Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from Ruby, Kalissa and ME!!  Kalissa was suppose to dress up and wear a costume while working at the nursing home.  I ended up pulling out something from LONG ago…a shirt that suppose to look like a nest and a chicken hat.  From this view the chicken hat looks goofy but it actually is cute.

This morning she had on an entirely different costume…a Pirate.

Hope your Halloween is both fun and safe.  I am off to walk Ruby then it will be time to make supper.  I am not anticipating any trick or treaters.  We have liked here 15 years and have only gotten a couple…but I have candy just in case.

2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween”

  1. I don’t anticipate many trick or treaters either. We are the only occupied house at the end of a rather long, dark block & kids just aren’t as brave or ambitious as they used to be. I also have candy just in case a few show up. Though it was probably a bad idea to get candy I like!! :)

  2. We had a couple dozen trick or treaters. I’m glad to say they were the younger neighborhood children and not a lot of high school kids. I love Kalissa’s costumes. Ruby is so cute. She makes me want a puppy.

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