Where We Are Published: From Extra to Extraordinary

Have you seen the latest issue of Quilter’s World?  It’s the fall 2022 issue.  Can you believe a fall issue is coming out already?  I’m here in Iowa trying everything I can do to hold on to summer.

The cover quilt really speaks fall…complete with pumpkins.  Isn’t it a pretty quilt?

Here the quilt is hanging outside at my house.

Just inside the cover is a sneak peek of our quilt Extra to Extraordinary.  In the editor’s letter, Carolyn told the story of the quilt…for a few of you, this is really our quilt as some of these pieces in this quilt were sewn by you!!  This quilt was made with leftovers from my Frolic quilt and the leftovers of a few blog readers who sent me their leftovers too.

No worries…my quilt looks nothing like the original quilt these leftovers were from.  There are no copyright issues with it.  HERE is a blog post I wrote regarding that.

I teamed up with Carla at longarm quilting inspirations and asked her to do the machine quilting.

Boy…did Carla ever do an amazing job.  Carla and I have a barter system relationship.  When our quilts go into magazines, we take turns keeping them.  One time Carla gets the quilts…the other time I do.  This one is …my turn.  YAHOO!!

The lighting made the quilt a little darker than it really is.

I’m totally in love with the machine quilting on this.  Carla made it shine.  Did you all know that you can make this quilt and send it to Carla and she can to the machine quilting exactly like mine?  That girl is a talent and super organized.  She takes lots of pictures along the way while finishing my quilts as she knows some of you might want that.

SO PRETTY!!  I really think her quilting adds so much to the quilt.

Sometimes what makes a quilt is the story that goes with it.  I think that’s why I love this quilt so much.

The quilt construction is much easier than it looks.  It’s a simple chain block and a star block.

I didn’t have any yardage big enough for binding so I made it scrappy.

I bought a piece of fabric to back this from Quilted Twins.

They have a large selection of backing fabrics that are already in 3 yard cuts that are only $32 each.  You can find them HERE.

Oh…I just can’t stop looking at Carla’s pretty work.

You can also see the wide variety of fabrics that were used.  Much of it is batiks but there is quite a lot that isn’t too.

There is a wide variety in each color family.  This is really an “anything goes” quilt!

Sometimes the star points match in the center…but sometimes they don’t.  It’s very eclectic and totally my style of quilt!!

Of course you can calm it down and make it all match if that’s your style.

Here’s Rosie working her modeling gig to pay for her supper!!  HA!
There was a breeze but not so much that it made photography hard.

I can’t help but smile when I see this quilt.  I had the star blocks made and wasn’t sure what else to team with them when I designed this.  I had small four patches leftover so I wanted to use them up.  Seriously…it was serindipity as it only took me about 15 minutes at the computer and I had the design.  SO FUN!!

Something else fun about this issue of Quilter’s World.  My daughter Kalissa made the magazine too.  Kalissa always has a little regret that she isn’t a quilter.  It’s not her thing…yet she loves quilts.  She came up with a her T-shirt business and expanded to include stationery…much which is quilting related.  Her stationery was featured in the same issue of the magazine.  She’s been strutting around like a peacock telling her siblings that she was featured with me in the quilt magazine.  HA!!  She is very appreciative to Quilter’s World for featuring her stationery.  You can find her Etsy shop HERE.

One last peek at my quilt…oh, I love it!!

Many thanks to Carolyn and the team at Quilter’s World for working with us.  Everyone at Quilter’s World is such a joy to work with!!

35 thoughts on “Where We Are Published: From Extra to Extraordinary”

  1. Beryl in Owatonna

    WOW! It is beautiful, Jo! I can see why you are excited that you get to keep it also!!
    I will look for the magazine next time I am out!
    Can’t wait to see Kalissa’s cards also!


  2. Great jobs, Jo and Kalissa! The quilt is mind-boggling beautiful, and the stationery is lovely too! Such talented artists from one talented, and hard working, family! Love your blog, and all you do!

  3. Wow, a stunning quilt! Jo, I love that this was born from leftovers. Recycling and re-using at its best!

  4. Congrats to you (and Kalissa) for making the magazine!! Have you told us about your barter system with Carla before? I don’t remember ever reading about that. SEW shocked that she gets to KEEP every other quilt she quilts for you!

    1. Carla and I are friends-our kids went to school together. I don’t know if people realize how much time a longarmer puts into quilting a quilt as magnificently as Carla did on this. I totally respect her time and feel she deserves the recognition and in some cases, the quilts when they are finished. The quilt tops I send to Carla would never be the quilts you see in the magazines without her amazing talent!! Plus, she works me into her schedule often in a RUSH status. I so appreciate her and LOVE working with her. She’s the best!!

  5. Congratulations to all 3 of you, what a stunning quilt and such lovely cards. I will pick up an issue this week.

  6. Another gorgeous quilt! I haven’t seen one of your quilts that isn’t beautiful. You are so good and I feel proud just to “know” you – haha. Happy for Kalissa.

  7. a wonderful quilt. How did the magazine handle the fabric requirements? Or wait, a good excuse to go out get the magazine along with the high. temperature today.

  8. Judith M Fairchild

    I like the quilt!!!! So glad you got it published. Karissa deserves the writeup too. I can’t i.agine how hard it is to get just the right look for stationary. As hard as choosing just the right combinations for a great quilt.

  9. I saw the one block that is different too, curious minds ! This quilt is absolutely stunning, I understand why you love it so much.

  10. Stephani in N. TX

    Stunning quilt, and so perfectly bright just when the heat of Summer is beginning to bleach the life out of everything. Bouquets to you and Karla and also Kalissa for their contributions. A beautiful blog post to start off a beautiful day.

  11. Jo,
    I was kind of in your neck of the woods/corn fields this past weekend. I got to go to the quilt store in Elkader, Backstitch. Didn’t realize it was the store you went to until I walked it. The owner from Quilted Strawberry, in Strawberry Point, told me about the antique mall there and the quilt store. I had such fun. What a fun town to tour. Wish I had more time to do the museums. It was a great day and I could see you and the grandkids while I was in the store. That must have been hard. Like herding cats.

  12. I checked again, Jo, and found another one where the center HST are arranged differently. But I also noticed that you wrote that you like to mix up things at times. So I assume you did it on purpose.

  13. Jo, I know you don’t control the ads that appear on your blog, but you should know about this one. I was reading this post on my iPad, and accidentally tapped an ad named “Pet of the Week”. A new tab opened up with a scary warning screen, and an audio playing, saying that my Windows computer had a virus. It’s clearly a scam. I wasn’t using Windows, and don’t even own a PC. The scammers want you to phone them, and will try to get personal info or a credit card number. I don’t know whether you can notify your ad provider, but I took a screen snap of the ad and the scareware window, and can send them if needed.

  14. Jo, I got my issue a week or so ago, and I want to make EVERYTHING in it!! Including your quilt, I already ripped out your pattern and put it with my scraps. Seriously. Everything will get made. That’s so rare for a magazine!!

  15. Sharon Browne

    Your quilt came out beautiful! It’s hard to believe that it was made from all leftovers. I’m really glad you get to keep it.

  16. Sharon Browne

    Your quilt is beautiful! I can’t believe it was made from all leftovers. I’m glad that you get to keep this one that you like so much.

  17. Sharon Browne

    I commented twice since I didn’t see it go through the first time, and now I still don’t see it but I’m not going to repeat myself again. Sometimes it shows up right away and sometimes I don’t know if it ever shows up. I didn’t think you had comment moderating.

    1. I don’t have comment moderating except for people who have never commented before. Sometime people need to refresh the page to see their comment.

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