Big News at the Kramer House

I’ve known this for awhile..but I was told to not tell.  Then a few people got told…but I was told I wasn’t supposed to blog about it yet.  I finally compromised and said “Once you get a picture can I tell?”  The answer was YES.   I got the picture, so I’m telling….Well, actually I’m showing first.

It’s a BABY!!  This is Kramer grandchild #7.

Grandkids in order go
Scotty-Buck and Lora’s
Carver-Kalissa and Craig’s
Lucy-Buck and Lora’s
Gannon-Kalissa and Craig’s
Georgia-Kelli and Jason’s
Kayla and Spencer’s baby is due mid January

So any guesses on who is pregnant????  It’s….Buck and Lora with baby #3.

They are due in early April.  I like to say I’m hoping for the 8th of was my Dad’s birthday, but honestly, any day that includes a healthy baby is perfect for me!

With Scotty the oldest at four years old, we’re going to have a big batch of kiddos here.  It will 7 kids at age 4 and under!!

Kramer and I had 5 kids in eight years.  As the older kids graduated, went to college, and then waited to get married, I started to suspect that the grandkids would come all at once, and they are!!  I didn’t quite expect this fast though.  I think they will all end up having a good time as cousins being close to the same age.

So now the count is on…as I write this Kayla has 7 1/2 weeks left and Lora is at 21 weeks along.  Prayers for healthy and happy babies and momma’s that aren’t too sick along the way continue to be sent up from me.

I know someone will ask so I’ll answer:
The are not finding out if it’s a boy or girl.
They have some tentative names picked out.

Lucy was 10 or so days early….so we’ll see when this little one decides to make an entrance.

All I can say is…I couldn’t be happier to add another new babe to the family.

24 thoughts on “Big News at the Kramer House”

  1. Congratulations on the pending arrival of the 7th Kramer grandchild! More exciting times ahead. My 3rd grandbaby is arriving mid-January, too!

  2. Wow, 7th grandbaby. Congratulations! You could have daycare for just grandkids if they all lived close to you. You are truly blessed!

  3. Congratulations! How exciting to be adding a new grandbaby. Such a blessing. I’m sending prayers up for babes and mommas. Our 7th grand is due in May and, as of now, no one knows except my husband, myself and our daughter-in-law’s parents. It’s killing me to not be able to talk about it with the rest of the family!

  4. WOHOO!!!! Babies everyone. Congratulations to the Kramer clan and growing Team Kramer Cousins. May you all be healthy and filled with joy!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Susan the Farm Quilter

    What a wonderful blessing!!! They are so lucky to be close enough to know each other as they grow up. I have grands scatters between Georgia, Texas, Oklahoma, Idaho and Washington!! I wish we all lived closer together, like the Kramer Clan! Two more quilts for grandma to make…good thing you got those new boxes of scraps to use!!!

  6. How exciting! We had 7 under 4 with a 6 year old and 6 of them were within 3 years. It gets a little crazy but it’s fun. Just plan ahead for all the graduations, weddings, and babies that will come at the same time later on.

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