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Every now and then blog readers send me a email or leave a comment in the comment section that I need to answer.  When I think other readers might be interested too, I answer them here on the blog. Today is one of those days

After Ruby’s trip to the vet and my mention that she was placed on a new allergy medicine and that the medicine was expensive but was working really well, I had a number of readers ask about the name of the medicine.  Seriously…who knew allergy medicine for dogs would be a hot topic but it certainly became one.  Ruby is on…

Apoquel 16mg.  She’s a beagle.  I’m sure depending on your dog’s size, you’d get a different dosing.

So far, I have loved it.  I think Ruby has too as she’s not itching.  Our vet did the explaining to Kelli and said this acts completely different than most allergy meds.

We were suppose to give her morning and evening doses at first.  Then I was suppose to back off with the evening dose.  There was a possibility that I could wean her off it once if froze.  Well Ruby is Ruby and is a nervous dog.  So I still have her on the allergy meds….full dosing.  It really works though and has been the best thing for her to this point.

Joyce asked, “Jo do you still have the recipe for tailgating. Some thing call garbage bag. Chex mix and other things”?  I do have that recipe.  It’s…called “garbage can mix”.

You can find the recipe HERE.  To make it you need 13 boxes/bags of some combo of cheetos, cereal, candy, crackers and such.  It make a HUGE batch.  I’ve always made it if we hosted graduations and weddings.  It’s easy, quick and best of all can be made in advance.  It even freezes.

About this quilt Paula wrote, “I love the colors you chose and this is such a quick, easy quilt. Thanks for sharing. I do have one question, do you press seams open or to one side? Or does it depend on the project?

I HATE pressing.  I do it as little as possible and as easy as possible.  There are so many that press everything and steam things to death.  Not me.  On this quilt I pressed the half square triangles to the dark.  I pressed the four patches open..and no I don’t twist my intersecting seam.  After that, I pressed nothing until the entire top was together.  I didn’t even press individual blocks.

In general I press to the dark when I do press.  The backs of my quilts are NOTHING I would ever show in public…and I don’t care much about it.  If I am doing a picky project I would press a seam open but that would be rare.

When I do press the quilt top, I always use spray starch.  My favorite is this…

Niagara Non-Aerosol Spray Starch Original Lavender Scent, 22 Fl Oz (3 Pack)
Best Press is fine but too expensive.  Typically I find it at WalMart but have bought from Amazon.  HERE is a link if you need it.

In general, I’m not picky about ironing.  I don’t mind if my quilt doesn’t look perfect on the back.

Linda must have been digging in the archives and found this quilt.  I made it for Kramer’s niece Amber and we called it Amber’s Wedding Quilt.  We went on to submit it to a magazine where it was published and I made another for the magazine.

Kelli made one as a wedding present for her sister-in-law for her wedding.

So all tolled we made this quilt THREE times.

Anyway…the pattern was published in McCall’s Quilting in the May/June 2018 edition.  The magazine is still available and can be found HERE.  The magazine named the quilt Homestead.  It will always be known to us as Amber’s Wedding Quilt.

We made a similar one…

This one was Ariel’s Wedding Quilt.
Here is it laid out.


This one is a free pattern that you can find HERE.

I think that wraps up the questions this time around.  If you had one that I missed feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email at

11 thoughts on “Ask Jo: This and That”

  1. My dog was recently put on Apoquel too! She is 13 years old and never had allergies until this fall. We tried an injection of some sort first but it didn’t last long. Glad it is working for Ruby as well!

  2. My little 12 year old Morkie is also on APOQUEL. The itching and scabs were awful. Felt so bad for him. First time ever!!! My vet said this year has been the worst for dog allergies….who knew!!!! We are down to half tablet in the morning but thinking might need to do another full round. Glad it’s working for Ruby as well.

  3. Jo – You should also look into Cytopoint for Ruby. It’s an injection that lasts for several weeks. My dog is a white terrier and her allergies gave her terrible redness and rashes. She got one Cytopoint injection at the start of summer, and that’s all she needed, other than an occasional Benedryl. It’s a new medication, so I’m not sure all vets are familiar with it. Google it if you’re interested. I recommend it.

  4. Judith Fairchild

    Jo I’m glad Ruby is feeling better. It’s so hard to see a friend miserable and allergies are just that.
    The quilt for your niece is is lovely. I think it’s very special

  5. Glad to hear Ruby is better. I have a cat with allergies but she’s too little for meds so she sneezes just lie us. ;-)
    Nice find at the auction! I’ve seen your finishing work so I know it’ll be beautiful!
    Love and prayers

  6. Teresa M Evenhouse

    I too had a beagle/pit mix who had allergies and this is the same medicine her vet put her on. It worked wonders for my little Mitsi. We only had to use it in the fall until there was heavy frost and then she was fine. Good luck with Ruby. Love your quilts!!

  7. Our Brittany has allergies and has been on apoquel. Just a heads up if your vet didn’t mention it, some dogs who have been on apoquel long term have had liver issues. Our vet didn’t tell us this. The apoquel calmed everything down and Tucker has been able to be managed on generic Zyrtec.

  8. Jo, an alternative to pills for dog allergy, my vet recommended switching dog to food which has less common ingredients, sal on,lamb,brown rice, venison, etc. Theae are a little more expensive, but when you add in the cost of the meds, it may be close in cost and Ruby is not having to take another medication.

  9. Janelle Merillat

    Our Henri has been on Apoquel, as well. It was AMAZING how fast it worked! We couldn’t keep him on it past the first bottle though, it is far too expensive. We did find that regular store brand Benedryl, works almost as well.
    I Love your Jewelbox Stars quilt! I am working on one too, though it is still in pieces. I am using it as my Leader/ender for my other projects. I have quite a long way to go on it yet. I’m looking forward to Bonnie Hunter’s newest “Mystery” quilt starting Friday morning!
    Still sending comforting prayers up for you and the kids! <3

  10. Jo my dog is on apoquel too. My vet gave me a rebate website. Zoetis Petcare. They sent me a debit card to use at the vet. I scan and send each purchase and they load the card. Check it out. Helps a bit. Peg

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