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I wanted to share a couple of baby quilts that I finished over the weekend. Back in March Saint Hilary’s had an Airing of the Quilts fundraiser. A lady at the event picked up my card and said she would contact me later. Later arrived and she needed two baby quilts for grandkids. a boy and a girl. I went through tops I had to let her choose as well as some panels. She saw the two panels from Elizabeth B. in FL and said I like those two. The panels were 24 x 42 and had not been trimmed carefully. I told her I could add borders to the sides and make them larger. We had a plan. I started looking for border fabric in the boxes from Elizabeth and found what I was looking for.

I found the striped fabric to coordinate with the jungle panel and the circle print to go with the circus print.

Next… I needed backing and there staring at me was a beautiful cut from Katy P. in WI. There was enough for both quilts. I used bone-colored thread on both of them.

The jungle panel got a stipple motif and the circus panel got the circle meander motif.

Nancy was thrilled with the quilts and is making a donation to Saint Hilary’s for them. Win-win-win. Thank you, Jo, Elizabeth, and Katy for all your support and contributions to make these special blankets.”

YAHOO!!  I love hearing that donations are going to places that need them.  Fabulous work Ray and many thanks to Elizabeth and Katy too!!

6 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    Cute quilts. Great job matching borders job Ray.
    Jo have you gotten any rain yet . I was up in Sioux City yesterday and the got a decent amount of rain.

    1. I did get rain over the weekend. I feel better and it looks TONS better. We have more chances of rain over the week too!

  2. I love the children’s panels especially for charity quilts. When I was in Dover Delaware we had a charity quilt group at the sewing center and we had a lot of panels donated. I grabbed them up and just loved doing them. Some of the ladies did not like figuring out the borders for them. They lend themselves so well to outline quilting too. None of us had quilting machines so we all sewing machine quilted. I miss the group so much as there is nothing even close here in NW Alabama.

  3. Margaret in North Texas

    Both of these quilts are just delightful to look at. Ray, you are so good with selecting borders, backings and bindings and thanks to Elizabeth and Katy for their donations.

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