Framing…I DID IT!!

People of the world…I DID IT!!

I took a thrift store frame and I cut it down to fit my cross stitch piece.  Oh, my word.  I am dancing in the street (actually my kitchen) over here in NE Iowa.

I have always wanted to do this.  When my husband was alive he would do it for me but, I was too chicken to do it myself and never did it.  This blog post is proof I used power tools and did it myself.

This was my frame.  I paid $2.50 for it at the thrift store.

I’m kicking myself that I didn’t take more pictures but honestly, I didn’t think it would work and I wouldn’t be blogging about it but miracle of miracles, it worked and now I’m regretting not taking more pictures so I could really explain it.  I will next time…PROMISE.

I measured my cross stitch piece and then measured where I wanted to cut the frame.  I put masking tape on the frame and drew the cutting line.  I’ll explain this all better in another post.  I did this on both sides I was cutting.

My frame was the right width so I was only cutting two sides.

This is the chop saw I have.  It’s similar to THIS.  I figured out how to orientate the blade to a 45-degree angle.  I aligned the blade to the line and cut…see??

I moved the blade deck the other way to the opposite 45-degree angle and cut again.

Now it was time to reassemble it and see it if worked.  My frame is actually plastic so E6000 was my best bet to get it back together.  I also had this clamp that I bought because a flosstuber suggested it.

This is the clamp.  I ordered it specifically for this from Amazon.  You can find it HERE.  It was only $12.  It was VERY easy to use.

The clamp has four corner pieces that go it each corner of your frame to hold it together tightly.

I put just a little glue in the two corners that needed it and then I put the clamp on.

I was so impatient.  While it was drying I laid the whole frame clamp and all over my cross stitch piece.  It is going to work.  Happy dancing ensued all over my house.

It is not 100% perfect…but it isn’t bad!!  From the front it looks AWESOME…from the back, there are a few flaws.  Remember I said the frame was plastic?  Well, when I had to break the corners from the cut piece, the back cracked a bit but is completely not noticeable from the front so it’s all good with me.

Before I call it completely finished, I’ll fill it in.

The piece already had a sawtooth hanger so I pulled that off and reattached it as when I use it, the frame will hang horizontally instead of vertical.

WOW…color me HAPPY!!  My figuring out how to do this ranks right at #1 for the best things I learned how to do in 2022.

My frame is ready…not I am off to take to the glass store so they can cut a piece for me.

Hopefully that’s not too expensive.

Watch the blog for a big reveal coming soon, I hope.  I have to get the glass and lace my piece.

Man oh man, if this could all work, I’ll be one happy cross stitch gal!!

MANY-MANY thanks to Kim Goldman the Contented Stitcher and Olivia from Pumpkin Hollow Quilts.  I had no idea how to do this myself until the two of them started talking about it on their flosstube channels.

Watch out thrift stores…I’m buying some more frames.  I want to have a nice selection to choose from when I frame my next piece!!  YES.  There will be a next time!!

28 thoughts on “Framing…I DID IT!!”

  1. This is brilliant! I’ve donated very nice frames when I tired of the prints they held and didn’t anticipate being able to use the exact size again. There are always nice frames at garage sales and thrift stores. Happy hunting!


    may be you should look at instructions for cutting glass, and then you can cut down the glass that comes with the frame. Good luck happy framing.

    1. I am totally impressed, my husband just died and I am learning a lot about tools etc. ..have a chop saw…maybe I too will use it one day …You are my hero

  3. Way to go, Jo!!! You have just opened up a whole new part of the process of framing of cross stitch projects! And, you were very brave to give this a try with plastic…I would imagine working with wood will be much easier… thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Way to go, Jo! It looks great and I can hardly wait to see it once you have your cross stitch in it. So many things that we women can do if we just try and have the right tools.

  5. Bonnie in SE CT

    Way to go, girl! Where there is a will there is a way! So happy for you. We don’t know what we can do unless we try. I have quite a frame collection myself. But I don’t have a chop saw…but my son does! Great job, Jo

  6. I love chop saws; they are awesome to work with. Cutting glass isn’t too hard, either just takes some practice. Good for you giving it a try and learning you can do something new to you. Just think of all the possibilities!

  7. Next time to avoid splitting, use painters tape with marking lines where you are going to cut. This is supposed to keep it from chipping. Wrap the tape around it, front and back. Hope this makes sense.

    1. Hi Angie…I did do that. The splitting came when I broke the original joint. I was a little impatient…actually excited because I could see it was going to work. HA! More patience next time for sure.

  8. Congratulations! This sort of thing is so empowering. Kalissa is going to need some new shirts about a girl and her power tools!

  9. Judith M Fairchild

    Great Job Jo. To use the chop saw was a great idea. A whole lot easier than a hand saw the frame looks great and goes so well with the cross stitch you did. Congrstations on putting a new skill I your bag of skills.

  10. Awesome! So very courageous AND clever! Never underestimate a girl with a will and a way! I see new T-shirts in your future!

  11. Excellent job. Well done you. I buy big old ugly frames, that I’ll never use, just for the glass in them. I cut it down to size as needed. Glass cutting is easy and a skill worth mastering, saves money and time. Have a go, it’ll make you Happy Dance
    Regards from sunny England.

  12. What a wonderful way to save some cash to buy more stitchery items. I love the clamp; I think I need one of those in my tool kit. I love my power tools. Good job Jo.

  13. Missy Reynolds

    Woohoo! I’ve always wanted to learn how to do that! Can’t wait for your tutorial! Congratulations!

  14. Glenda Fletcher

    Jo, great job!! Will be hitting rummages to look for any size frames. Really like the Forever & Ever cross stitch. Will have to do that one also. My list is growing. Thank you for another good idea. I have learned so much from you, Mary, and the blog readers. Have a great day everyone.

  15. Yeah, Jo! You go, Girl! That exhilaration of trying something you’ve never done on your own and being successful is so great! Thanks for sharing with us! Can you feel our applause?!

  16. Lol, “People of the World”!!!! I know that feeling!! Congrats on your new skills and more to come I am sure. We all have those crafty DIY things we don’t want to bother the kids with. It’s great that you attempted it!! Imagine your next project!!

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