Family Filled Weekend

It was a busy weekend around here.  Kayla came with Jasper on Saturday afternoon.  She intended to stay through Monday so I told Kelli and Kalissa that being Kayla was home, I would take care of their kids as both of them needed childcare because they were working overnight shifts all weekend.

I like having lots of the grandkids home at the same time so they all can have cousin time.  They have so much fun.  I appreciate that they are all close in age so there’s fun for all of them.

This is going to be a photobomb of photos so you can see some of the things we were up to.

Saturday we kind of chilled…

Sunday was busy with a capital “B”.  Kayla was on hair braiding duty.  Kayla is an awesome braider.  She ends up braiding most everyone’s hair when she comes.  Here Georgie is getting her’s done.

Here is Eli.

The house was quickly a disaster of toys which is totally okay.  We all pitch in and clean it up when it’s time to.  This is my pop-up firetruck that the kids love.  It was a thrift store find.

It started raining so we had to keep the kids busy…so we painted.

Gannon is painting at the table with Georgie.  Gannon was so into painting, he painted his head.

Kayla has Jasper in the front with Eli and Emmet in the back.

It was a struggle but I managed to get five of the six to sleep….Jasper


and Gannon.  The little boys were sleeping in cribs upstairs.  The trick to getting the older kids to sleep is to let them watch one show on television and then tell them it’s my turn to watch.  I put Flosstube on and in a matter of 10 minutes, they all will be sleeping.

Carver is old enough that he doesn’t need a regular nap anymore.  He did a job sorting letters for Kayla.

That evening the kids were out playing again.

Jasper and Carver were playing peek-a-boo.

Gannon thought he was pretty silly because he went down the slide feet first on his tummy.

The babies love outside!!

They cried when it was time to go in.

Apparently, my cement isn’t completely flat.  The water congregates here and Georgie was jumping in it splashing.

You can see that it was very windy.

Kelli and Kalissa woke up and made supper for the family.  Then Kelli was off to meet her husband Jason so he could take the kids and Kelli go to work.

Kalissa’s boys were still here so we sat at the table and chatted.

Carver and I jumped the gun and started the new stitch along a couple of days early.

Carver really likes to stitch with me.

Everyone went home.  I went to bed at 11 pm.  Kayla and Karl were still up.

Monday morning Kalissa brought breakfast pizza.

Karl and Kalissa are here visiting at the table.  Kalissa looks awesome after working the night shift.

Kayla headed home shortly before noon.  Craig picked up Carver and Gannon…I still had Kelli’s kiddos.  This picture of Eli sums how we all felt…Tired!  He fell asleep in his high chair.

I got Kelli’s kids all to sleep and sat down to write this blog post so I could keep you all updated with what is going on at the Kramer house.

The “Northern Contingent” (Kelli, Kalissa and Craig, and Karl plus kids) will all be here for supper.

You can bet I’ll be wanting to put my feet up once they all go home.  What a busy weekend…so fun but busy.

I’m super excited that it’s summer and hopefully I’ll be seeing a little more of Jasper and Buck’s kiddos.  As much as I love getting to see Kalissa and Kelli’s kids, I sure wish I saw Buck’s kiddos and Jasper a little more.  They all grow up so fast.

I’m sure glad I got to see as many as I did this weekend!

Kayla did something really awesome for me but I’m saving that for an upcoming post.  Stay tuned.

8 thoughts on “Family Filled Weekend”

  1. I love your trick of getting the older kids to sleep, Jo *lol*
    It sounds like you had a great weekend!

  2. What a great time! I am so glad you get to enjoy all these grandkids. They are all such little cuties. I know how we grandmas like our time with those grandkids, but I think many of us take a sigh of relief when they leave. It is great that Kayla comes and helps – she’s a great aunt!

  3. So enjoyed your pictures. What happy memories you are building got your little ones! I was given a box of quilt blocks and fabric for a charity quilt. Do you know someone who could use them? Thanks!

    1. If you don’t find someone on the list, You can always send them to me and I’ll pass it to the Cresco Ladies or the Ladies who make Lutheran World Relief quilts in my area.

  4. Judith M Fairchild

    Oh what a super fun busy weekend. Thank you for sharing the pictures. They are all so adorable. I like how Carver is liking to help how ever he can.. your playground is a really cool place for them to play.

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