy.

  12. Happy Birthday Buck! I enjoyed your videos but your gravy was extremely interesting to me as your way of making it is so different from the way we make it my family. I learned how from a relative who was a farmers wife in Central Illinois. We use bacon fat and brown the flour first, then add the milk and the sausage is added near the end. I’d kind of like to try it your way but I’m wondering about the flavor as the browned flour gives such a good flavor. Hmmm. Love your videos though.

  13. Happy birthday Buck! You were born on my 28th birthday so I’m happy to share a birthday with you! My youngest son is also 32 years old so that’s two commonalities. Hope this is your best year yet Buck!

  14. Happy Birthday Buck! Hope your year ahead is a very good one. Thanks for sharing some “Cashen Cuisine” with a side of history.

  15. Happy Birthday, Buck! Have a wonderful day! Thank you for the videos. My Mom made sausage gravy often growing up, but I’ve never made it. I will give it a try.

  16. Happy Birthday Buck! Glad to hear you have supper just as we do here in Kentucky. Sausage gravy is a staple at our house too but we only use bacon grease never used butter. May have to try that.

  17. Happy Birthday Buck!! I’ve never made pork sausage gravy but now I know what to do!! You made it look so easy! Thanks for the history tidbit too!

  18. Happy Birthday Buck! Really enjoy your cooking shows! I don’t do much cooking any more. Just warming, lol.
    So glad you are the realist for your mom. She appreciates that you tell it like it is. Enjoy your history lessons too! Have a great year!

  19. Happiest of Birthdays to you Buck! Thanks for the videos and for giving your awesome Mom a break-she is so deserving of everything good & kind. Have a great rest of your day-Hugs to the whole family.

  20. Happy Birthday Buck! Please make more videos for your Mom to share with us. We do enjoy them but wouldn’t see them without her blog. :)
    My husband called the noon meal dinner and my son calls the evening meal dinner. So years ago I said noon is lunch! (When you have a job – it’s called lunch hour not dinner.) And I grew up calling the evening meal supper. My son still calls the evening meal dinner, he is 36 and is the cook for his household. ;)

  21. love “cooking with casual kramer” (buck)
    it’s like watching the american version of ” james may cooks”.
    …yes!, i can cook that too!!
    happy birthday. thanks for the sharing gift.

  22. Happy birthday, Buck! Hope you have a wonderful birthday & glad to see a guy who loves to cook! I was raised in an Air Force family, and our staple one day a week from SOS, so am very familiar with that dish.
    Have a wonderful day! Deb E

  23. Happy Birthday Buck!!!!!!! Where I grew up, dinner was the largest meal of the day. So, Sunday dinner was at lunch, and weekday dinner was at supper. It is just a different view.

  24. Happy birthday, Buck. I enjoy seeing how you vary the meal for each child. We swore we would feed OUR children all the same thing. We did, but with variations, like you do. (Ours are in their twenties now and still have little preferences but have greatly expanded their palates thank goodness.) Love the color of your stove!!

  25. Judith Fairchild

    Happy Blessed Birthday Kasjen/buck. And a blessed year too. Thanks Jo and Buck for a great post. Sausage gravyand biscuits is a favorite in my family. Enjoyed the video. Your children will learn eventually how good it is. Also thanks for the history lesson.

  26. Happy happy birthday , Buck. I am so happy to see the great relationship that you have with your mom.
    May your day be filled with love, laughter and most of all FOOD…

  27. Happy 32nd Birthday Buck!!! Enjoyed your video!! Yes–we make it a bit differently too–as adding the shortening/butter, flour to browned sausage and letting it brown a bit–then add the milk!! Sausage Gravy and Biscuits is a request for family get togethers quite often!! And we make our biscuits too, from scratch. Looks GOOD though–and makes me want that taste!!!! I had a birthday 2 days ago– well over double of your age though!! Hope your year ahead will be blessed!!

  28. Happy birthday Buck.
    Toad in the hole looks like nothing like the English make. Will have to try yours too. Theirs is sausage browned and then a Yorkshire pudding mix made and heat oil like a couple tablespoons in a 9×13 type dish. Add cooked sausage pour Yorkshire pudding mix over and bake. The Yorkshire pudding mix is basically milk eggs and flour.

  29. Happy Birthday Buck , from Ohio. You’re videos made me hungry, so I’ll have to try to make one of your creations. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Keep the cooking videos coming! They’re awesome!
    Happy Birthday!

    P.S. Someone , ahem, should make you some man sized pot holders!

  31. Happy birthday Buck! I had sausage gravy and biscuits Saturday! I make it like yours, yummy one of our favorite meals! Love your videos!

  32. Happy Birthday Buck! What you call Toad in the Hole, we call Hobo Eggs. One of my favorites. Also…never heard of lunch at 10:00-1030. Lunch was always at noon. Supper was our evening meal growing up but when I got married, it was always dinner. Regional differences are so interesting.

  33. Happy Birthday Buck. I love your cooking videos. We have Toad in the Hole’s, but I just tear a hole out of the middle of the bread. We also call lunch our midday meal and supper our evening meal except on Sunday and then it’s dinner at 1:00. We make homemade biscuits and sausage gravy too, but my husband makes the biscuits and I make the sausage gravy.

  34. Happy Birthday, Buck, and many happy returns of the day…and hopefully, many returns of the cooking-for-the-family videos with a dash of history mixed in.

  35. Happy Birthday, Buck!

    Jo, I, too had precipitous labors, as did my 2 daughters. Everyone thinks, that’s great only 2 hours. They don’t realize without a slow progression of labor, the body doesn’t have the chance to make endorphins that kick in on longer labor that help with to ease pain. Take 12 hours of labor pains and squeeze them together into a 2 hour stretch. You can barely catch a deep breath!

    I was 2 minutes away from delivering my 3rd granddaughter enroute to the hospital this August. And less than that with grandson #2 who came this January, and was coming down the shute, so to speak, as we made it to the birthing center ahead of the midwife. Fortunately, I have the training to do emergency catches, if I have to, but if they have any more…

  36. Happy Birthday, Buck! Wishing you a year of great fun with your beautiful family.
    Here in Oregon, I make my biscuits and gravy out of bacon fat and venison. Butter on the biscuit, then
    gravy. Oh my yum! Keep sending the videos, they are witty!

  37. Happy birthday Buck from a cruise ship off Mexico!
    I had two children. First was a girl who came after ten hours of nonstop back labor. She is the easiest, always has been. The second was nine years later for precisely being scared of back labor again. He was a normal five hour labor. Piece of cake compared to the first.
    My dad was WWII Navy and SOS was a specialty. Used dried beef. Also called creamed chip beef on toast. Comfort food!

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