I repeat…this is not a business….

Ever since I got my Grand Quilter, people have come up and asked if I would do machine quilting for them.  My reply has always been, no….but you can use the machine and I will teach you how.
…well, I broke my rule.

These two quilts are not mine.  I am just quilting them for someone….but THIS IS NOT BECOMING A REGULAR HAPPENING.  This is just a favor for a mom who is in a pinch because graduation is sneaking up on her.

With that said….I LOVE the fabric selection.  It isn’t what I would fit in my house but it’s perfect for girl graduation presents.  Sometimes I get so caught up in charm packs, jelly rolls and layer cakes that I forget that there are other fabrics that look great together.  The design is a disappearing nine patch which is a favorite pattern of mine.  It’s simple and quick but make a great quilt.
I can’t decide if I like the pink version or the red version better.  These were made for two best friends….it’s kind of neat that they are made in the same pattern style.
Now just for the reminber…don’t get the wrong idea, I am not interested in starting a machine quilting business.

1 thought on “I repeat…this is not a business….”

  1. Hi Jo,
    I love the red one! The pink is nice but the red really pops.
    On a side note I love your quilts and have visited your blog before. Today I took the time to read the about you page. I am a home child care provider and just love your other website “I make learning fun!” I will be using some printable alphabet pages with the children tomorrow. What a small world!

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