Hanging with Scotty and Lucy!

A post from Kelli–

A few days ago when I was talking with Mom, she mentioned that Buck’s nanny had told them that she was quitting.  They had an inkling that she might be, but it was a bit sudden.  Lora’s mom is often able to come over and watch the kids, but I took this as the perfect opportunity to have an Auntie day!

I got on the road a bit later than I had hoped, but puking at home seemed much more appealing that puking while driving.

Once I got there, Scotty was awake, but Lucy hadn’t woken up yet.  I was a little nervous how she’d be waking up with me and not Mom or Dad.  It turned out great.

We played a bunch in the morning.  We also had a little “testing of the boundaries,” as is common.  By the time lunch rolled around, Scotty had me making him a peanut butter quesadilla–Which he can say perfectly by the way– and warming up some lasagna for Lucy.

So what’s a peanut butter quesadilla?  Just a tortilla shell with peanut butter.  Easy to make and he loves them, so it was a win for everyone!

And his grin of course is adorable!

Lucy wasn’t afraid to jump right in either!

She started out just munching away, but before long….

She had managed to get lasagna EVERYWHERE!!!  And this picture wasn’t even the worst!  She managed to smear it all over in her hair, face and ears.  After attempting to wash her up a bit, I realized that the only way to get her clean was to give the kids a bath!

So off to the bathroom we went!  They both had a blast.  We played some with some letters, washed hair and splashed of course too!  My baby belly kept getting in the way, but it sure was a fun time watching them play.

After bath time, it was off to bed for some napping!

Buck came home almost as soon as the kids woke up.  We chatted for a bit and then I was off to Hobby Lobby to get a few things for a project I’m working on, but I’ll share more about that later….

After I got home, I looked at my calendar and found a few more dates that I’m going to turn into Auntie days.  We’ll see what happens with Dad and if I can sneak them in…  If I can go, I’m thinking that I might try to take Carver down with me so that he can hang with Scotty too.  They get along so good together and it’s so fun watching them hang out!

7 thoughts on “Hanging with Scotty and Lucy!”

  1. Kelly you are a saint just like your Mom, I’m sure you feel proud to be so much like her. I love reading your column when you post, there is always excitement going on with you. And I love hearing about your “Auntie” adventures with Carver, please keep them coming. As well as what quilting products you are working on.

  2. You’re a wonderful aunt, Kelli and I know that everyone appreciates and loves the fact that you will jump in when you can – besides it’s such fun!

  3. What cuties. I’m sure the kids enjoyed an Auntie Kelli day, big belly and all. Take every day with them that you can. Before long you will be able to add another little one to the tribe. Take care and enjoy!

  4. Enjoy your “auntie” days, I know my granddaughters do when they get an auntie day!
    In our house it’s called a peanut butter tilla! and yes it is a great snack for young and old.

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