A Place to Call Home

It’s official.  Izzy, my foster dog found her place to call home.  I told you earlier that we had decided to adopt her.  I say “WE” because dogs, like people in our family, become part of the whole family.  Everyone has really liked Izzy and happily, she likes this chaotic family too!!

I got everyone’s opinion before I made the adoption official.  Everyone said YES!

I am so glad the stars aligned and she came into my life when she did.  I think it was totally meant to be that I passed on other dogs or my try at adoption didn’t go through.  It’s one of those “unanswered prayer” moments that we often lament in life.  Little did I know something completely better for me was just around the corner in an Aussiedoodle form.  At the time I had no idea I could be so in love with any dog besides a beagle.

Izzy is gentle with my daughter Kelli’s boys.  She’s the perfect height for them.  At first, Eli was afraid of her but he isn’t anymore, at all.

Izzy sits on command and will go to her kennel on command.  She has other things that she’s working on.  I signed her up for obedience classes but they don’t have an opening yet…so we are on the waitlist.

Rosie is a changed dog since Izzy has been around.  I really think she does so much better with a second dog.

I had asked blog readers before if it’s harder having a second dog.  So far for me, it’s been easier.  If I don’t have time to walk them on a day, I know they still had a good time romping and chasing together.  I don’t feel like I’m Rosie’s only entertainment anymore.  I actually feel like a better pet owner.

When I say the dogs are a family affair.  I truly mean it.

Here Karl is trying to manage the two of them.

Izzy had her spay surgery on Thursday of last week.  She’s gone through it so easily.  She hasn’t licked or needed a cone.  It hasn’t stopped her from doing anything. She’s completely been her same self.

Gannon, my grandson,  and Izzy continue to be the bestest of friends.  Gannon’s family has a beagle named Betsy and she tolerates Gannon just fine but she’s not a love-dovey affectionate dog like Izzy is.  Gannon loves the love-dovey attitude Izzy has.

So this girl is here to stay.  Expect to see more pictures of her and hear more stories.  So far the only bad thing she really does is jump up on the kitchen table if the chairs aren’t pushed in.  We’re working on that as I don’t approve of that behavior at all.

Already Izzy has brought so much joy to me.

Many thanks to the two blog readers who sent money to help with the cost of Izzy’s adoption.  It is much appreciated.  I already had money set aside for the payment so I took that money and used it for some puppy pads and extra toys and equipment to have here while I am fostering.  The support is very appreciated.

I’m so glad Izzy’s place to call home is right here with me.

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  1. since we decided not to get another dog after ours passed away a few months ago, our cat who came to us with that dog as a kitten, and never knew she wasn’t a dog. I can understand how you are finding the second dog makes things better. My husband is the animal person and finds himself needing to be ever more attentive to Holstein who also lost her companion. This is not what would have occurred to me otherwise Just thought about their competition etc.

    **It is always so nice to see Gannon looking happy and healthy; especially after his early health challenges.
    How are your sons’
    homes coming along ???

  2. Yes two are better than one. Like kids they get bored but with a “friend” it does make a difference. I too had a cat who always thought he was a dog. My first shepherd claimed him.Lucy was a rescue and how I miss that dog. She was the matriarch of the family. And when we found several dogs abandoned on the road she always took over showing them the ropes. I’m so glad that Izzy is a perfect fit for you. She and Rosie look perfect together.

  3. What a lovely, happy ending for Izzy’s story, and a very happy start to her new chapter. It was meant to be.
    The photo of her with Gannon made my heart melt :-)

  4. Congratulations! I know you’ll be happy with her. Such a sweet dog.
    We’ve adopted a dog whose name is Dash. He’s a shelter dog, who has been abused by someone but he loves women and kids. Slowly, he’s working it out. Trust is a big issue right now.
    There’s nothing like a rescue!
    Love and prayers

    1. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

      Right from the beginning how you spoke of Izzy so affectionately I kept thinking, why aren’t you keeping her. I showed my family many times just how much Izzy looks like our Eddy, who is a golden doodle, and said if only we lived closer maybe we could adopt her. I’m so glad you kept her, it warms my heart. Izzy is so good with your grandkids that alone would have won me over.

  5. Judith Fairchild

    Best wishes for you and Izzy.. she looks to be a great addition to the family. I’m glad Rosie gets along with her too.

  6. I am so happy for all of you. Funny how things happen if it’s meant to be. Higher power guides us I am sure, if we listen and pay attention. As for Gannon, Izzy must sense his extra need for attention. When they become that close they also sense when something is not right before anyone else. My brother had a rescue that ,without training, knew when his insulin was off and would paw at my sil until she would check on him. My dogs were total pests one afternoon and would not leave my side. I had a stroke later that day. I have a feeling this will be a very intuitive dog also. I am so happy this is working out for you. It’s meant to be.

  7. Izzy is a wonderful new addition to the family, how nice for Rosie to have a new friend to have around. I think the look on Izzy face as she sits with Gannon, says it all. I’m home. Welcome to Izzy

  8. I am soapy for you a nd your family. Izzy seems like such a good fit for all. It seems like Gannon is getting better with being in pictures and it was a great picture of him with Izzy. The twins are so cute and wonderful that Izzy and they get along. Thank you for the pictures and sharing!!

  9. We have had purebred Australian Shepherd rescues and would never have any other breed again – except maybe an Aussiedoodle rescue. Our last one passed away two years ago; we still miss her enough to not be able to think about “replacing” her. BUT, when I saw your foster, I said to my hubby, “Jo Kramer has a dog for us!” Then seeing how the kids loved her, I started hoping you would keep her. I’m so happy for all of you, Jo. Being part Aussie, she may need more exercise than a Beagle – they have incredible stamina and need to do something to keep their minds busy. BUT, maybe the poodle mellows that out a a bit? I don’t know, but I’m looking forward to watching her grow up in your family. Congratulations to everyone.

  10. So happy you got such a loving companion! To be honest, I am jealous. Hubby says no….after our Aussie died, he said no more. A dog equals worry when we are gone. So I just have to clove everyone else’s dog! Enjoy your fur babies! I wonder if Izzy will pose on your quilts like Rosie? Have a nice weekend.

  11. What a happy blessing for everyone!!! So happy for you— Izzy and Rosie!! It was a “meant to be” thing for sure!! Izzy looks like such a cutie– how wonderful how good she is with all the ages of the kids!

  12. That’s great Jo! I would love to have another pup and like you, I think my little guy would love a playmate.
    You are what we used to call a Foster Fail. (lovingly call). I volunteered at a local shelter which is where I found my little guy. He is a Carin Terrier mix, like the Toto dog in Wizard of Oz.
    Good luck

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