Community Quilts from Lori

I have community quilts from Lori and top makers Adele to share with you today.

Lori writes:

“Our local guild recently started doing a Community Project for the at-risk ward at the Veterans Hospital. The hospital needs quilts for vets who spend time at the facility.  Each vet is given a quilt that they take home with them when they leave.

This is an ongoing project for one year and the challenge for our members is to provide 25 quilts during this 12-month time period.  During the week that I found out about this project, Adele sent me three quilt tops WITH backs.  Wow!  Adele sent beautiful, nicely pieced quilt tops, and the tops are generously sized for the veterans.   I quilted and bound two of the quilts and will bring them to the first collection (there will be three collections during the year) for the Veterans.  It was meant to be.  ;-)

We/I cannot give to these great projects without help from wonderful generous quilters like Adele.  THANK YOU, Adele!

Our guild is holding a Jelly Roll Race class at the next meeting, with the quilts to be used for the Veterans.  Ironically, one of the quilt tops that Adele sent was a jelly roll race quilt!  It was meant to be.  ;-)

Here is the first quilt, with the binding stitched down by machine.

My husband insists I do binding by machine so that I don’t get arthritis in my hands as he has, and I’m getting pretty good at doing binding by machine.

This is the back view with the sun shining through.

On the day I was taking pictures, it was quite windy.


Here is the black… “Jelly Roll Race” quilt, very striking!

Yep, it was quite windy when I was taking photos!

Lovely quilts, thank you Jo and Adele for being instrumental in this Community Project.


I just love serendipity moments when things align.   Tops meet finishers and they meet an objective.  It’s like it’s all meant to be.  Thanks so much for being the top maker Adele and to Lori for being the finisher.  It’s perfect!!  Serendipity!!


12 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Lori”

  1. Very nice quilts, simple but beautiful! You are giving to a wonderful cause, Lori! May each vet who receives one of the quilts be blessed with love.

  2. What lovely quilts from Adele and to include the backing was super generous. They look marvelous having been finished by Lori. The veterans that receive them will know that someone hands made them with love to give such a gift away to an unknown person. Many thanks to the ladies that have made the commitment to finish 12 for those veterans seeking help.

  3. Both quilts are beautiful color combinations. Lori, your machine binding looks great. It’s the only way I bind quilts, donation or otherwise!

  4. They are Beautiful! I particularly like the black and gray one! I don’t dare machine the binding ! How do you get it straight on both sides
    Congratulations to you for finishing these beauties!

    1. The size most needed is twin bed sized. We don’t get enough of them in. I classify that as 72 x 80 ish but we find a home for anything.

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