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As I was cleaning my sewing room, I’ve been rounding as many things up that I can that all should be in the same place.  This little stack is all magazines or books that we have published patterns in.  I didn’t realize there were so many and this isn’t all of them as I have another small stack downstairs.

Long before Kelli and I were sewing quilts, I had this published….See the little scarecrow on the seed packet in the middle of the cover shot?

That’s mine.  I designed the little guy back when “country” crafts were a big deal.  Then there was even a short article about it written in newspaper….I thought I was pretty “big time”.  Bahahahha!

Back then, Crafting Traditions was my favorite magazine.  I loved the variety…there was crafts, to painted wood pieces, to crochet to quilting and more.  I loved it!!  That was back before internet.

The magazine had a contest to come up with scarecrow projects.  I created this and submitted it.  I was contacted right away and they said that they loved my idea and wanted to feature it in the magazine if I was willing to pull the project from the contest.  I did.  I was so honored.

A blog reader said I’d likely have fun going through and sorting my sewing room as I’d unearth some treasures.  I don’t know this was a treasure but I do know it was fun to see it again.

8 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been Published”

  1. That was one of my favourite magazines! I still have a few of them, with patterns bookmarked, just in case I have some ‘spare time’ to create them!

  2. Was just thinking about your crafting days all those years ago! Remembering that I doubted that ‘homemade’ dolls would sell in my little store and that you thought my little store was too small and remote to sell your crafts! HA! We were both wrong! Your quality was as good as anything (better than some) we found at the Gift Market! And they sold very well! Fun memories. I think I still have a little angel in my collection of angels.

  3. Really cute scarecrow! That is quite a stack of creativity there, Jo, and it only shows what’s published. You’ve created so much more than that and lots of it isn’t even quilting! You are amazing!

  4. I loved that magazine. I even remember that project! I’m sure I have it saved somewhere to make someday! Lol. This makes me want to hunt it up just so I can see your name by the project! Who knows, maybe “someday” has arrived!

  5. Wow Jo! Not everyone can say they have been published many times for beautiful quilt patterns and it all started with a little cute Scarecrow lol. I couldn’t help but notice (and I’m assuming here) that your maiden name was Lawler. As you know I’m originally from Des Moines, my mother’s maiden name was also Lawler, could it be possible that we are related somehow down the line through generations?? Wouldn’t that be a hoot lol.

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