Garbage Can Mix

We are expecting lots of people at the house today for Kalissa’s Graduation Party.  Yesterday I put together our new go to snack food, “Garbage Can Mix”.  It looks something like this…

I made THREE batches of this and we served it as an appetizer during the reception between Kayla and Spencer’s wedding and the meal.   We had just a little left over.  I will suggest to the other kids to also make this for their weddings.  People seemed to like it.

It’s easy to make….

You need 13 (yes 13) boxes, bags or packages of goodies.  Fish crackers, Cheetos, pretzels, M&Ms, nuts, cereal…whatever you like.  When I did this, I probably did more like 16 bags as some of mine were pretty small.  Mix all of it together in a garbage bag.  For safety, double bag this so the bag doesn’t break.

This version has pretzel M&Ms, chocolate bugles, cheesy popcorn, peanut butter Captain Crunch, Cheetos, chocolate Cheerios and other goodies.  Mix whatever you like.

You will also need one container of Orville Redenboker popcorn oil, a T of onion powder and a T of garlic powder.  Mix these three ingredients together.

Poor the mixture over the top.


Shake this every half hour or so for a half a day.

Initially it will seem oily but it all dries.  I serve this a clear solo cup.

The good news, it freezes too!  I was on the Prom committee at school last year and this was something we served for that too.  Kids like it..adults too.

6 thoughts on “Garbage Can Mix”

  1. This looks great, but I don’t think you should advocate mixing in garbage bags. Garbage bags are not food grade. They may contain toxins that are not suitable for contact with food. It might be overly cautious, but since you have a very large audience for your blog, thought you should know.

  2. Looks good! Great for a large family (or friends) gathering. I make a mix in the fall that makes 3.5 gallons and used to use a baby bathtub scrubbed out, but now I use the white trash bags as I can just throw it away. (and I just roll the bag around to mix, no stirring) This mix is baked for an hour so I don’t worry about any possible contamination from the bag. Been doing this for years and no problems!

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