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A couple of weeks ago I got this note from Ray:

Just two short years ago today, I received the first package of quilt tops from you in the mail. Oh, what a ride it has been with many more miles to go.

The timing was absolutely perfect to save me from going crazy as COVID was in full swing and everything was shutting down everywhere. 

Great to have such good friends as you and your blog readers. I say thank you each and every day.

AWE…that is so sweet.  I want to extend my thanks to the many who have donated quilt tops, backing fabric, and goodies to Ray.  I want to also extend my thanks to those who have sent money for postage or bought things from the auctions I host here to support the community quilt fund.  Ray and both appreciate all you do to help the efforts.  Your generosity touches so many.

Speaking of generosity, Ray got some goodies in the mail.  He writes:
I received a box in the mail today from Wendy L. in ME that contained three beautiful quilt tops.


*  This is a gorgeous quilt. I do not know what the name of the pattern is but it is most pleasing. It reminds me of a 9 patch but it was not assembled like a 9 patch. The finished blocks are 1.5 inches. Too small for me!! It measures 69 x 73.

NOTE FROM JO:  This is a Bonnie Hunter Pattern I believe but she set her’s on point.  It can be found in THIS book.

*  OMG! Check out this star quilt! This quilt is built on 1 inch finished blocks. No way. Jose! I have enough problems sewing 2 inch blocks. Those stars are fantastic. It measures 49 x 49.

Note from Jo:  This is a Country Threads pattern.  It can be found in THIS book.  This one is a favorite of mine that I really want to make!!

*  Love how she dressed up the 4 inch blocks. Wonderful pattern. It measures 65 x 65.

Thank you Wendy.

Patricia S. in LA has sent me tops in the past and recently saw the Quilted Twins blog post of me delivering a bunch of quilts. She wanted to know if that was me. I confirmed that it was and before long she was asking if I could use another top. Of course, I said yes.

This is the beautiful top that she sent.

Love the diamond pattern made with tons of awesome I Spy fabrics. It measures 53 x 83.

Jo interrupting here again.   This is a free pattern from Quilted Twins.  You can find the website HERE.

She also sent me a single block. I am going to have some fun adding borders on to it and making it into a wheelchair blanket.  Thanks Pat.

Now for some finished quilts…Ray writes:
“I was finally able to get another quilt finished today. Just when I thought the rush for long arming was over, here came another wave. I just have to schedule a community quilt now and then.

WOW!! I love the colors and the design of this quilt. Its roots say it is a sampler block quilt. However, some genetic coding changed it so that the blocks are not all lined up. The sashing changes. Love how it all fits together. And the colors are so bold and bright!

The fabric pattern of the outside border reminded me of flowers so I used the daisy motif with white thread for the quilting.

The backing is one of the last cuts of some pink polka dot fabric Doreen C in IA sent me a couple of years ago when I started finishing community quilts. My thanks to you, Sharon, and Doreen for providing the pieces to make this wonderful community quilt


I think things are beginning to settle down some after the Airing of the Quilts and the snowbirds beginning to leave. I was able to sneak a community quilt onto the longarm to finish. Love how Sharon designed the individual log cabin blocks and then how she assembled them. Gorgeous quilt.

I need a motif to soften the lines of the logs and to add interest to the center of the quilt. I decided to use the funky feather motif with white thread.

I believe the backing is from the Deb and Pat stash.

My thanks to you, Sharon and Deb, and Pat for your beautiful, generous contributions.


10 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    So many lovely quilts! Has it only two years since Ray signed on. His and your cohort of long arm quilters do such great jobs on finishing quilts. Happy Anniversary Ray and Jo.

  2. Stephani in N. TX

    What a treat, beautiful quilt show.Thanks for all you do Jo and Ray for moving quilts to the finishing line for others.

  3. Margaret in North Texas

    Ray, your finishing techniques are perfect and congrats on your two years of completing community quilts! Thanks to all who make your work possible and the Deb & Pat stash lives on.

  4. The pretty bright quilt from Sharon with the flower border is a Pat Sloan sew a long from years past…..

  5. Beautiful quilts! So many hours of work represented here. Thanks to you all for donating these beautiful quilts.

  6. Such beautiful quilts! They represent many hours of dedication and effort. I have no doubt they will bring love and comfort to the recipients. Wouldn’t it be interesting to know a tally of how many quilts have been completed and donated to various causes through this wonderful community of quilters?! Any guesses to what that number might be so far? It is so rewarding to know that something we so enjoy doing (even if you only like to do one part of the quilt making) can be completed (with the help of others if need be) and then given to someone else for love and comfort. What a wonderful way to spend our time.

  7. Ray you made both of my quilt tops into beautiful quilts! I am sure they will be loved by someone. Thanks for all you do!

  8. Jo, I couldn’t determine who made / designed the blue and white Burgoynce Surrounded variation. I really like the design and if I make it I’d like to give proper credit. Thanks.

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