Short Story Schnibble

Here’s my latest Schnibble…’s Short Story.
I ABSOLUTELY love it!  The fabric is an old American Jane line, Recess.  There’s a few other fabrics thrown in to make it all work.  This one has become a favorite of mine….Gracie’s too!
This was a FUN quilt to put together.  I love how the seams meet together so well.  I want to purchase Miss Rosies new book and make the larger version of this…I’d even love it in these same colors.   I was able to sew lots over the weekend….it was perfect!

9 thoughts on “Short Story Schnibble”

  1. Jo-This is a great quilt. Love your colors and the binding color. These Schnibbles are great! I may have to purchase some of these patterns.

  2. Gracie is Adorable! She is the cutest Beagle I have ever seen. Must have looked like my girl Puggle’s Mommy. Thank You for sharing her picture. She is beautiful, and looks so sweet.

  3. I don’t know which I love more…the beautiful quilt or the adorable beagle! My beagles favorite past time is snuggling up with a quilt for a nap.

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