Punchneedle Embroidery Finish

When I went to Cincinnati with the gals from Country Threads, I saw Connie demo-ing how to do punchneedle embroidery.  It got me wanting to complete a couple of the projects that I had here.

I hurried to get this pumpkin project stitched…but then ran into a little trouble.  It was stitched but, I didn’t know how to finish the project so it just sat.  I did find a wooden box that I thought I could mount it to.  The wood box had the word Dad carved into and it had a cedar wood finish but I thought that a little paint might cure that and I thought the punchneedle would cover the word Dad.

But still…I didn’t know how to finish the punchneedle piece and I didn’t know how to mount it.  I asked the gals at Country Threads and much to my delight, Mary B, put together a tutorial to show how to finish a project.  You can find that tutorial here.

I followed the directions but wasn’t happy with how my project looked.

See the white fabric sticking out.  That doesn’t look good.  I ended up taking a Sharpie marker and colored the white black.

Then I hot glued the piece to the box and finally after starting this project YEARS and YEARS ago, I finally have it finished and mounted!

Being that project got finished, that made it legal for me to purchase this…Right??

Hopefully this will get finished in a few less years.
I am hooking up with Today I am hooking up with Crazy Mom QuiltsRichard and Tonya QuiltShow Off Friday and Confessions of a Fabric Addict.  To see what others have finished up, visit their blogs.

10 thoughts on “Punchneedle Embroidery Finish”

  1. My husband’s rule is that I must finish a project before buying materials for another one (never mind the fact that there’s several projects in the queue before the one I’m buying materials for). So I think this is totally legit, even by my husband’s standards. :)

  2. I love your pumpkin and think it finished up beautifully. I’ll go read the tutorial in a minute. I’m thinking that punchneedle is so similar to rug hooking that one of its finishing techniques might work… Take a small cording, wrap the excess side fabri around it then whip wool yarn ( or floss) around the fabric & cording completely covering it. Makes a great finish if one is careful to match the size. Oh, and i love asandy’s designs over @ With Thy Needle and Thread. Thanks for your continuing inspiration! B

  3. I have never tried needlepunch but your pumpkin is adorable. Another thing to add to my “must try someday” list :-). Congrats on finishing a long WIP, that’s always a great feeling! (Perhaps second only to buying the “next project!”)

  4. Hey, that looks fantastic on the box. :D Don’t you just love sharpies? They are handy for fixing so many things. I’ve used them on quilt projects before.

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