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I have a couple of emails from Ray and they are filled with quilts for us to share with you…But first, mail from Ray’s mailbox.

Ray writes:
I just received a wonderful box of quilting goodies in the mail from Dottie S, in WV. 

* First up is a small crazy quilt that measures 20 x 20. The velvet fabrics and the embroidery work are stunning. There is no way the pic does it any justice.


* Next is… another crazy quilt that would make a wonderful table runner as it measures 22 x 68. It not only has velvet but also satin fabrics. Again the handiwork and the embroidery threads are spectacular.

* Then there is this beautiful hexie quilt that is not quite finished. The pic shows the portion that is done. There are also 8 more completed blocks that need to be attached. Got to get this to my hand piecer to finish.

*There was one top that was complete and it appears to be made from men’s shirts. It measures 53 x 53. I think some gentle ironing is needed and it will be ready to long arm.

* Here are a bunch of completed blocks that just need to be assembled to make some more wonderful tops.

*Love these 3 blocks that are made as a quilt as you go. The colors are so great together. I have never done anything with QAYG. So another learning experience.

Thank you Dottie.

Remember the bright, bold Mardi Gras quilt? Well, in that same box of goodies was a group of golf themed fabrics. Once I spread out the fabrics, I discovered that there were three 1+ yard cuts of fabric, several smaller pieces as well as some panels. BINGO!! Three 1 yard cuts makes a Donna Robertson 3 yard quilt. I looked through the patterns and selected the Landslide pattern and made this quilt.

I think it looks GREAT! I can see it draped on a chair in a den. We have plenty of golfers down here.

As for the panels, I am thinking I can make them into pillow covers – next project.

I found the golf club fabric on sale and just had to get it and use it for the backing. I went with the stipple stitch and bone thread on the front and light gray on the back. It is now ready for the Airing of the Quilts on March 19. My thanks to you for all you do to make these things happen and to Linda for sending the fabric my way.”

That quilt turned out great.  I love seeing all of the quilts that Ray puts together for the Airing of the Quilts Fundraiser.  I think it’s awesome that he works to put together a wide variety of quilts to appeal to many.  That’s what makes a great showing!!

Many thanks to those who have contrubuted…and wasn’t it great to know that Ray doesn’t spend all of his time behind the longarm and some is spent at a machine.  HA!!  I know me and I love machine time best.

7 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Margaret in North Texas

    I love the hexie quilt and as others have said the golf quilt is stunning. The stitching on the crazy quilt is spectacular! Thanks to Ray and others for time and talents.

  2. They are all fantastic, but I especially love the Crazy Quilts! That takes so much time and talent! And yes, golfing is very popular in Florida! I had found some golf fabric scraps and made two face masks for my podiatrist who always tells me of his adventures. I’m sure that quilt and all the others will be very much appreciated!

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