Charity Quilts: A Ronda Edition

I have charity quilts from Ronda today…..

Ronda writes:
It feels a little frivolous to be writing to you about the charity quilts that I have ready to donate when you and your family are going thru such a hard time.  Let me know if you want me to hold off with them for a while.”

I’ll answer to Ronda and everyone else.  Please don’t hold off on anything.  Life is going on.  We don’t want to sit and wallow in the bad that is happening.  We want to be celebrating the good.  We want fun mail…we want you to send finished charity quilt pictures…I want to you to send pictures and tell me about your charity groups.  I only ask that you be a little patient with me.  I might take a little longer than usual to answer the emails.

Seriously, we don’t want our lives to dry up because of everything that is happening with our family.  Anything to take our mind off the not so fun is so appreciated.

Now about the quilts…From Ronda:
Both of these quilts came to me as mostly assembled tops and I finished putting them together and added borders to make them just a little bigger.  I’m pretty sure they came from Sandra in TX.”  

Here’s the backing….

Here’s the second quilt….
Here’s the backing….

“You sent the backing fabrics on to me from Sandra also if I’m not mistaken.  They are both headed to the Ronald McDonald House.”

The quilts are simple but turned out wonderful.  They are perfect for any little baby to snuggle up in.

Thanks so much ladies.  This world needs good news.  Thanks for being the people who are making it happen.

9 thoughts on “Charity Quilts: A Ronda Edition”

  1. I was at Quilt Club at Jackman’s fabric store in St. Louis yesterday. We have a show and tell time and one of the quilts shown was your Meet in the Middle pattern. It was fun seeing one of your designs ‘in the wild’. My best to you and your family.

  2. Virginia Grenier

    So, you want quilt tops sent to you even if I’ve never sent anything before??? If so, you’ll have to tell me what your address is. Don’t worry – I’ll only send what can fit into a flat rate box.

    Clearbrook MN

  3. Jo, you and Kramer and your family are in my prayers. Your lives are an encouragement for those of us who go through hard times. Many Blessings.

  4. Yes, life must go on as normal! Yesterday I cut squares from fabrics that were sent to me from one of your readers, Jacque. I cut them for the church. I also received 10″ squares from Debbie or Donna, not sure which. I’m using them making little boxes and other things for our church sale. Quilters are so generous and I thank them all. Its also nice to have someone to send things to.

  5. Thanks, Karen, for mentioning that border fabric you sent! I try to keep everyone’s name with the tops/fabric they send me, but sometimes I pull fabric to audition for borders or binding and then I get mixed up as to who sent what ~ I apologize. I hope anyone who sees their fabric in one of the charity quilts and I don’t get the name right will speak up. Thanks to everyone for the lovely comments!

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