Getting to know you…and me

No post can go with out a picture….
so here’s the quilt hanging in my kitchen. 
It’s a Country Threads pattern from several years ago….
When you read the following post you’ll know why I am showing you a chicken quilt.

Several people around blogland have been telling a bit about themselves by posting The ABC’s of Me.  I have enjoyed reading them and thought I’d post a segment about me….so here goes. 

A- Age: 44… not old…years of experience.

B- Bed size: Queen..and my sleep number is 50.

C- Chore you hate: cleaning high traffic areas, bathroom…entry way.  It’s messy immediately afterwards.

D- Dog’s name: Gracie, Gracie Lou….Gracie Lou Who.  It doesn’t matter.  That beagle doesn’t answer to anything except treat, walk, or ride.

E- Essential food/item: Now that I am being careful.  Tortilla soup minus the tortillas….and lettuce but it must have blue cheese dressing.  But I love a big juicy steak.

F- Favorite color: hands down….RED!

G- Gold or silver: I hate jewelry….I prefer nothing.

H- Height: 5’8″ if the doctor is asking (just so I can weigh a bit more and still be on the chart) but reality….5’7″

I- I am: still madly in love with my hubby after 24 years.

J- Job: owner and creative force of a free early childhood printables website.

K- Kids: 3 girls, 2 boys.  3 of them in college, two at home.  I am SUPER proud of each of them.  They all have their own talents and each can really make me laugh.

L- Living arrangements: We live in an old farm house on a farm in NE Iowa.  Cattle, corn, beans and alfalfa are grown around here.   Me…I take care of the chickens and the garden.

M-Mom’s name: Lonne…She had a great impact on my life even though she died when I was 24.

N- Nickname: My nickname is actually Jo….my real name…a mystery.  Let me say though it’s NOT JoAnn.

O- Overnight hospital stay: 5 babies…one gall bladder…a hysterectomy.  I hope for no more.

P- Pet peeve: People thinking whoever is calling on their cell phone is more important than the person sitting across from them.

Q- Quote from a movie: …I’m not good at remembering quotes…but my favorite movie is Gone With the Wind.

R- Right or left handed: I’m a right hand gal.

S- Siblings: one sister who’s 16 years older than me.  I don’t even remember her living at home.  Then there’s three boys in between us.  I am the baby and LOVE it.

T- Time you wake up: about 6:30…give or take. 

U- Unique thing about your car: The engine service light is ALWAYS on because I don’t screw the gas cap on tight enough.

V- Vegetable you hate: I like them all!  A baked sweet potato, brussel sprouts, and cabbage are special favorites.  I don’t like veggies in a can though.

W- Ways you run late: Trying to sew one more seam before I run out the door….or screaming things I want the kids to while I am gone as I am running out the door.

X- X-rays you’ve had: none that ever resulted in a broken bone..many resulting in filled teeth.

Y- Yummy food you make: My college kids would tell you everything.  My daughter Kelli thinks I somehow can fry an egg better than others.  I think they just miss home cooking.  My community would tell you cinnamon rolls…Kelli’s boyfriend would tell you rolls…Karl would tell you pie….the firemen would say my meatballs…. hubby would say chocolate cake and frosting…Kayla’s boyfriend would say apple pie… I cook and bake a lot.  Everything is from scratch….

Z- Zoo favorite: They aren’t at the zoo…but CHICKENS are my favorite animal except for Gracie, my beagle, of course…I have to say that.  She’s sitting on my lap as I type.  As far as chickens go…I have lots of chicken things in the kitchen and the quilt you saw in the opening photo is just one of the many things in my chicken kitchen.

That’s ME- A to Z!!  Your turn!!

I’d love to know more about you….so drop me a note and I’ll hop over and read about you.

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  1. Hi Jo: Found your blog a short time ago and am truly enjoying it! Love all your little tips and ran out the other day to get my water soluble glue and have ordered the Applique Stablizer. I do have a question for you – I notice that your Sleep Number is 50! LOL. I too have a Sleep Number Bed – my number is 45. I have had this bed since September and love it. I do have one problem and I was wondering if anything similar happened to you. The side my husband sleeps on – the side piece of foam keeps turning and does not hold the side of the bed up – it looks like it goes on a slant. Now my husband is about 6′ and weighs about 275. I called the company and they told me I will have to BUY new side foam pieces. Just wondering if this has happened to you? and again – Thanks for the great blog! Laura

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