“Nest”ing with Kelli and Gracie

Kelli, our oldest daughter, was home to machine quilt her quilt top.
The fabric is “Nest” by Tula Pink for Moda.  At the time Kelli bought the fabric, I wasn’t a big fan of it but it “has really grown on me”.  I love the large variety of print in the collection and the bold colors make a great teen gal quilt.  The pattern is something Kelli designed using a layer cake.

I was fixing supper and the table wasn’t available so Kelli laid the finished top on the dining room floor and started to trim the batting and backing away from the top.  Gracie plopped right down on top and wouldn’t move…I think she was “nesting” in the Nest fabric…(pun intended).  If you look close, you can see Kelli’s beagle by her shoulder…I tried to get both of the dogs in the photo, but Puppy Cat (Kelli’s dog) would cooperate.

I am glad to say that Kelli completed all of the machine quilting on this top herself….(Check this link to see a previous Kelli (J0) quilting project) Oh, my little girl really is growing up.  She can machine quilt her own quilt!

P.S.  Thanks for all the weight loss words of encouragement and good wishes…..

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