Whatever Wednesday

Today I’m still in the garage working on projects that will be sold at the Market at White Barns in Hawkeye, Iowa.  I have a few other projects that need to be finished by then so expect a few more posts from the garage.

Today’s project…this.  I bought the little already painted gray shelf at the same garage sale that I bought last week’s table from.  This one was $15.

Again I think the person who painted it was going for a look but didn’t do the last finishing things.  Again with this piece I am going for more of a vintage farmhouse look.

The shelf was painted with a gloss paint and in general, that is not at all what a vintage farmhouse piece needs….

There were a few dings in it but nothing terrible.

By the time I’m done, those dings won’t stand out at all.  With the last piece I did, I opted to make more dings and sand off any gloss.  Here’s a close up of what I was going for.

Here I have the sanding done….next up WAX!

Here’s what my finished look is….I like it LOTS better now.  I think it will tempt a few customers.  The shelves are adjustable and that should be a draw too.

I have more pieces so next week’s Whatever Wednesday will likely be another piece of furniture that I’ve fixed up (or rather scuffed up more).  I’ve been having fun working on these…I sure hope they sell.  I know vintage farmhouse isn’t for everyone but I know there are quite a few people who are hooked on it.

See that ugly little table the gray cabinet is sitting on?  That just might be my next project.

P.S. You all were so good with helping me price last week….any ideas on a price for this piece? I paid $15. I had about two hours into it…plus supplies and selling fees.

7 thoughts on “Whatever Wednesday”

  1. So fun! Love what you do with each piece. I have no idea on pricing, but love seeing all your auction finds. You should do very well at the market. I would be there if I lived closer.

  2. The book shelf is perfect for someone cookbooks, or quilting books :) and I would pay $65 for it. I did not get much quilting done but we have worked outside pressure washing the house, deck and deck furniture. Now we are doing some landscape timbers, rock and a few flowers. Should be done today and ready for the holiday weekend.

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  4. I’m not sure about the price for the bookshelf but I just wanted to comment on Carver. He is adorable with his little Crocs!!

  5. I finished binding a quilt and finished making slipcovers for my daughters overstuffed rocker. I will be seeing her and my new granddaughter this weekend!! Yesterday I cleaned out the flower bed in front of my house. Quite a job. In the next couple of weeks I need to clean out the other one and decide what kind of bushes or plants to put in it that will take less maintenance. And of course I will hopefully get some sewing done also!! I am enjoying reading about all your purchases at auctions and the plans you have for them.

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