Community Quilts from Elizabeth

Elizabeth just contacted me with quilts to share…and happily was ready for another shipment of quilt tops.  I sent her a big bunch that should have her busy for a while.

Elizabeth writes:
Here are four finishes.  I believe the tops were all made by the Cresco ladies.  I found some fabric that echoed the pattern on the first one (boxes) so I added borders.  The small boxes are mostly of beach things snd so I think this quilt should be called Margaritaville.  It warms me just to look at it. 

The second quilt is a striped beauty that I quilted using a meander.  I just love how the quilt crinkles when it’s washed.

For the third quilt… I used a stencil that I recently purchased and used thread to match the dark rectangles.  I had some fabric in my stash the back of which was a perfect match to the dark rectangles so I used it for the binding.
The last quilt included a border that came from a sheet I sent to the Cresco ladies!  You can’t tell from the photo, but I quilted all the letters of the alphabet around the outer border.  They fit nicely.

All the quilts have backings from my stash, which I am delighted to use up as it is overflowing. They will be donated to a local organization, Small Things Matter, that was started as a charity by a high school student as a school project.  When she went away to college her family took it over and it has grown exponentially during the pandemic.”

Awesome.  This sounds like a great cause worthy of support.  I’m so happy that Elizabeth took the tops from the Cresco Ladies and finished them up.  May users of the Small Things Matter organization be blessed with these quilts.


6 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Elizabeth”

  1. They are very nice quilts. I love the perfect square border for the squares quilt, and although I can’t see them, the alphabet quilt must be adorable with the finishing touches you put on it! It is so wonderful that all of us come together to make beautiful quilts for the community. I sent some tops to Ray, and I look forward to seeing pictures of them when they get finished. We make a great team and every single one of us deserve to pat ourselves on the back! I’m sure all the quilts will be greatly appreciated!!

  2. More great quilts! I love seeing all the many different creative patterns used in the quilts. Great work by all!

  3. Glenda Fletcher

    Very nice quilts. It is fun to see the many designs that are created. Was watching your tutorial on the
    Stitch Along. Your little scissor that you use has a rubber protective covering over the end. Did you buy that
    separate from the scissor? Would you be willing to share that as it would be nice to have for my little
    scissors. Thank you for doing this. Am just going to get started as wanted to get my Linus quilts done first.

  4. Margaret in North Texas

    Nice finishes Elizabeth, and thanks to the efforts of the Cresco ladies to keep turning out quilt tops.

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