Baking with Gannon

Gannon and I have become buddies more than ever.  He’s here with me about three times a week.  It’s just the two of us and we try to do a combination of some learning things…and some things I want to get done.

On this day our job was to do some baking.  Gannon typically doesn’t like getting his picture taken so it takes a little convincing to get him to let me.  This was mid-convincing.

What are we making?  Chocolate Chip cookies.  These are big-time a family favorite.  All of the kids love these and when I make them, they are gone in a flash.

These are GREAT in the freezer.  It makes a really big batch so I typically freeze a gallon size Ziplock bag and we eat the other Ziplock bag of cookies.

You can find the recipe HERE.

On this day I was using up miscellaneous chocolate chips I had.  There were mini chocolate chips and semi-sweet and milk chocolate.  Gannon was busy sorting them out.

…and of course, eating them.

I asked him if he would smile nicely for a picture that we could send to Uncle Karl and then tell him to stop by and have a cookie with us.  This was Gannon’s nice smile…Anything for Uncle Karl.

He was in charge of putting the chocolate chips on.  We were practicing the number fice.  He was supposed to put five chocolate chips on each cookie.

I’ve been watching him and I’m almost certain he will be left-handed.  Every day that goes by, it’s more and more apparent.

He was really eager for the cookies to come out of the oven.

After that, we made some Banana Bread.  The day before one of my after-school girls saw my bananas and asked if I would make banana bread the next day.

HERE is a link for my Banana Bread recipe.

I tried to take a picture of Gannon licking the beaters but he was back to his “no pictures mode”.

So which would you pick for snack time?  Banana Bread with butter or Chocolate Chip cookies?  M&M cookies??  (the M&M cookies came about by putting M&Ms in the remaining dough after the chocolate chips ran out)

Oh…it’s a tough choice.  Lucky me.  I don’t have to choose as all of them are here and all are already made!!

28 thoughts on “Baking with Gannon”

  1. It definitely would be a hard decision – they all look delicious! Gannon is such a cute helper and you certainly are creating some memorable times with him.

  2. When I eat banana bread, I like to spread cream cheese on it. Some people like to freeze it and then it toasts easy before spreading it with cream cheese. Must be a Pennsylvania thing.

    1. It must be a Pennsylvania thing! I was just about to say the same thing.

      but I’ll finish with some chocolate chip cookies…..

  3. Susan the Farm Quilter

    How fun to get to spend time with Gannon alone!! Lefties are so much fun! When I was getting my Master’s in Special Education, I learned that lefties learn whole to part, while righties learn part to whole. Makes the most sense when you think about reading. Right-handed thrives on phonics that breaks the words down to individual sounds that get put together to make words and sentences, while left-handed needs to see the whole word/sentence before breaking them down into syllables and then into phonics. Lots of my students were lefties, so I used sign language, flash cards and ZooPhonics to help them all learn – it was fun to see them reading to themselves, sounding out the words using sign language and ZooPhonics motions to figure out words!!

  4. I love cream cheese on banana bread! Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite! How to make a choice! Gannon is such a cutie ! What a sweet boy.

  5. I always vote for the cookies! I have discovered Almond Joy cookies and my husband and I are eating way too many of them. I use the 4 ingredient method. But, I am changing the recipe up a bit as they are messy to make with the cookie scoop. The cookies are coconut, sweetened condensed milk, milk chocolate chips and grated almonds. Really yummy if you like coconut.
    Wish I was there with you for a cookie and cup of coffee.

  6. brendalynne1

    GANNON–thank you for letting your Grandma Joey take your picture. It was interesting to share your baking day. You are certainly a handsome young man. It won’t be long and you will no longer be standing on a chair to do your cooky detail. Who ate the most cookies, you or Uncle Karl ??

    Thanks for sharing these fun times with us, Jo.They are the bonus part of the quilting information.

    1. Well…I’m a fly by the seat of my pants girl when it comes to chocolate chips. I think this batch got a handful and a half of mini chips.

  7. I read once, “a good mother lets her child lick off the beaters, a great mom turns them off first!”.

    1. Carolyn, that had me rolling! I’ve never heard that lol. I would choose banana bread because I (gasp) don’t like chocolate chip cookies….Jo, you’ve had some good posts lately. I always feel kinda bad if I don’t have time to leave thoughtful reply. Just know I’m blessed by your blog.

  8. All of those goodies sound delish and it would be a hard choice but cookies of any kind win hands down. How sweet Gannon is smiling for Uncle Karl.

  9. Gannon is so cute! Of my four kids, Three of them are lefties! We’ve been told that it’s impossible to have so many in one family, but here we are. Both my hubby and I are right handed. Our youngest is too young to tell for sure ( she’s 2 1/2) , but she favors her right hand. Who knows, maybe she’ll follow her older sibling too. We may belong in the Guinness book of world records! Lol.

  10. I’d choose the banana bread first, followed by a choc chip cookie *lol. Gannon’s smile is lovely; he’s such a good helper.

  11. Every left handed I know are incredibly smart, strategic thinkers, and are wonderfully valuable persons!

  12. Nikki Moshier

    Perfect timing for me to read this email! Bless you. My mom always made banana bread. (She didn’t cook much, lol.) This will be a great way to honor her on my first mother’s day without her. THANK YOU!!!!

  13. Gannon is so cute! The 3 year old I watch is also clearly left handed in most tasks. Oh if I had my choice I’d go for the banana bread with a good layer of real butter on it as a topping!

  14. What wonderful memories you are creating with Gannon! I love that smile for Uncle Karl! So nice how you mix in teaching and Gannon doesn’t even know it!

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