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I’ve been having some back issue over the recent three to four weeks or so.  It’s had me at the chiropractor’s office.  When it bugs me the worst is when I am at the computer sitting in my chair.  It’s been so bad that I’ve been quickly writing blog posts, squeezing in a few “have to address” emails, and then moving on to some other task that doesn’t involve sitting at the computer.

I had a talk with my chiropractor and she suggested that many reoccurring back issues happen because people do the same repetitive motions…or continue to use the same chair…or mattress.  With that in mind, knowing that at the computer is my problem area where the pain acts up and the easiest and cheapest area to try to fix, I ordered some new things for my computer desk.

It’s a mess yet but I am enjoying the new updos.

I bought this monitor stand.  It raised the monitor up a few inches.  It’s adjustable so can raise it 3 – 4 1/2″ higher.

This is awesome as not I’m looking down at the monitor.  This helps my posture not slump.  It was only $17 and was totally worth it especially if you are spending a few hours at the computer each day as I am.

It’s making my desk a whole lot neater looking too.  I had thought about getting one a while back and didn’t.  Now with how much I love this, I’m kicking myself.  You can find the one I got HERE.

The other thing I did was…get a new office chair.  I wasn’t going to order one without sitting in it but then finally just bought one from Amazon.  I got THIS one.  So far, I’m really happy with it.

I spend enough time at the computer taking care of the blog that I really do need to watch out for my back while sitting here.

It’s a much more pleasant work environment.

I finally got some real time on the computer trying to catch up with emails.  What a chore.  I was talking with Kalissa telling her about some of the emails that come in and she suggested to me that I make a public post that would help many of you solve some of your own problems that you write to me about.  So…here goes.

I get a lot of emails asking me to find a previously published blog post.  Many of you read a blog post and don’t bookmark it.  Later you’re talking with someone and tell them about something you read in a blog post…for instance, the cleaner I bought to clean the tombstone at the cemetery.  Days have passed and now you can’t find the post.

Rather than emailing me and asking me to find the blog post about that, please go to Google.  Type in something that includes the words you need.  I typed in “Jo’s Country Junction Cemetery”.

You can see blog posts where I talked about going to the cemetery.  If you read down the list, you can see the one where I talked about the product that I hoped to use to clean it.

That would be super helpful to me if you would use Google to find your way back to the blog post that you are looking for.

I have had readers make suggestions on how to organize the blog.  I get them regularly.  As is, I spend about four hours a day on the blog writing posts, answering emails, doing behind-the-scenes stuff, and keeping up with other things related to the blog.  If I go back and reorganize something, for example, reorganizing all of the recipes. I would have to give up weeks worth of other stuff I could do.  Do you realize there are over 8000 blog posts that I’ve written??  It would take me forever.  I have a blog reader who volunteered to do that for me…I think she’s crazy (but sweet) and give her complete and total permission to stop at any time.  It’s too big of a task.  I should have started with it at the very beginning of the blog but didn’t.  Here I am 8000 posts in and I feel like it’s too late.  Did you know that I’ve been blogging since June 2nd of 2009?

I have had many people request to friend me on my personal Facebook page.  I don’t do that ever unless I’ve met and visited with you in person.  I live a pretty public life and I prefer to keep some things private…my personal Facebook page is one of them.  I hope you can understand that.  You are welcome to join my Jo’s Country Junction Facebook Page.  You can message me there anytime if you need to talk with me.

I have gotten several requests recently to speak at Quilt Guilds.  Hmm.  I hate that one.  Kelli is so busy with the kiddos that she can’t go with me anymore and I hate leaving the house.  On top of that, I never feel comfortable booking things a year out.  I have no idea what is going to happen in my life a year from now and I don’t want to be committed.  My family forever and always comes first.  I don’t want to be speaking at a quilt guild when I’m needed at home.  I am always happy to be on someone’s backup list.  If the person you have scheduled suddenly can’t make it.  Give me a call.  I can show up with a week’s notice.  I feel so much more comfortable with that…but I only have one program and at this point, (I retired my previous ones) I’m not writing another one.

I have recently gotten a request for a blog reader to call me on the phone to chat because they would love to chat with me.  I don’t do that unless it’s something related to charity quilting and even then I have to know you in advance.  I would however be happy to meet anyone who is traveling through.  Email me and let me know.  I recently found out a blog reader from out of state went and visited Maker’s Market in Sumner Iowa.  I had said that I loved the shop so when the blog reader was going through Iowa, they stopped at the shop.  The owner let me know they stopped and they mentioned me.  I would have happily met the reader there to say hello.  I am actually sad I missed them.

I have gotten a lot of emails from people wanting to share recipes, quilt ideas, and the like with me.  I very much appreciate those but don’t be surprised if it takes me a week or so to answer those.  Each day I shuffle through email answering only what HAS TO BE answered…items regarding bills, things from my family, correspondence with quilt magazines over quilts to be published, and personal emails from people I know.  Then once a week, as time allows, I go through and answer emails from blog readers.  If you are sharing a recipe or something else similar to that, your email has to wait.  I’m sorry about that but it’s the system I have in place.  If something is urgent and I missed it, please send another email…if not, those emails have to wait.

I often get emails from people who are offended I don’t answer emails right away and they will contact me through email three times in the course of a day…they will then email my other email address and contact me on Facebook all in one day.  I am very sorry but, if I don’t answer these emails, I have more pressing things going on.  That’s why I’m not answering.  If the grandkids are here, I rarely read any email.  I am not ignoring you.  Please email me once and then wait a day or two for a response.  If I don’t get to you then, send another email.  The quickest way to get a response from me is actually through the comment section.  I read through the comments once or twice a day and address most of the questions as I read the comment section.

Please continue to use the quilt donation page as much as possible.  I get lots of emails from people about quilt donations.  I’m always happy to help if you have trouble.  HERE is a link to the donation page.  You can find it at the top of the blog heading anytime.

Please know that your correspondence is important to me and if I don’t answer immediately it typically means grandkids are here…or something else is pressing.

I think that covers most of the things I wanted to tell you about helping me manage my email.  Now you have a picture of where I’m sitting when I am at the computer…and a look at my new chair and monitor stand.  I’m so loving the updo.  Sometimes, it’s the little things.  Hopefully, the new goodies will allow me to sit here a little longer without back issues so hopefully, I can get to your email quicker.  Thanks for understanding.

30 thoughts on “New Workspace Updo”

  1. Thank you for this informative blog. I’ve been admiring your sewed on binding and I really wanted to email you but have not. I know you are swamped! So now I know how to get your binding tutorial! Hallelujah, maybe someday my binding will look good. I have fingers and hands that don’t allow me to do the hand binding now and I think yours looks great. So thank you again and I think you may need to repeat this blog again as some people think they are special and exempt.

  2. Diana in Des Moines

    I love to read your blog, that you write out of the goodness of you heart, on your own time. I cant imagine emailing you ( a stranger) and expecting you to answer me (a stranger). Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us, aside from quilting.

  3. Thanks for sharing that – and good for you for setting some boundaries! (It’s not like you have a full-time staff!) You need to protect your personal life and space – and your readers need to recognize and respect that.
    Good luck with the new computer items!!

  4. I can empathize with you as I have back issues too. I’m glad you explained how busy you are with the blog, etc. A lot of people don’t realize that it is your business. Thanks for making this post.

  5. I have a suggestion for people. When you make an Amazon product suggestion they can click the link and put it in their cart. Then they can click to “save for later.” The item will be there in their saved item list so they can go back to it as long as it’s available. I use this system.

  6. Your new chair looks very comfy. I hope it keeps working for you. It is so important to have our work stations set up properly and sometimes those things change so they need to be readdressed every so often. Thank you for all the information you shared.

  7. Thank you Jo, for all you manage to do. Hoping your new desk set up eases the back, that I know all too well is a pain. Take it slow and steady and I pray you get there pain free.
    I went in yesterday to update myself on the completed anniversaries of the Heart sampler. Learnt so much from you and I am going with vintage country mocha linen. Oh my so many flosses, so I have it planned I have all I need for 1 & 2 and I will slowly add the next 2 when getting nearer to starting them. Tonight I will plan all the personalisation . Have downloaded and printed off your blog to give me pointers as I go, hope that’s ok to do?
    Take care love and God Bless.

  8. great blog! I think your blog is so reader-friendly and some of us may just be having that same friendly attitude when they make assumptions.

    Have you tried the purple thing for computer users and quilters’ chairs ??

  9. Great message Jo!
    I’ve been reading your blog since the farm and then I think I went back to the beginning. You’re a wealth of information and yes, you share yourself so much!
    Glad you could get a new set up for your computer area.
    I’m sure your chiropractor told you but when I have issues (I used to stand for 7 hours a day at a job, I long arm for others and sew and read) I need to change places/positions frequently. Helps so much.
    Good you’re taking care.

  10. Hi Jo- Hope the two changes will help you improve the time you devote to all of us who read your email / blog. When I worked at NFM we had those orthopedic chairs and “lifts “ or risers for our computers. They really do help with taking pressure off the neck and spine. Do you think maybe the meds you’ve had to take could have depleted your calcium? Which also affects your bones? And all you’ve gone thru with your thyroid? I’m still praying for you. We all so appreciate all the advice and sharing you do with us. It’s really nice to have a group of like minded people together.
    God Bless you Jo

    1. Hi June. I have had my calcium levels checked. They are okay. I wouldn’t doubt things aren’t the same since my treatment and I’m getting to the age the life is likely starting to catch up with me.

  11. PS – NFM (Nebraska Funiture Mart) also used to sell Lift coffee tables- it’s a table that adjust so if you need to stand instead of sit you can-might be worth looking into to change your sitting standing position .?

  12. Jo, has anyone else mentioned problems with Bloglovin’? I follow you and several others on Bloglovin’. For days I have not received their emails and their page is “unavailable” and has bee unavailable for several days when I try to go to their site directly. If this is not just some technical quirk on my part, it mens your blog may not be getting to a lot of people.

    1. Hi Anita. I do not use Bloglovin’ but another blogger I follow does and she mentioned ongoing issues with it. Based on the comments to her post, a number of her followers indicated they had gone to something I think is similar called Feedly. I haven’t tried it. But I know Jo has said in the past she can’t really control anything about Bloglovin’ so it might be worth a try

    2. Yes, Anita, Bloglovin has been plagued with issues lately. Oddly, I find the most problems on Friday which leads to a weekend of nothingness. They don’t post anything about the issue…like letting folks know they are/aren’t aware of problems. I’ve only found mentions after I’ve done a Google search directly related to the issue. Seems like they aren’t taking much responsibility for this. I’ve about given up on them and subscribe to individual accounts as much as possible. It’s a shame, I enjoy blogs more than IG posts and so few are still blogging. When easy access is unavailable it makes things harder for bloggers and readers alike.

    3. Hi Anita…I don’t know anything about bloglovin. Sadly I wish I did as I could answer questions like yours. Many people follow Jo’s Country Junction on Facebook and find my posts that way.

    4. I had so much trouble with Bloglovin that I changed to Inoreader. There is a bit of learning curve. Once you click on the post photo, then click the title and it goes straight to the blog. So, much more reliable than Bloglovin.

  13. Jo I try to share the gifts I send using your donation page. I did email you about it. There are at least two who are not answering emails to receive fabric even after several weeks. If they are not participating they should let you know.

  14. I’m sorry the world knows better than you how to run your blog, manage your time etc. You are kind and gracious to post all of this information and I certainly hope every single person who has sent you an email reads it thoroughly.

    Thanks for all you do Jo and for sharing so much of your life and your family with us. You are generous beyond wealth!


  15. Jo, thank you for all your generous ideas, quilt patterns and sharing. I am grateful for you and am glad you set boundaries and you don’t have to explain yourself to people. I almost stopped blogging because family members were reading my blog and judging me on everything I did. They only commented behind my back. But for the wonderful people I have met on my blog and correspond with, I will continue on and ignore the naysayers.

  16. Judith M Fairchild

    ²jo, I was a bit worried this morning when I checked your blog and there was no new post. I’m thankful just to read them. I have gone back and read some of your older posts. They’re all good and interesting. So if I want a recipe just Google Jo’s country junction and have fun scanning them. Sounds like a great idea. Thanks for writing this blog.
    What a difference getting the right chair and repostiioning your monitor. I ran into that problem about 15 years ago got a new comfortable chair. I still have it. And it still supports me right. Hope yours lasts like mine has and works good for you.

  17. Agreed, and we can just subscribe directly from Jo, which I have done. I am just hoping the bloggers know about this so they don’t lose followers.

  18. Glad to hear you put boundaries,can’t be to safe these days. I hope your readers understand. I love my privacy and can understand that you should to

  19. Thanks for the info to search how to find a past post. That will be very helpful for me. I also love your blog.

  20. Honestly, ladies, “Google knows all,” and can find anything we want! I’m sure we all know how to type in search words for what we’re looking for, like “joscountryjunction.” The little search window on a blog does the same thing, but with only the previously published blog information. Finding recipes/patterns/subjects etc. on a blog is very simple using the little magnifying glass indicating “search here.” Often there are answers in the comments too!
    Four hours a day on the computer?!?! Ouch! So glad you can do them at your convenience. Thanks, Jo!

  21. I so appreciate when people publish their boundaries. Good for you, Jo, I’m taking care of yourself and family first and foremost!

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