Do I or Don’t I…Part Two

You all might remember my great debate about getting another dog or not.  I wrote about it HERE.

Kalissa had sent me a picture of a rescue dog named Brieda and that is what brought my whole debate into play.

Sadly the rescue group contacted me and told me that they had three good applications.  Mine was the second application that came in so Brieda went to a different family.

They did however tell me about another rescue not far from me that had a mom beagle and she had pups.  I could contact them and ask about her.  That’s exactly what I did.

All the while I was super excited to have a lead on another dog.  I could be a nurturing owner to a gal that just had pups and needed to recover.

So, I contacted the rescue.  The mom is Maggie.  But…Maggie already has a home and will be going there once she’s done doing mom duty.  Maggie came to the shelter in tough shape.  They didn’t even know she was pregnant.  Unexpectedly, she had two pups.  One died…but this little pup is just fine…

She needs a home.  She is six weeks old.  She’s a little cutie.

Ahhh.  I really wasn’t looking for a pup, but is this where I’m being led, and is this the right gal for me?  She is a girl and I do prefer girls.

Adoption fees are reasonable and she will come spayed.  Apparently, there is a place that does pediatric spays and they do it before pups go out.  By the time she gets here school will be out and the weather will be great for walking and training a pup.  Plus I’ll have Carver around to help with some pup training.  Hmm.

Rosie was such a terrible puppy.  Do you remember all of the accidents?  Do I really want to do all of that again??

When I got Rosie as a pup our vet did suggest getting a puppy as I have kids around so much and puppies growing up with kids makes for more of a kid-friendly dog.  With adult rescues, you just never know how they will tolerate kids as you don’t know what happened in their past.

One of the reasons I was so interested in Brieda is that she was being fostered in a home that had kids and she seemed to do well with them.  A different adult dog, who knows?  Hmm.

It’s such a big commitment.  Just that I’m thinking about it all and trying to balance the pros and cons is a good thing.  Hmm.  Any thoughts readers??

I feel like I need to think fast on this before someone else applies for her and I miss out on her too…but I don’t want that pressure to push me into something I’m not ready for.  So, do I or don’t I?  Am I ready for a puppy??

37 thoughts on “Do I or Don’t I…Part Two”

  1. my daughter just adopted a pup as a companion to their existing 2 yr old dog. after two days, she said that she thought she made a mistake. didn’t remember puppyhood as being this exhausting. i told her, not to worry, it will pass in a few months, and she will be happy she did. dogs are kinda like kids… lots of work in the beginning, but it eventually gets easier.!!

    1. I would take Rosie for a “get to know the puppy” at the facility. That may help you make a decision.

  2. Hi Jo, We adopted two boy puppies about a month ago. The breeder told us she was OK with 2 boys or a boy and a girl. But not 2 girl dogs. You might want to look into that.

    1. I had 4 females for over 6 years. Now just 2 females, my beagle Ruby and a small mutt. They get along great. I guess I’m wondering how Rosie will take to the pup. Can you take Rosie over to meet the pup? Some older dogs don’t wNt to be bothered by puppies.

    2. I had 4 female dogs for over 6 years and now only two females. Never had a problem with them ever. Could you take Rosie over to meet the pup and see if Rosie tolerates her?

  3. She looks like a real sweetheart! I know pups are a lot of work, but so worth it. I think in your heart of hearts you would love to have her and are probably willing to take on the work load. Good luck on your decision!

  4. Cynthia from Nebraska

    It is helpful to have another well-trained, well-socialized dog around when you get a puppy. It really helps with potty training as the new pup will often follow the older one, and potty when/where they do!

  5. I think we can give all kinds of opinions however, you don’t want to be pressured one way or the other. I say you sleep on it, pray on it and talk to Rosie about it. You’ll make the right decision for all of you!

  6. Some times I think fate picks you. It sounds like you are ready and would make a great momma. Some times other dogs help train the new one. I dislike the puppy stage but love a puppy. Plus training in their forever home makes sure they learn the rules.

    1. Most adoption agencies allow a grace period. A “test drive” your dog if you will. They want it to be a good fit too. So the decision isn’t final until you are absolutely sure. Does this help? NO pressure.

  7. I’ve always had 2 dogs. Older taught young one rhythm of daily life. Then they become a “pack” and love on each other. Much easier than human teaching dog. Do what’s in your heart. It’s a huge commitment as you know but sharing life is what you’re all about.

  8. When we got our second beagle, as a pup, he learned everything so fast because he followed our older beagle. We still had puppy stuff, but it was so much easier than the first one! That pup is a cutie!!!

  9. Our 2 girls get along fine now. The older one was a little possessive of her things and food at first but they are fine now. But is getting her spayed so early a must? Read up on that, there are pro’s and cons now that they have been doing it for a while.

  10. Go for it. You have patience and are kind. This little pup could have some developmental delays due to Moms poor nutrition while pregnant. Your patience, plus the support of your other dog may be importance ingredients to lifelong success. Not every possible home will have all of those critical suppports. Summer will be the perfect time with kids around to play and help with socialization.

  11. That is a tough one! I’ve adopted many seniors but never a puppy….Cheering for you whether you go for this one or wait for another

  12. I think there are lots of good thoughts and advice in these comments. Your readers love you, Jo! I am remembering how much energy Rosie took…and demanded so much attention…but a few people pointed out the second puppy is so much easier because they follow the older dog.

  13. Beryl in Owatonna

    Pray about it, He will give you peace if she is to be yours. Ask the Lord for peace by Saturday and then go for His answer.Lots of positive signs.

  14. Carolyn in Illinois

    My daughter’s 12 year old shepherd died recently and she adopted another who is a sweetie about 6 months old. But he gets bored and therefore gets into things he shouldn’t. She brought home a foster puppy and now they play, stay out of trouble, and teach each other. She’s adopting the foster now too. Just a thought….

  15. All puppies look cute but if you are questioning your decision your just not ready, you will know when you are ready and there won’t be any of do I or don’t I. There will always be beagle out there for homing so wait till you are not questioning yourself so much. Good luck either way

  16. If you’re wondering should I, or shouldn’t I? then you shouldn’t. If you really wanted to do this you would be sure. I say wait for an adult dog to come along.


    if you are wondering to adopt or not. Then you are not yet ready. Please be patient until you are sure.
    There are a lot of people that would be willing to adopt the current puppy. So it will go to a good home.

    I look forward to hearing about a new dog for you in the future. Good luck.

  18. We have always had females and usually bring in a second puppy when the oldest crosses the rainbow bridge. It’s SO much fun to have a puppy around even though they can be work. The good news is they can be trained and managed in positive reinforcement ways that work for you and your home from the get go. Housebreaking is easy and fast if you use a crate, especially in the warm weather months in your climate zone. A crate also gives the puppy time out space and the older one can get breaks. Now that we have grandchildren, with our latest puppy, I bought a series of puppy training videos aimed at children and required all grandchildren to watch. They all enthusiastically bought in. Right away, Will, 10, taught Ruby to come, get treat, sit and let him gently grab her collar first, get treat, wait for leash to be attached, get treat, go out, get treat. Both were fast learners! Over the years, I have found the older dog, even though all were “stand-offish” at first, have all grown to enjoy the new puppy, both for play and company. The puppy stage, like the human baby stage, while a challenge, can be so much fun and the time goes fast. Enjoy it! P.S. I agree with Barbara: Given a choice, I believe it’s better to postpone spaying. Google the topic as research strongly suggests those hormones are important to physical and mental development.

  19. I had a female dog that I adopted when she was 4 months old. After I had her house trained I decided she needed a companion to be with her while I was working. I adopted another female puppy about 12 weeks old and my first dog helped to train the new one. They are best of friends. I think it is great to have another dog in the house to help the new one learn the ropes.

  20. I think you’ve probably already made up your mind – I looked into those sweet little eyes and knew what MY answer would be! Yes, puppies are a lot of work, but the two of them together would be great. They’d play with each other & tire out faster, and the baby would soon learn the ropes from her ‘big sister’. They truly do help with the training part!

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