The Craig and Jo Show: Another Spot of Landscaping

I told you earlier this week that Craig and I (mostly Craig) put up the new hanging basket post.  Well after that was done Craig asked me if I have the stuff to do the landscaping on the back south west corner of the house.  I said I did…Craig said, “It’s so nice and cool yet today so we better get it done.”…so we did.

The back corner of the house had gotten a little overgrown.  I’ve been so busy keeping up with watering the plants I have and working on the other new landscape projects that this…well, this got left.  You can tell right??

This area has never been the best.  When I moved plants from the farm house where we used to live I had ran out of space and these plants still didn’t have a home, so I walked over to this side of the house, dug a hole and put them in.  I figured I would take care of them when the time came.  I’ve weeded them a time or two but until this day, that’s all the maintenance they’ve had.

This spring…no maintenance at all!!  UGH.  It looks overgrown and a  mess.

Grass was growing in it. Oh my…it NEEDED to be WEEDED.  See??

Craig and Carver to the rescue.

We’ve been using this No Dig Edging.  You can find it HERE.

The stuff is awesome to work with.  Seriously no digging is required.  It leaves a nice edge.  We use stakes to hold it in place.

We worked up and had this done in just over an hour…that includes letting Carver “help”…and Gannon’s too.

Here’s how it looks finished.  I LOVE it.

I had no idea it would clean up and actually look good.  Now that it looks so much better, I’m really tempted to do some kind of other decorating here…a bird feeder…maybe a some kind of decor hanging from the fence.  I don’t know….something.

I sure seeing the improvements a little bit of money and time can do.  I sure do appreciate Craig for being the brawn behind so many of my ideas.  I say it all the time but I’m sure blessed to have him.

Stay tuned…the best project of the day is yet to come.

15 thoughts on “The Craig and Jo Show: Another Spot of Landscaping”

  1. The photos of Craig and Carver look like something out of an Eloise Wilkins book (I think she has one called “I Help Daddy”). Maybe a barn quilt or a seasonal wreath or other project on the fence? (….maybe something the childcare children help you finish?)

  2. Donna Pheneger

    You’re landscaping is becoming something you would see in a magazine like Better Homes and Gardens! Just gorgeous. You and Craig sure have an eye for this – and Carter is such a cute little helper!

  3. Stearns Carol

    I agree with Debbie. That fence cries for a barn quilt! Its great that Carver has Daddy time and learns to help!

  4. Wow Jo!!! Craig needs to go into landscaping!!! Your yard is beautiful!! Barn quilt and bird feeder would look great!!! Craig is a true blessing!!!

  5. Its so darn cute seeing Carver working along side Craig and yes its sure looks great all cleaned up. Adding something colorful like a yard spinner would be cute.

  6. Mary Ann Mettler

    Be sure and put the bird feeder by the window so the kids can watch the birds from inside – the kids will love it!

  7. Jo – I have been looking at this web site. They have quilt blocks done in metal.
    They would look great against the white fence.

  8. It looks amazing, but the fence is begging for something. I could see a mosaic that the child care kids can help glue in the pieces once you create the design. Craig and Carver are so adorable together. It makes me happy to see him letting Carver help.

    Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

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